Doctrine of Souls Frame of Reference

July 23, 2010

Doctrine of Souls FRAME OF REFERENCE

The soul’s frame of reference is one of seven storage compartments located in the right lobe of the soul’s mentality:  frame of reference compartment, the memory center compartment, vocabulary storage compartment, category storage compartment, the momentum (spiritual growth) compartment,  the norms and standards (conscience) compartment, and the wisdom compartment (from which truth is applied).  Doctrine enters the right lobe through the frame of reference from which compartment truth is distributed to the other six compartments.  The frame of reference is further defined and described:

1.    The frame of reference is the basis for the comprehension of more advanced doctrine, when such doctrine is taught.

2.    The frame of reference establishes a new conscience, which is comparable with divine norms and standards.

3.    The frame of reference is the basis for the formation of divine viewpoint in the right lobe of the soul’s mentality, which divine viewpoint is the basis for the application of doctrine to experience.

4.    The frame of reference deals with problems in the subconscious, including guilt complexes.

5.    The frame of reference provides content for prayer.

6.    The frame of reference provides the basis for accurate witnessing.

7.    The frame of reference provides discernment to detect false doctrine.

8.    The frame of reference provides capacity for life.

9.    The frame of reference provides capacity for love.

10.    The frame of reference makes it possible for God in grace to share His happiness with the believer.

11.    The frame of reference allows for the proper function of the believer in the devil’s world.