essay: Tribulation, Chronology of

March 30, 2017

Chronology of the Tribulation

I. Year One: A. Day One is the Rapture, the Church Age believers are delivered. Proof: 1Thess.5:9. 1Thess.1:10, Rev.3:10 use evk which is not definitive. B. The Antichrist (Alexander the Great) and the Two Witnesses (Moses and Elijah) are resuscitated from death simultaneous with the Rapture. Moses and Elijah will appear in the wilderness of Judea. Will Alexander appear at Sewah? Rev.11:7, Rev.17:8,12 cp Rev.11:3 C. An Angel (not a UFO) evangelizes the post Rapture world. Rev.14:6 D. Jesus Christ opens the first six seals of the “book”. Rev.6:1-7 1. Rider on a White Horse: Antichrist’s disarmament peace campaign. Lasts until the third year of the Tribulation. 2. Rider on the Red Horse: Russia’s thermonuclear attach on the USA in the third year of the Tribulation. This will remove pseudo peace from the earth and begin WWIII. This seal will be opened shortly after the Rapture but fulfilled in Year 3. 3. Rider on the Black Horse: Economic depression due to war and the destruction of the USA. 4. Rider on the Ashen Horse: Represents human casualties (25% of mankind) due to the war. 5. Fifth Seal: Represents the death of the Tribulation martyrs. 6. Sixth Seal: Represents judgements and signs through the natural world. Natural phenomenon (earthquakes, meteor showers, etc.) E. The 144,000 prophet evangelists are sealed. Rev.7:3 F. The breaking of the Seventh Seal which introduces the Seven Trumpet Judgements. Rev.8:1 G. Silence in Heaven for about half an hour. One hour symbolizes the time elapse of the Seven-year Tribulation. About half an hour is about the third year of the Tribulation. Rev.18:10 II. Year Two: A. The angelic announcement of the fall of the United States of America. Rev.14:8 B. The Beast will rise in power over the ten European nations. Rev.17:12 C. Adjusted believers exit the United States of America (USA). Rev.18:4 III. Year Three: A. The antichrist destroys European Catholicism. Rev.17:15-18 B. A third angel will announce not to take the mark of The Beast. Rev.14:9 C. Genocide against Tribulation saints begins. See also the Fifth Seal. D. Russia destroys the USA in “one hour of one day” (60 minutes) with nuclear ICBMs as seen in the Second Seal and the first four Trumpet Judgements. Rev.8:1-12, Rev.18, Jer.51:45-48, Rev.14:14-16 E. The angelic warning of the three “Woes” (Trumpet Judgements five through seven). The angel takes the form of an eagle. Rev.8:13 F. Political and economic effects of the fall of the USA. Seals 3 and 4. Rev.18:9-18 IV. Year Four: A. Satan and his angels loose the great angelic war forcing them to the earth for the rest of the Tribulation. Rev.12:7-8, Rev.9:1 This occurs near the mid point or 3½ years after the Rapture. Rev.12:6,13,17 B. The first “Woe” (or fifth Trumpet). Invasion of a demon army from Hell for 5 months. Rev.9:1-12 C. The second “Woe” (or sixth Trumpet). Release of four demons at the Euphrates who stir up the Far Eastern peoples to war among themselves. The result is a third of the world population dies and a 200 million-man army (Kings of the East) heads for the Middle East. Rev.9:13-21 D. Satan possesses the Antichrist. Rev.13:2,4, 2Thess.2:9
E. He signs a seven year defense treaty with apostate Jews. Dan.9:27 cp. Dan.7:25, Rev.13:5, Isa.28:15 F. Antichrist desecrates the Temple in Jerusalem. Rev.11:1-2, 13:5-6 G. The mark of the Beast is established. Rev.13:11-18 H. Believing Israel flees into the mountains for 3½ years. Rev.12:6,14, Matt.24:15ff I. The Two Witnesses are murdered and 3½ days later are publicly resuscitated. Rev.11:3,7,11 J. A great earthquake kills 7,000 Jews in Jerusalem. Rev.11:13 V. Year Five, Six and Seven: A. God permits Russia and its five allies to invade Israel as Divine Discipline for signing the treaty with Antichrist. Isa.28:15ff cp. Ezek.38,39, Rev.10 B. The Lord destroys the invader directly. C. Near the end of the Great Tribulation is the Seventh Trumpet Judgement, which are the Six Bowl Judgements. These come in rapid succession near the end of the Great Tribulation. Rev.16:1-12 D. The King of the West (Antichrist) invades the Middle East. See Dan.11:40ff E. He makes a nuclear strike against Egypt. Dan.11:42 cp. Ezek.29:8-16 King of the South. F. The Kings of the East (200 million-man army) invade Palestine. Is.63, Rev.16:12 G. Any remaining nations will join this battle and lay siege to Jerusalem. Rev.16:13-16 cp. Rev.14:17,20, Joel.3:1,2, Zech.14:2 H. The Seventh Bowl Judgement is part of the deliverance of Jerusalem. Rev.16:16-21 VI. The Second Advent A. The Lord Jesus Christ comes to earth and every eye will see Him. Rev.1:7, Matt.24:28,29 1. This is a day of darkness and the Lord becomes the Ps.97:2-6 2. He is on a white horse. Rev.19:11 3. He is called “Faithful and True: 4. He slaughters the enemy in righteousness. 5. His name is called the Word of God. Rev.19:13 6. His army accompanies Him. Rev.19:14 B. Jesus Christ overthrows all the armies in the Middle East while marching up the Kings Highway. Isa.63, Ps.110:5-7 1. His white garments will be soaked with the blood of the enemy. Rev.19:13, Isa.63 2. His weapon is the omnipotent word of His mouth. 3. Antichrist’s army is destroyed in a supernatural plague. Zech.14:12-15 4. The blood of the enemy runs four feet deep for 200 miles. Rev.14:20 5. God invites birds to a great feast on the carnage. Rev.19:17,18 6. The Beast and the False Prophet are cast alive into the Lake of Fire. Dan.7:11, Rev.19:20, 2Thess.2:8 C. The 144,000 meet the Lord on Mount Zion