Doctrine of Happiness 2

March 3, 2017


  1. Definition and description.
  2. Webster defines joy or happiness as the emotion that is excited by the acquisition or expectation of good. It denotes one that is favored by circumstances be it by pleasure, well-being or of good fortune.
  3. Doctrinally, it denotes the person that in their relationship with God is the object of His blessing and joy, or his happiness (+H) .
  4. That +H is so intimately connected with blessing points to the fact that one who is favored by God should be truly happy.
  5. Synonyms include: joy, blessedness, beatitude and bliss and denotes an inner and/or emotional contentment laced with joy due to one’s realizing favor with God. +H may or may not be expressed overtly.
  6. Antonyms include: adversity, disaster, misery, sadness, unhappiness and depression as a result of coming under God’s wrath, displeasure or testing. Mankind seeks to counter their unhappiness with the pursuit of the cosmos, satisfying their STA’s and/or finding relief by engaging in human good producing a counterfeit +H.


  1. God, by His very nature, cannot improve Himself or His situation.
  2. He possesses a perfect, immutable happiness, since He is perfect and lives in a perfect environment. 1Chr.16:27; Psa.16:11
  3. God has determined to share His eternal blessedness and joy with created beings.
  4. His +H is revealed in His viewpoint, which He has communicated to us through His word.
  5. Therefore, His word is the source of +H for men. Psa.19:8; Pro.3:13-18; 16:20; Jer.15:16; Joh.17:13 cf. Mat.13:20
  6. All of His works produce +H in those that are adjusted to Him. Job 38:7; Psa.92:4; 139:14; 145:4
  7. Even much of the general happiness that men enjoy, including unbelievers, comes to them based on the Divine institutions, a function of God’s wisdom. Volition, RM/RW, family and nationalism.


  1. Ph1
  2. The first true +H that comes to men spiritually is via the SAJG.
  3. Any man that believes is under the eternal blessing of God and this is certainly ground for rejoicing. Psa.2:12; 5:11; 32:1-2; 34:8
  4. The Ph1 gospel is the good new that brings true happiness to mankind. Isa.52:7; Luk.2:10-11; 4:18
  5. The gospel is the source of blessing and prosperity for those that accept it. Pro.15:30; 25:25
  6. When the gospel is obeyed, even the inhabitants of heaven experience the joy of salvation. Luk.15:7-10




  1. Ph2
  2. Inner +H is commanded of believers in time. Mat.5:12; 2Cor.13:11; Phi.3:1; 4:4; 1The.5:16
  3. It is clearly set forth as the normal function of the adjusted believer. Pro.10:28; Rom.12:12; 2Cor.13:11; 1Pet.1:8
  4. Ph2 +H is a by-product of the FHS. Gal.5:22
  5. It comes as a result of knowing and applying BD. Psa.106:3; 112:1; 119:1-2; 128:1-4; Joh.13:17; 15:11
  6. +H is therefore an expression of the believer that is operating in the sphere of Divine love. Joh.15:9-11
  7. The inner +H that comes from the Lord is part of His logistical support for the believer in time. Neh.8:10; Phi.2:17-18
  8. Blessing and +H is the lot of the believer that pursues peace in time. Pro.12:20; Mat.5:9
  9. +H is not contingent upon pleasant circumstances, but is available in the midst of affliction and pressure. 2Cor.7:4; 8:2; 1The.1:6; Heb.10:34
  10. Divine discipline is one factor that God employs in order to increase our +H. Job 5:17ff; Psa.94:12-13; Heb.12:11
  11. The MAJG produces +H and is a factor in the physical health of believers. Pro.3:8; 15:13; 16:24; 17:22
  12. The adjusted believer takes great pleasure in the execution of God’s justice. Pro.21:15
  13. When we are confronted with testing, we are commanded to reflect upon every happiness in the CWL. Jam.1:2
  14. The goal set forth by God for the believer in time is to enjoy full joy.
  15. In the Church Age dispensation, +H is related to the relationship between right P-T and right congregation and the principle of face-to-face teaching. 1The.2:19-20; 1Joh.1:3-4
  16. The proper function of prayer contributes to the concept of full joy. Joh.16:24
  17. Ph2 faith in BD is necessary to enjoy complete +H. Rom.15:13
  18. The doctrine of separation is necessary for the spiritual blessedness or +H that God desires for His children. Psa.1:1
  19. Unity in the local church produces joy for the P-T. Phil.2:2
  20. Believers applying BD is the source of Ph2 joy for the adjusted pastor. Phile.7; 3Joh.3-4
  21. Children are to be a part of the Ph2 +H that God provides for believers. Psa.127:3-5
  22. Children that apply BD are a source of joy and happiness. Pro.23:24-25; 27:11; 29:3
  23. Children that pursue the STA are the cause of much unhappiness. Pro.10:1; 15:20-21; 29:3


  1. Ph3
  2. The believer in eternity will experience the ultimate in +H.
  3. He/she will lose the I/STA at the resurrection, the cause of much of the misery in the human race.
  4. Heaven will be a place that is lacking in any sort of sorrow, pain, tears or death. Rev.21:4
  5. The marriage supper of the Lamb is consistently portrayed as a blessed and happy event. Mat.22:1-4; Luk.12:36-40; Rev.19:7-9
  6. The millennium is described as a time of peace and joy. Isa.14:7-8; 35:1-10; 51:3,11
  7. The joy of Ph3 was the motivating factor that enabled Jesus Christ to fulfill His Ph2 Heb.12:2
  8. That same grace is available to us to enable us to complete our Ph2 in a similar fashion. Jude 24


  1. There exists a pseudo happiness that the cosmos enjoys, not based on BD.
  2. Their happiness is built upon many things, including:
  3. Getting their way. Mar.14:11
  4. Agricultural/economical blessings. Psa.4:7; Isa.9:3; Act.14:17
  5. Military victories/deliverance. Isa.9:3
  6. The details of life. Pro.27:9
  7. Pro.27:9
  8. Entertainment/funsville. Luk.23:8
  9. Achievement (physical, academic, job, etc). 1Cor.9:25
  10. Unexpected good fortune. Pro.15:30
  11. The adversity or unhappiness of others. Pro.24:17
  12. Anti-Semitism. Jer.50:11
  13. Doing good to others, with a human viewpoint agenda. Luk.6:33
  14. All of these factors are merely temporary things that stimulate those that are negative and then these things fade away.
  15. As their blessings pass and dissipate, so does their transitory happiness.
  16. The moment pressure or boredom threatens their happiness, they react and lose their joy.
  17. They must then pursue some other item that they suppose will bring them lasting happiness.
  18. However, since BD is the only thing that will bring true and lasting +H and they do not pursue Her, they are destined to be caught in an endless cycle of happiness, boredom, frustration and the pursuit of more happiness.
  19. While items in 1-8 in and of themselves are non-sinful and can be a source of blessing and joy for the adjusted believer, the believer’s +H is not dependent upon their presence or absence at any given time in their Christian life.


“…Do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord

is your strength.”