Doctrine of Daniel’s 70 Weeks

June 21, 2017


  1. Scripture: Dan.9:24-27.
  2. Background to the revelation.
    1. It takes place at the end of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity, Dan.9:1 (around 538BC, in the first year of Darius).
    2. The time of the vision is 538BC, about 67 years after the first fall of Jerusalem in 605BC when Daniel was captured.
    3. It occurred after Daniel had his 70year breakthrough while studying Jeremiah, Jer.25:11,12; 29:1014.
    4. It occurred while Daniel was praying for his nation, Dan.9:4-19; cf. Lev.26.
    5. It was revealed by Gabriel, Dan.9:20-23.
  3. The entire prophecy has to do with Daniel’s city and people (Jerusalem and the Jews), Dan.9:24.
  4. The term “weeks” refers to years of 360 days each (common ancient calendar).
    1. Hebrew bv; shav: seven.
    2. Israel had both a seven of days (weekly Sabbath) and a Sabbatical Year in a seven of years, Lev.25:3,4.
    3. Days renders the prophecy absurd.
    4. Besides, Daniel’s breakthrough involves a seven of years, Dan.9:2.
    5. The 70 seven’s of Dan.9 are equal to 490 years of 360 days each.
  5. The 490 year period began March 5, 444BC, when Artaxerxes decreed to rebuild Jerusalem, Neh.1:14; 2:1; Dan.9:25.
    1. This decree is not to be confused with the decree to rebuild the temple, Ezr.1:1,2; 4:15,11-24; 6:15,14,15; 7:11,20,27.
  6. The 69th week of years (483 years) ended, to the day, when Messiah rode up to Jerusalem in fulfillment of Zech.9:9.
    1. It was the 173,880th day, or March 30, 33AD, on a Monday.
    2. Jesus recognized that day as His formal rejection by the nation, Lk.19:42.
    3. The day was the very last day of the 69th week. After that, the prophecy said Messiah would be cut off.
    4. The things producing prosperity are mentioned in Dan.9:24,25.
    5. Ignorance of this led to the nation’s destruction, Lk.19:44.
  7. The parenthesis between the 69th and 70th week.
    1. The continuous interpretation, that the 70th week followed the 69th, renders the prophecy absurd.
    2. Two prophetic events occur before the 70th week and after the 69th week:
      1. The Cross.
      2. The fifth cycle in 70AD.
    3. Many Old Testament prophecies postulate a gap or parenthesis, Isa.9:6.
    4. To Daniel and other prophets, this gap presented a problem, 1Pet.1:11.
    5. The existence of the present dispensation solved the problem.
  8. The period between the 69th and 70th week is characterized by war, Dan.9:26; Mt.24:6.
  9. The 70th week is a 7year period between the Rapture and the Second Advent (these are still 360-day years, not 365.25636 sidereal day years).
    1. The Church will not go through this period, Rev.3:10.
    2. For purposes of analysis, the Tribulation (the 70th week) is divided into 2 halves of 1,260 days each, Dan.9:27; Rev.12:14; 11:2,3; 13:5; 12:16.
    3. The Antichrist will make a 7year pact with Israel in the middle of the week.
    4. This pact is in response to America’s nuclear annihilation and Russia’s threats to Israel.
    5. Israel will be disciplined for making a “covenant with death“, Isa.28:15.
    6. For protection, Israel must accept the Antichrist as God, 2Thess.2:4; Rev.13.
    7. He will be destroyed by the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Advent, Dan.9:27; 2Thess.2:8.