z Doctrine of Demonism

July 14, 2010

Doctrine of Demonism


  1. Demons are fallen angels that of their own volition chose Satan’s side during the angelic revolt. Cp. the 5 “I wills” of Satan in Isa.14:12-14
  2. Satan, who is himself a demon, is their ruler and rules with discipline and organization. Mat.12:24; Eph.6:10-12
  3. Like Satan, the demons were created sinless. Eze.28:11-19
  4. This is substantiated since exactly one third of all the angels chose to follow Satan and fell becoming demons. Rev.12:4
  5. An unspecified number of these demons are imprisoned in Tartarus for violating their angelic domain in the antediluvian infiltration of the human race. Gen.6:1-4 cp. Jud.1:6; 2Pet. 2:4,5
  6. All angels are masculine in gender, therefore all demons are males.
  7. They share Satan’s viewpoint and destiny. Mat.25:41


  1. Biblical vocabulary of demonology:
  2. Greek:
  3. daimo,nion/daimonion – a demon, demons. This word occurs 63x; ex. Mar.1:39; Jam.2:19; etc.
  4. dai,mwn/daimon – a demon, an evil spirit. Used 1x; Mat.8:31
  5. daimoni,zomai/daimonizomai – to be possessed by a demon; demoniacs; used 13x; Mat.4:24; 8;16; etc.
  6. daimoniw,dhj/daimoniodes – demonic or demon like. Used 1x; Jam.3:15 regarding human viewpoint, which is cosmic wisdom sponsored by demons.
  7. avggelo,j/angelos – its primary meaning being a messenger, human or angelic, depending on the context. This word is generally used of elect angels or of men, but is sometimes used of fallen angels, the messengers or angels of Satan. Ex.: men: Luk.7:24; elect angels: Luk.1:30; fallen angels or demons: Mat.25:41; Rev.9:11; 12:9.
  8. pneuma,/pneuma – spirit or spirits. This word is generally used for God the Holy Spirit, but is also used for the human spirit and for demon spirits. Ex.: for God the Holy Spirit: Luk.4:18; Joh.3:8; the human spirit: Luk.1:47; Rom.1:9; demon spirits: Mat.8:16; Luk.11:26.
  9. avka,qaroj/akatharos + pneuma,/pneuma – unclean spirits; refers to their permanent state of defilement and separation from God hence, it denotes “their state of being”. Mat.10:1; Mar.1:23-27; 3:11; Luk.4:33
  10. ponhro,j/poneros + pneuma,/pneuma – evil spirit, bad, of evil character manifested by their pernicious actions hence, it denotes “their nature”. Luk.7:21; 8:2; Act.19:16
  11. pla,noj/planos + pneuma,/pneuma – deceitful spirits, seducing, misleading, deceiving into error hence, it denotes their “method of operation/activity”. 1Tim.4:1
  12. Hebrew:
  13. dve /shed – demons. Used 2x and only in the plural. They are associated with idols and notes that the idol was nothing, but the demons behind it were real. Deu.32:17; Psa.106:37 cp. vs.36
  14. ry[if’ /sha-iyd – goat demon, satyrs; used 2x; it is represented by the inverted pentagram i.e., the horned hunter of the night. Lev.17:7; 2Chr.11:15
  15. ~yhil{a/ /-elohiym – gods, demons, idols. This is the Hebrew word used in the plural to identify the Godhead in GENESIS 1:1 and in about 2,324 other verses. It is also used to identify false gods in at least 204 other verses. Whether it is the Godhead (Trinity) that is in view, or false gods, depends on the context. Example passages where it is used for false gods and/or idols: Gen.31:19,30; Exo.20:3,23.
  16. ha’m.ju /tum-ah + x;Wr /ruach – unclean spirit. Zec.13:2


  1. The majority of the demons are unconfined and free to operate under Satan within the realm of God’s permissive will.
  2. They have access to the heavenlies. Eph.6:12 cp. Job 1:6
  3. They freely roam the earth. Job 1:7; 1Pet.5:8
  4. Those who violated their domain of Genesis 6 are incarcerated in Tartarus (a special compartment in the abyss; abyss is a synonym for the pit, hades or hell), and will be released for 5 months during the 7 year tribulational period. 2Pet.2:4-5; Jud.1:6,7; Rev.9:1-11
  5. They operate in the heavenly realms attacking and fighting against the elect angels. Dan.10:12-13,20
  6. They and their ruler Satan are kicked out of the heavenlies and confined to the earth mid-way in Daniel’s 70th Rev.12:7-12


  1. Activities of demons.
  2. Solicitation to do evil, as seen in the example of Satan, their leader. Gen.3:1-7; Mat.4:1-3; Act.5:3; 1Thes.3:5; Rev.20:8
  3. Deception, as seen in the terms “deceitful spirits” (1Tim.4:1) and “lie signs and lie wonders”, “deception of unrighteousness” and “an operation of deception”. 2Thes.2:9-11 cp. Joh.8:44; 2Cor.11:3; Rev.12:9; 20:7-8.
  4. Accusing of believers: their ruler’s title, Satan, means accuser. Job1:9,10; 2:4,5; Rev.12:10).
  5. The propagation of false doctrine, called “doctrines of demons” and “schemes” of Satan. 1Tim.4:1,2; 2Cor.2:11
  6. The promotion of idolatry and various false religions that are closely linked with doctrines of demons.
  7. Behind every idol there stands a demon. 1Cor.10:19,20 cp. Gen.31:19,30
  8. Demons are sometimes called “gods”. Gen.31:19,30; 35:2-4; Exo.12:12; 15:11
  9. They are false gods that are represented or portrayed by idols; idolatry is expressly forbidden; the worship of an idol is the worship of the demon for which it stands. Exo.20:3-5; 23:13,24; 34:17; Lev.19:4;
  1. These idols representing demons are the symbols of false religion; they are used by the demons to promote evil:
  2. The phallic (illicit sex) cult. Judg.2:11-14; Jer.7:9
  3. Child sacrifice. Lev.18:21; 20:1-5; 2Kin.23:10; Psa.106:37,38).
  4. Promotion of the occult, spiritism, astrology, necromancy/witchcraft, fortune-telling (divination), magic, etc. Act.16:16-18; Exo.22:18; Lev.20:27; Deu.18:9 cp. 22; 1 Sam.28:6-25
  5. Promotion of the worship of the queen of heaven. Jer.7:18; 44:15-30
  6. Promotion of other idolatrous worship and sacrifice. Deu.32:17; 1Kin.11:4-8
  7. Scripture refers to actual demon possession of unbelievers as a fact. Mat.9:32; 17:14-18; Mar.7:24-30; Luk.8:2
  8. They actively influence negative and unwary believers. Act.5:3
  9. Demon influence is the infiltration of Satanic thought or policy into the soul of the individual who is negative or lukewarm to BD and can come through:
  10. Temptation:
  11. Temptation originates with the spiritual forces of Satan. Gen.3:1ff; Mat.4:1ff; 1Thes.3:5
  12. The avenue of temptation is the STA. Jam.1:14
  13. Demons recognize the proper time and place for various temptations. Luk.4:13; 1Cor.7:5
  14. Propagation of false doctrine.
  15. Demons have their own system of doctrine that is called darkness and is in contradiction to the light of Divine viewpoint. 1Tim.4:1ff
  16. Various apostate individuals are used to infiltrate the church with these pernicious/destructive teachings. 2Cor.11:13; 1Tim.4:2; 2Pet.2; Rev.2:20
  17. Such doctrines then become dogma in apostate churches and organizations. 1Tim.4:3; Rev.2:14-15
  18. Reversionism, which corresponds directly with demon influence. See Doctrine of Reversionism
  19. Stage 1: Reactor factors produced by the STA (hate, jealousy, arrogance, frustration, boredom, unhappiness, discontent, depression, fear, etc).
  20. Stage 2: A frantic search for happiness.
  21. Stage 3: Intensification of stage 1.
  22. Stage 4: The emotional revolt of the soul. In this stage, the emotions rule the soul.
  23. Stage 5: Negative volition to Bible doctrine along with repeated sinning eventually leads to hardening of the heart and scar tissue of the soul.
  24. Stage 6: Scar tissue eventuates into a void/vacuum in the individuals thinking, which is replaced with doctrines of demons being sucked into the soul.
  25. Stage 7, Reverse process reversionism. Under the presence of the doctrines of demons, the individual begins to call good evil and evil good. There are as many examples of reverse process reversionism in today’s society as there are points of truth. Isa.5:20
  26. The purpose of demonic influence is to bring individuals into oppression of satanic slavery and his desires through failure to isolate their STAs and rejection of BD. 2Tim.2:22-26
  27. Influence of world rulers. Dan.10:10-20; Rev.17:13-14


  1. Principles of demon possession:
  2. Demon possession is a fallen angel entering and controlling the body of an unbeliever. (Under demon influence a demon attempts to control the thinking of the person while actual possession is absent.)
  3. Possession does not occur apart from the volition of the individual involved.
  4. It was one basis for capital punishment in Israel. Lev.20:27
  5. It can produce physical and/or psychological maladies. Mat.12:22; Mar.9:14-18; as inferred upon Jesus in Joh.7:20
  6. It can produce supernatural strength. Mar.5:1-4; Luk.8:29
  7. A believer cannot be demon possessed, only influenced; every believer is the temple of God the Holy Spirit. 1Cor.6:19; 1Joh.4:1-4 “..greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”
  8. Strictly speaking, there are no formulas for exorcisms in the Bible such as promoted in the Roman Catholic Church and among the Jews.
  9. The Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles cast out demons through Divine authority. Mat.8:16; Mar.3:14,15; Act.16:16-18; 19:13-16
  10. Exorcism was (and still is) practiced by the Jews. Mat.12:24-27; Act.19:13-16
  11. Demon possession can produce special knowledge. Act.16:16
  12. Demon possession can be accomplished by:
  13. Idolatry, religious reversionism; the modern tongues movement is a prime example. Isa.8:19,20; 28:11 cp. 1Cor.13 and 14
  14. Isaiah 8:19 reveals the demonic nature of the gibberish produced by demon possessed mediums and spiritists.
  15. The Jews were not to consult such individuals; those who do not speak according to the law and the testimony have no light. Isa.8:20
  16. The apostle Paul makes it clear that the gift of tongues was a temporary gift which ceased with the completion of the perfect canon of Scripture. 1Cor.13:8-13
  17. The modern tongues movement is also heavily involved in extra-biblical “prophecies” and the so-called “word of wisdom”.
  18. The gift of prophecy was also a temporary gift for the first century. It allowed those with the gift to teach Church Age doctrine pending the completion of the New Testament.
  19. The modern tongues movement wants to make speaking in unintelligible gibberish the criterion for salvation; they say, “No tongues, no filling of God the Holy Spirit.”
  20. But a person who does not have the Holy Spirit, is not saved at all. Rom.8:9
  21. So the Charismatics illegitimately make their gibberish talking a sign that one is saved.
  22. However, the gift of languages (tongues) was not a sign to believers, but to unbelievers. 1Cor.14:22
  23. Even when the gift was extant, not every believer possessed it. 1Cor. 12:28-30
  24. Just as there are no apostles and prophets around today, there are also no legitimate miracle workers and healers (this does not mean that God Himself does not still perform miracles and unexplainably heal), and the gift of tongues has ceased. 1Cor.13:8-10
  25. It, like the gift of miracles and healing, was designed to authenticate the gospel message to unbelievers and to allow the spread of the good news prior to the completion of the New Testament canon.
  26. Individuals who are associated with the so-called tongues movement are at best self-deluded and at worst demon influenced or demon possessed.
  27. The use of illicit/hallucinogenic drugs. In Gal.5:20, the word translated sorcery/ farmakei,a is related to the use of drugs.
  28. In the ancient world drugs were one of the chief means of making contact with demons.
  29. Demon contact and possession were also practiced by the American Indians (peyote, mescal).
  30. Demon possession has become common in today’s culture which has involved itself with drugs and eastern mysticism.
  31. Dabbling in the occult, including the phallic cults of homosexuality, lesbianism, masochism, sadism, bestiality, pedophilia, etc., promoted by voodoo, witchcraft, etc.


  1. Demon influence and possession in part is designed to propagate/generate Satan’s counterfeits of BD.
  2. Satan has a regular system of false communicators (false apostles, prophets and teachers). 2Cor.11:13-15; 2Pet.2:1
  3. These false communicators are in both categories of unbelievers and believers. 2Pet.2:1
  4. In both cases, they manifest a failure to isolate their STA’s, which in turn is incorporated into their applications and teaching producing cause for criticism of Christianity by the cosmos and false teaching of Scripture to their followers. 2Pet.2-3
  5. These communicators preach another gospel and/or a system of doctrinal error.
  6. 4:1-4 that is the antithesis of false doctrine propagated by false communicators under Satan’s influence who in turn appeal to the –V of this world, also under satanic influence. Cp. Gal.1:6-7
  7. 11:3-4 that denotes Satan’s use of deception to infiltrate churches with false communicators who present Jesus in a false light, do not teach sound doctrine (error mixed in with truth) and distort the gospel in some way.
  8. Satan’s system of false doctrine is called the doctrine of demons. 1Tim.4:1-3
  9. Satan has a communion table illustrating idolatry in all forms. 1Cor.10:19-21
  10. Behind every idol stands a demon.
  11. The idol represents a false system of belief contrary to BD.
  12. Those that adhere to false demonic induced beliefs do not have true communion with God.
  13. Satan has a counterfeit righteousness called self-righteousness that is a result of human viewpoint of religion and failure to isolate the STA. Mat.23:27-28; 2Tim.3:1-5 esp. vs.5
  14. Satan actively counterfeits various spiritual gifts, sign and miracles in order to deceive, such as the gibberish of the so-called modern tongues movement. 1Cor.14:5-10 that denotes tongues is a bonafide foreign language, cp. 13:8-11; Cp. 2The.2:1-12; Rev.13:11-14; 19:20; 20:10
  15. Satan promotes counterfeit Christ’s. Mar.13:21-22
  16. The pursuit of BD to spiritual maturity allows the believer to avoid the deception of false doctrine. Eph.4:14; Col.2:6-8; 1Tim.4:1-8
  17. The positive believer is to avoid empty cosmic discussions with those holding to false doctrine. 1Tim.6:20, 21


  1. Two basic types:
  2. Artificial (augury): relies on skills in reading signs or omens (card readers, chicken bones, astrology, etc.).
  3. Inspirational: depends on a medium under the possession and influence of a demon(s).
  4. The Romans were given to augury while the Greeks generally went the possession route.
  5. All such fortune telling activities are connected with demons and are forbidden by the Word of God.
  6. This means that fortune-tellers such as Jeanne Dixon, Edgar Cayce, and Nostradamas are evil; under the Law, the death penalty was prescribed for less than 100% accuracy by one who claimed to be a prophet. Deu.18:20-22
  7. People such as Jean Dixon, Edgar Cayce, and Nostradamas were not able to make predictions with 100% accuracy; a close study of such individuals reveals their association with demons. For example, Cayce practiced telepathy, fortunetelling and clairvoyance/channeling. He taught reincarnation. He believed that he was himself the reincarnation of a cousin of Luke. He taught that Jesus was a reincarnation of Adam, Melchizedek, Joshua, and Zend (the father of Zoroaster). He taught that God was both male and female, a Mother/Father God. He taught that Jesus and His mother Mary were twin souls. He taught that Mary also was of a virgin birth. He taught that God does not know the future. All of these things are doctrines of demons.
  8. Divination may come in the form of:
  9. Astromancy: astrology.
  10. Hepatoscopy: reading livers (the lobe of the liver is a reflector of the gods).
  11. Bellowmancy: shooting arrows (chance/luck).
  12. Rhabdomancy: using a witching staff. Hos.4:12
  13. Necromancy: contacting the dead.
  14. Hydromancy: cup divination using liquids.


  1. The cosmoskrator demons (those behind world forces) attempt to influence world rulers. Eph.6:12 :10-18 cp. Dan.10:13
  2. Elect angels such as Michael and Gabriel are assigned to oppose the representatives of Satan. Dan.10:13,20 cp. 11:1
  3. Under Satan, demons are the princes over unrighteous nations; the demons in Daniel 10 are called the prince of Persia and the prince of Greece.
  4. Satan himself is depicted as the one behind the evil ruler of Tyre. Eze.28:12
  5. He is the one who deceives peoples and nations; this is done with the assistance of his demon “army”. 2Cor.4:3,4; Rev.20:7,8


  1. Demonism and the Great Tribulation:
  2. The antichrist (and by application, certain other demonic activity) is restrained by God the Holy Spirit in this dispensation. 2Thes.2:7,8
  3. Satan and all of the demons will be confined to the earth; Satan becomes extremely angry, resulting in more intense persecution of the Jews. Rev.12:7-17
  4. Both the antichrist and the false prophet will be possessed. Rev.13:1-18
  5. Under God’s permissive will, they will bring an operation of deception upon reversionists; this deception will include supernatural signs and wonders. 2Thes.2:9-12
  6. An army of demons will be released from the abyss (Tartarus) to inflict pain for five months on the followers of the antichrist. Rev.9:1-11
  7. Every ilk of demon including those of basest of characters will find a permanent residence in political Babylon, the S.A. Rev.18:2
  8. All fallen angels will be removed at the Second Advent for 1,000 years. Rev.20:1-3,7,8


  1. The final doom of all demons:
  2. It is known to all demons. Jam.2:19; Mat.8:29; 25:41).
  3. All will be confined to the lake of fire forever. Mat.25:41; Rev.20:7-10


  1. Further miscellaneous observations on demonism.
  2. The sorcerers and magicians of Egypt were engaged in the production of counterfeit “miracles” through demonism. Exo.7:8-12ff
  3. The household idols (teraphim) of Gen.31:19,30 were considered to be “good luck charms.”
  4. Pagans and apostate Jews wore protective jewelry (good luck charms). Jud.8:21-27; Gen.35:1-4
  5. Rote repetition in prayer is characteristic of paganism (cp. Mat.6:7); rosary beads are a feature of many different demon sponsored religions (Buddhism, Catholicism as a couple of examples). Idols and idolatry are a distinctive feature of the RCC.
  6. Heathen nations and their religions involved idolatry and demon worship. Psa.96:3-5
  7. The Law prescribed the death penalty for demon possession and the practice of the occult. Lev.20:27
  8. The Lord Jesus Christ controls the events of human history and at times this is accomplished through judgment on demons. Exo.12:12
  9. Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2Cor.11:14), and in so doing provides a counterfeit to every increment of principle established in BD.
  10. The demons understand and believe in the unity of the Godhead, but their belief did not result in appropriate application. Jam.2:19,20


  1. The doctrine of Godhead.
  2. The Word of God clearly teaches that there is One Triune God who exists in three persons and who has revealed Himself in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. These three persons are one in essence; they are co-equal and co-eternal.
  4. Co-equal means that all three members of the Godhead or Trinity are equally God.
  5. Co-eternal means that all three (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) have existed eternally. In the gospel of John, we see that if one could go backward into eternity past, he would find God the Son existing eternally as God with the Father. The humanity of God the Son was born of a virgin in time, and was permanently united with His Deity.
  6. Cults and false religions generally deny that God the Son is in fact God and in various cults, He may be denied entirely, or is simply called a good man, or a prophet, but never God. Judaism and Islam.
  7. Cults generally deny the personality of God the Holy Spirit, teaching that He is nothing more than an impersonal force.
  8. Many of the cults teach that we can ourselves become gods, or that we already have the divine within us.
  9. Hindu swami Vivekananda taught that:
  1. Prior to Vivekananda, Ramakrishna taught that all religions are one and tried to incorporate Christianity as a sub-sect of Hinduism.
  2. This thinking was also part of the message that Vivekananda brought to America.
  3. These precepts of Hinduism are found in many false religions and cults that do not actually call themselves Hindu.
  4. For example, the cult commonly known as Mormonism teaches that one can become a god through following Mormon doctrines.
  5. Much of Hindu philosophy is incorporated in the New Age cult or movement.
  6. The authority of Scripture.
  7. The Word of God clearly teaches that it is inspired by God and literally God breathed i.e., verbal plenary/complete inspiration/enlightenment. 2Tim.3:16
  8. This verbal plenary inspiration extends to the sixty-six books which are contained in the Old and New Testaments.
  9. While some demonically inspired religions may claim the Bible as part of their religious literature, they either deny verbal plenary inspiration or claim greater authority for other books.
  10. Generally speaking, cults distort the Word of God while often giving lip service to the Bible, but are governed by the writings and/or teachings of the cult leader or leaders.
  11. The Word of God clearly teaches that salvation comes on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ. Eph.2:8,9; Gal.2:16; Joh.3:16
  12. The various cults and false religions teach:
  13. That salvation is not necessary since we are not lost.
  14. That salvation comes through good works and rigid self-denial.
  15. That salvation is nothing more than release from an endless cycle of death and rebirth (reincarnation).
  16. That there is no such thing as salvation.
  17. There are a plethora of cultic beliefs and practices manifested in numerous ways and organizations that are amply addressed in the unabridged Doctrine of Demons dated May, 1999.


  1. Demons promote false doctrine; if people do not speak according to sound doctrine, regardless of their testimonies or apparent piety or apparent holiness, do not listen to them. Rom.16:17,18; 1Cor.14:37,38; 1Tim.6:3; 2Tim.1:13; 4:3,4; Ti.1:7-14; 2:1; Act.17:11; 20:27-32
  2. The believer is not to be occupied with the forces of darkness and his victory over them, but to be occupied with Christ. Luk.10:20
  3. Avoid all occult associations such as the New Age Movement, yoga, transcendental meditation, spiritism, drugs, ouija board, seances, fortune tellers, palm readers, etc.
  4. Avoid superstition and demonic concepts such as good luck; avoid good luck charms such as horseshoes, rabbit’s feet, icons, etc.
  5. Understand that the philosophies of demons can infiltrate the teaching of even Christian churches and the distortion is sometimes subtle, though destructive under both Ph1 and Ph2 2Pet.2:1
  6. The weapon of defense that +V has been given in the A/C is the WOG.
  7. The knowledge of BD is indispensable in terms of understanding the enemy and how they operate. 2Cor.2:11
  8. Jesus demonstrated the pattern in dealing with the forces of evil during His encounter with Satan. Mat.4:1ff
  9. By putting on the full armor of God, we have the effective defense necessary to ensure victory in the A/C. Eph.13-17
  10. Girding our loins with truth and putting on the breastplate of righteousness refers to the effective protectiveness of BD, even regarding our most vulnerable areas of weakness, which is activated by the applications of our personal righteousness/BD against unrighteousness. Vs.14
  11. The gospel/good news of peace that is our footwear illustrates that the understanding of our salvation brings with it RMA (relaxed mental attitude), as we march forward in the Christian walk, even in the midst of our enemies, knowing that our steps are secure in the conflict. Vs.15
  12. The shield of faith is the invincible and invisible protection of our belief in BD and faith-rest in it repels the demonic attacks against us. Vs.16 cf. 1Pet.5:8-9
  13. The helmet of salvation is our confidence in our so great salvation of Ph3 deliverance and ultimate victory in Christ. Vs.17a cf. 1The.5:5
  14. It is the sword of the Spirit, the WOG that is the effective combination of being in FHS and adhering to BD that forms the proper defense tactics for the believer in time. Vs.17b,c cp. Heb.4:12
  15. Prayer is an absolute necessity with regard to fighting the good fight. Eph.6:18a; 1The.5:17; Heb.4:16
  16. Our focus in the A/C is to stay vigilant/attentive to our own Christian lives and on behalf of other +V around us. Eph.6:18b cp. 1The.5:6
  17. We are to maintain an Esprit de corps with one another knowing that we are not alone in our fight. 1Pet.5:9
  18. Protect yourself by applying separation or you may end up being a casualty yourself. 1Cor.5:9-11; 15:33; 2The.3:6 the word “command/paragge,llw” is a military term used to transmit a message or order such as from the general to the troops.
  19. Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you!!4:7