Doctrine of Alpha Omega Glory of Christ

October 7, 2017

A. The Historical Development of the Alpha and Omega Glory. 1. From His Alpha glory, Jesus Christ is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; He is the God of Israel. 2. The Jews have certain privileges related to their founding as a race since they are the last pure race of history. Every other race that was formed before Abraham was circumcised (which changed him from being a Gentile to becoming the first Jew). 3. As the Alpha and the Omega, Jesus Christ is the key to understanding Israel. Although Moses, the greatest leader of the Jews and the greatest leader in all of human history, as well as many great prophets, tried to lead the Jews in the way of truth, the Jews always chose false prophets. 4. Just before the Age of Israel finally ended in 70 A.D., the apostle Paul, the greatest Jew ever, died. Paul, the greatest spiritual genius ever, was brought to Israel at the proper time in their final years. All the Jews admired his genius and brilliance, yet they rejected his message concerning Jesus Christ. Paul’s ministry provided the last call of grace before judgment. Once the Jews rejected the apostle Paul, not even allowing him to speak in Jerusalem, it was just a matter of time before the first holocaust would occur. 5. The siege of Jerusalem began with three Roman legions, backed by a fourth. It was led first by Vespasian and later by Titus. This fifth cycle of discipline finally occurred because the Jews rejected the two glories of Jesus Christ.
B. Definition of the Alpha and Omega Glory. 1. In His Alpha glory, Jesus Christ is the God of Israel. In His Omega glory, Jesus Christ is the future ruler of Israel in the Millennium as the Son of David, as well as the future ruler of the world. 2. The Omega glory has two parts. The virgin birth made our Lord the ruler of the Jews. His ascension and session at the right hand of the Father made Him the ruler of the Gentiles just before the times of the Gentiles began. 3. The virgin birth provided our Lord with His second royal patent, King of the Jews. His ascension and session provided Him with His third royal patent, King of kings and Lord of lords. Both the second and third royal patents merge at the Second Advent. Under His second royal patent, Jesus Christ will regather all Israel. Under His third royal patent, He will rule all Gentiles in the world.
C. The Alpha and Omega Glories, Inseparable in the Person of Christ. 1. The Jewish race was founded on the recognition of the Omega glory of Christ. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and they were able to relate their animal sacrifices to His future work on the cross. They recognized Jesus Christ as their God, Savior, and King. Prophecy regarding their Messiah to come was just as real to them as their own circumstances of life. 2. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob set a precedent for the Jewish race in their recognition of both the Alpha and Omega glory of Jesus Christ. This precedent was perpetuated by Moses, the founder of the Jewish client nation to God, when he wrote in Deuteronomy: “SHAMA JISRAEL (Hear O Israel), ADONAI ELOHENU (The Lord is our God, alpha glory); ADONAI ECHAD (The Lord is unique, omega glory, God-man).” 3. This testimony of Moses is echoed by Paul in Rom 9:1-6.