Doctrine of Sharing the Happiness of God

July 23, 2010

I. Definition
A. Sharing the happiness of God is a problem solving device.
B. All true happiness is based on the absolute truth of Bible Doctrine.
C. Sharing the happiness of God is a direct result of consistent faithful perception,
metabolization & application of Bible Doctrine.
D. Sharing the happiness of God is not a result of circumstances or the details of life.
E. Sharing the happiness of God is a result of thinking the Mind of Christ!
F. Sharing the happiness of God is a result of knowing God & being inculcated with His thinking.
G. The believer who shares the thinking of God as revealed in Bible Doctrine shares God’s happiness.
H. Bible Doctrine originates & comes forth from the essence of God!
I. Perfect happiness belongs eternally to the essence of God!
J. The believer who is inculcated with Bible Doctrine will share in God’s happiness!
K. The state of happiness is the divine dynasphere (God’s power system or circle of power)!
II. Etymology
A. Gil (lyg) (verb): “to rejoice, to be glad, to be happy”
B. Sus (cwc) (verb): “to rejoice, to exult, to be happy”
C. Samach (jmc) (verb): “to be content in one’s soul, to share the happiness of God”
D. Sameach (jmc) (adjective): “joyful, rejoicing”
E. Simchah (hjmc) (noun): “gladness”
F. Masos (cwcm) (noun): “contentment of the soul”
G. Sason (owcc) (noun): “rejoicing, gladness accompanied with laugher”
H. Chairo (cairw) (verb): “to rejoice, to be perfectly content, to share the happiness of God”
I. Chara (cara) (noun): “joy, perfect contentment, perfect inner happiness & contentment”
III. Problem Solving Device number 9
A. Rebound
B. Filling of the Spirit
C. Faith Rest Drill
D. Grace Orientation
E. Doctrinal Orientation
F. Personal Sense of Destiny
G. Personal Love for God the Father
H. Impersonal Unconditional Love for All Mankind
I. Sharing the Perfect Happiness & Contentment of God
J. Occupation with the Person of Christ
IV. God’s Power System for True Happiness: Divine Dynasphere
A. Perfect happiness belongs eternally to the essence of God & Bible Doctrine comes from the
essence of God!
B. Perfect happiness is the monopoly of God!
C. God has designed a perfect system to give perfect happiness & contentment to the believer
regardless of the circumstances or the details of life!
D. This system is called the Divine Dynasphere!
E. Divine means “deity,” & dynasphere comes from 2 Greek words, dunamis, “power,” & sphia,
F. The Divine Dynasphere is God’s circle of power around the believer!
G. The believer who remains in God’s circle of power can share in God’s perfect happiness.
H. The believer is protected within the Divine Dynasphere from Satan, the Cosmic System &
the Old Sin Nature!
I. The Divine Dynasphere is the believer’s invisible weapon!
J. It is designed to fight spiritual warfare & to enable the believer to share in the perfect
happiness of God!
K. The Divine Dynasphere only operates on divine omnipotence or divine power!
L. The humanity of Christ was the first human being to use the Divine Dynasphere, the Prototype
Divine Dynasphere!
M. The Divine Dynasphere or God’s Power System is composed of:
1. Filling of the Spirit
2. Rebound & the Faith Rest Drill
3. Enforced & Genuine Humility
4. Perception, metabolization & application of Bible Doctrine
5. Personal love for God
6. Impersonal love for all mankind
7. Suffering for blessing
8. Sharing the happiness of God
V. Satan’s Cosmic System for False Happiness
A. Satan has invented his own system of power which produces a false happiness!
B. This system is called the Cosmic System!
C. Satan uses the Cosmic System as:
1. The vehicle for ruling the world (Eph. 2:2).
2. The classroom for communicating cosmic doctrine to man (1 Tim. 4:1-2).
3. A trap to enslave mankind (2 Tim. 2:26).
4. A factory for producing losers (Heb. 4:1-2).
D. Satan seeks to control the believer’s soul through the Cosmic System!
E. The Cosmic System has two dynaspheres or two circles of power:
1. Cosmic One or the Arrogance Complex
2. Cosmic Two or the Hatred Complex
F. When the believer sins, he falls into one of these two systems!
G. In Cosmic One, man is preoccupied with self!
H. In Cosmic Two, man is antagonistic to God & His plan!
VI. Cosmic One (Satan’s System of Arrogance):
A. Attitude arrogance
B. Negative volition towards Bible Doctrine
C. Authority arrogance
D. Self-Righteous arrogance
E. Sexual arrogance
F. Criminal arrogance
G. Psychopathic arrogance
H. Arrogance of Unhappiness
I. Iconoclastic arrogance
J. Rational & Irrational arrogance
K. Arrogance of Christian service
L. Client Nation arrogance
VII. Cosmic Two (Satan’s System of Hatred):
A. Old Sin Nature
B. Negative volition
C. Degeneration
D. Antiestablishment
E. Demonism
F. Cosmic panaceas
G. Religion
H. Anthropocentric academic speculation
I. Evil
VIII. Filling of the Spirit
A. The Filling of the Spirit is the first part to God’s power system which produces perfect
happiness in the believer’s soul.
B. It is the 1st Power Option in the Christian way of life!
C. The believer in the Church Age is commanded to:
1. “Be constantly filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18)
2. “Walk by means of the Spirit” (Gal. 5:16)
D. Sin knocks the believer out of God’s system for happiness but Rebound bounces them back in
1. “Acknowledge our sins” (Jer. 3:13)
2. “Yield” (Rom. 6:13)
3. “Judge ourselves” (1 Cor. 11:31)
4. “Lay aside every weight” (Heb. 12:1)
5. “Put aside all filthiness” (James 1:21)
6. “Be in subjection to the Father” (Heb. 12:9)
7. “Put off the old man” (Eph. 4:22)
8. “Present our bodies” (Rom. 12:1)
9. “Make straight paths” (Matt. 3:3; Heb. 12:13)
10. “Stand up again from out of deaths” (Eph. 5:14)
11. “Lift up the hands that hang down” (Heb. 12:12)
E. The believer who sins & fails to use Rebound stays in Satan’s Cosmic system for unhappiness,
& is either:
1. “Grieving the Spirit” (Eph. 4:30a): Believer in Cosmic 1, Satan’s system of arrogance!
2. “Quenching the Spirit” (1 Thess. 5:19): Believer in Cosmic 2, Satan’s system of hatred!
IX. Rebound, Faith Rest & Basic Impersonal love
A. The 2nd part to God’s power system which will produce perfect happiness in the soul of the
believer is:
1. Rebound: Admitting your sins to God the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
2. Faith Rest Drill: Claiming the promises of God which eliminates fear, worry & anxiety.
3. Basic Impersonal love: Produces a relaxed mental attitude!
X. Humility
A. Humility is the 4th part to God’s system which will produce perfect happiness in the soul of
the believer.
B. Humility is:
1. A system of thinking: Freedom from arrogance
2. A way of life: Submission to legitimate authority
C. Humility responds to:
1. Establishment truth by submitting to authority.
2. Bible Doctrine by living in God’s system for perfect happiness.
D. There are 3 categories of humility:
1. Organized
2. Enforced
3. Genuine
E. Organizational humility:
1. Home & Family
2. Soul
3. Local Church
F. Enforced humility:
1. Parental authority
2. Authority of your own volition over your soul
3. Pastor’s authority
G. Genuine humility:
1. Positive response to your parents authority as a child.
2. Self-discipline as an adult.
3. Positive volition towards Bible Doctrine
XI. Perception & Application of Bible Doctrine
A. The 4th & most important component to the Divine Dynaspher which will produce perfect
happiness in the soul of the believer is perception & application of Bible Doctrine.
B. Perception & application of Bible Doctrine is the central part of God’s power system for
perfect happiness!
C. Perception & application of God’s Word creates spiritual momentum in the believer’s life!
D. Perception of doctrine requires:
1. The Filling of the Spirit: 1st part of God’s power system of perfect happiness!
2. Rebound, Faith Rest, Basic Impersonal love: 2nd part of God’s power system!
3. Humility, Objectivity, Teachability & Concentration: 3rd part of God’s power system!
E. The more doctrine that the believer learns & applies will motivate the believer to learn &
apply still more doctrine!
XII. Personal Love for God & Impersonal Love for all mankind
A. The 5th & 6th components to God’s power system which will produce true happiness in the
soul of the believer is personal love for God & impersonal love for all mankind!
B. Personal love for God is the 7th Problem Solving Device!
C. Impersonal love for all mankind is the 8th Problem Solving Device!
D. Personal love for God is a motivational virtue directed toward God!
XIII. Testing
A. The 7th component to the Divine Dynasphere which will produce true happiness in the soul
of the believer is testing!
B. Testing is not an exception to God’s grace!
C. Testing is the expression of God’s grace!
D. God either permits testing or directly sends testing!
E. The believer must pass tests in order to obtain the prize of sharing God’s happiness (Phil.
XIV. Ultimate Goal of the Christian life
A. The believer who passes the tests will grow spiritually & enter into God’s happiness!
B. Happiness is the ultimate objective in God’s plan!
C. The ultimate goal of the Christian life is happiness (John 15:9-11)!
D. Bible Doctrine is the source of the believer’s happiness (1 John 1:4)!
E. The state of happiness is the divine dynasphere, or God’s power system!
F. There is no happiness for anyone outside of God’s system!
G. All true happiness is based upon God’s power system:
1. Filling of the Spirit
2. Rebound, Faith Rest, Basic impersonal love
3. Enforced & Genuine Humility
4. Perception & Application of doctrine
5. Personal love for God
6. Impersonal love for all mankind
7. Testing
8. Sharing the happiness of God
XV. Happiness: Scripture References
A. John 15:9-11, “Just as the Father loves Me (Christ), so also I have impersonally
unconditionally loved you. Reside in My virtue-love. If you keep My doctrines, you will reside
in the sphere of My virtue-love, just as I have fulfilled the doctrines of My Father & I reside in
the sphere of His virtue-love. I have taught you these things in order that My joy (sharing the
happiness of God) might be in you (the believer’s soul) & that your happiness might be completed
(completed state of happiness).”
B. 1 John 1:4, “In fact, we write these things (Bible doctrines) in order that our state of
happiness might be completed.”
C. 2 John 12, “Although having many doctrines to write to you, I do not wish to do so with
paper & ink, but I anticipate coming to you & teaching face to face, that our state of happiness
might be completed.”
D. Proverbs 3:13, “Happiness to the man who finds wisdom (chakmah, ie., epignosis,
“metabolized doctrine in the soul”) and the man who gains understanding.”
E. Psalm 97:12, “Be happy in the Lord, O righteous one (the believer who possesses God’s
imputed righteousness), & gives thanks for the memory of His divine integrity.”
F. John 17:13, “But now I come face to face with You (Christ addressing the Father in prayer),
and these things (Bible Doctrine) I am communicating in the world that they (believers) might
keep having My happiness (in the prototype divine dynasphere) having been fulfilled in
themselves (operational type divine dynasphere).”
G. Romans 15:13, “Now may the God of confidence fill your soul with happiness & prosperity
in the sphere of doctrine for the purpose of prospering you in the confident expectation of blessing
by means of the power of the Holy Spirit.”
H. Galatians 5:22-23a, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy (chara, “sharing the happiness of
God), prosperity, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.”
I. Hebrews 12:2, “Be concentrating on Jesus Christ, our Prince-Ruler, even the One who brings
us to the attainment of perfect happiness by means of doctrine, Who (the humanity of Christ)
instead of His present happiness endured the Cross, having disregarded the shame (of bearing our
sins & being judged by the Father), and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. For
begin thinking about such a Person as Jesus Christ (undiminshed deity & true humanity in one
Person forever), having endured such opposition by sinners against Himself, in order that you
do not become fatigued (through living in the Cosmic system), fainting in your souls.”
J. 1 Peter 1:8, “Even though you do not see Him (emperical knowledge) you personally love
Him, and though you do not see Him now but believe in Him (through perception &
metabolization of Bible Doctrine) you greatly rejoice with happiness inexpressible and full of