Doctrine of Environmentalism is a (false) Religion

July 15, 2010

The Doctrine of Environmentalism

* Environmentalism is a Religion; 10 points *

1)  Environmentalism is a collective set of beliefs.

2)  Environmentalism has a group of leaders that promote the beliefs among the followers.

3)  The followers change their lifestyles, according to a set of guidelines that they will be judged by.

4)  The leaders have an “Enlightened” view of the world system.

5)  The leaders teach that, in the beginning, the whole world was a “Eden” of sort, then mankind came along and began to destroy it.

6)  The leaders seek to “Redeem” others from their destructive lifestyles.

7)  You can have salvation from global warming by “protecting the earth”.

8)  You can have fellowship with the environment by “going green”.

9)  If you’re a good person, you’ll seek salvation through your “carbon footprint”.

10) If you’re a bad person you’ll drive a SUV.