Doctrine of Sin Unto Death

July 23, 2010

Doctrine of The Sin Unto Death
I.    Introduction & Definition—1st John 5:1617
A.    A Sin Not Unto Death.  ἁμαρτάνοντα ἁμαρτίαν μὴ πρὸς θάνατον (1st Jn. 5:16ax2,17).
B.    A Sin Unto Death.  ἁμαρτία πρὸς θάνατον (1st Jn. 5:16b).
C.    The context is a confident prayer ministry based upon our life in Christ (1st Jn. 5:1315).
1.    Intercessory prayer is prescribed for brothers sinning non-leading-to-death sin.
2.    We should never request that any brother is subject to the Sin Unto Death.  Such a request is an ἐρωτάω request (1st Jn. 5:16b) rather than an αἰτέω request (1st Jn. 5:14,15×2,16a).
D.    All unrighteousness is sin, but there is sin that is non-leading-to-death sin (1st Jn. 5:17 cf. Rom. 6:23).
1.    The wages of sin is death.
2.    The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
3.    What is a sin that doesn’t lead to death?  A sin that is forgiven!
E.    The antithesis of death as a purpose-consequence is the glory of God purpose-consequence (Jn. 11:4).
1.    Unrepentant, unconfessed sin results in operational death and premature physical death.
2.    Confessed sin restores operational life and extends physical life with the purpose-consequence of God’s glory being achieved.
II.    Illustrations
A.    Illustrations of the Sin Unto Death.
1.    Nadab and Abihu (Lev. 10:12; 1st Chr. 24:12).  They’re lines were ended, and Eleazar was not commanded to provide for their lines to be preserved.
2.    Eli and his sons (1st Sam. 2:1217,2236; 3:121; 4:418).
3.    Saul and his sons (1st Sam. 15:1035; 31:17; 1st Chr. 10:1314).
4.    Ananias and Saphira (Acts 5:111).
5.    Hymenaeus and Alexander (1st Tim. 1:20).
B.    Illustrations of the Sin Unto Death judgment being stayed.
1.    David’s close call (2nd Sam. 12:13).
2.    Hezekiah’s close call (2nd Kgs. 20:111; Isa. 38:122).
3.    The Corinthian man of incest (1st Cor. 5:5; 2nd Cor. 2:611).
C.    Illustrations of the Sin Unto Death judgment being stayed, then reinstated.
1.    Moses’ deferment (Ex. 4:24) and later judgment (Deut. 32:4852).
2.    Balaam’s deferment (Num. 22:31) and later judgment (Num. 31:8).
III.    Summary & Conclusion
A.    The OT and the NT provide multiple illustrations for the Sin Unto Death.
B.    Illustrations are provided as warnings (1st Cor. 10:111).
C.    The bottom-line cause of Sin Unto Death is idolatry (1st Jn. 5:21).
1.    Ananias and Saphira pursued the idolatry of approbation-lust (Acts 5:111).
2.    Defiling the Lord’s Supper is the idolatrous practice of eating the table of demons (1st Cor. 10:2022; 11:30).
3.    Apostasy is the idolatrous practice of living the teachings of demons (Rev. 2:2024 cf. 1st Tim. 4:1).