Doctrine of Cosmic System 1

February 4, 2017


A. Definition.
1. The cosmic system is Satan’s strategy as the ruler of this world to control believers. It is his policy for the rulership of this world.
2. Satan’s cosmic system is composed of two separate dynaspheres.
a. Cosmic one is Satan’s exploitation of believers through their own arrogance. This is his means of controlling the human race. Satan invented arrogance, for arrogance was his original sin.
b. Cosmic two is Satan’s propaganda and indoctrination college to educate and promote antagonism toward anything related to God, especially the grace of God.
3. Cosmic one represents Satan’s attitude at the time of his prehistoric fall. Cosmic two represents Satan’s attitude at the time of Adam’s fall in the Garden of Eden.
4. Cosmic one emphasizes arrogance and abnormal preoccupation with self. Cosmic two emphasizes antagonism and intolerance toward the plan, purpose, and will of God, as well as toward all Christians executing it.
5. Cosmic one is Satan’s philosophy in the prehistoric angelic conflict. Cosmic two is Satan’s philosophy in human history as the ruler of this world.
6. The target of cosmic one is yourself; the target of cosmic two is Bible doctrine. In cosmic one, we destroy ourselves. In cosmic two, we become antagonistic toward Bible doctrine.
7. In order for Satan to rule, he must produce two factors.
a. Self related to arrogance, and therefore divorced from the reality of God’s plan.
b. Antagonism toward Bible doctrine. Only through the perception, metabolization, and application of doctrine do believers have any hope of becoming tactically victorious, complementing our Lord’s strategic victory in the angelic conflict.
8. Cosmic one emphasizes self in contrast to God. Cosmic two emphasizes the human viewpoint of psychological living in contrast to the divine viewpoint of spiritual living.
9. A table helps depict the difference between cosmic one and two.

1. Emphasizes arrogance; 1. Emphasizes animosity, hatred,
preoccupation with self. antagonism toward God & His plan.
2. Target: ego, self 2. Target: truth or doctrine.
consciousness of soul.
3. Result of hit: preoccupation 3. Result of hit: antagonism toward
and obsession with self to Christ as the living Word and
the exclusion of God and man. doctrine as the written Word.
4. Emphasizes self in contrast 4. Stresses human viewpoint over
to God and objective reality. divine viewpoint.
5. Represents Satan’s attitude 5. Represents Satan’s attitude at
at time of his prehistoric time of man’s historical fall.
6. Represents Satan’s philosophy 6. Represents Satan’s philosophy as
in the prehistoric angelic ruler of the world after fall of man.
conflict when he was obsessed Now he’s obsessed with destroying
with self in maximum the plan of God as the #1 enemy
arrogance. of the plan of God.
7. Believer in cosmic one 7. Believer in cosmic two becomes
assumes the arrogance inculcated with the attitude of Satan
before human history. during human history.
8. Believer is a slave to self. 8. Believer is a slave to Satan.

B. The Influence of the Cosmic System on the Unbeliever.
1. There are three ways in which the cosmic system can influence the unbeliever.
a. Demon possession of unbelievers only.
(1) Demon possession is defined as demon invasion into the body of an unbeliever by one or more demons.
(2) Because of the indwelling of all three members of the Trinity, no demon can indwell the body of a believer.
(3) This cannot occur without the unbeliever’s consent. Even the unbeliever has a volitional protection from God. But under certain conditions, demons do enter the body of unbelievers.
(4) Demon possession is generally related to religion, the phallic cult, and the emotional revolt of the soul.
(5) Demons themselves possess so much energy that when they indwell a human being, all sorts of neurotic and psychotic behavior are manifest. This doesn’t mean the demons themselves are erratic, but their influence on the body is erratic.
b. Demon influence of unbelievers. Demon influence is defined as the demon invasion of the soul through the doctrine of demons, i.e., cosmic thinking.
c. Psychological living of unbelievers. Psychological living is defined as life without God, the lifestyle of real spiritual death.
(1) Distinction must be made between the academic subject of psychology and psychological living.
(2) Psychology is the science which relates to the mind of homo sapien, a systematic knowledge and investigation of the phenomena of consciousness and behavior.
(3) In psychological living, the only thing you have going for you is your soul. If your soul is involved in such things as communism and socialism, you exclude God in your thinking.
(4) Psychological living is not only the lifestyle of real spiritual death, but it is the function of the thinking, motivation, decisions, and actions of those directly involved in Satan’s cosmic system.
2. All unbelievers live in the sphere of real spiritual death and are influenced, to some degree, by the cosmic system. This varies greatly among unbelievers, however, since unbelievers have a phenomenal protection against Satan’s system. This protection starts with his volition, and how he uses it in relation to the only system of truth which an unbeliever can understand, i.e., the laws of divine establishment.
3. One of the easiest ways for the unbeliever to live in Satan’s cosmic system is to reject legitimate authority in life found in the laws of divine establishment. Arrogance is the inevitable result of rejection of authority.

C. The Influence of the Cosmic System on the Believer in Jesus Christ.
1. Because of the indwelling of all three members of the Godhead, the believer cannot be demon possessed. The believer is not vulnerable to the demonization of his body.
2. However, the believer can come under demon influence. Demon influence is the invasion of the soul with Satanic propaganda, the doctrine of demons. When the believer prolongs his residence in the cosmic system, demon influence is the invasion of his soul with those demon doctrines mentioned in 1 Tim 4:1, all of which relate to the various gates of the cosmic system. Demon invasion of thought affects selfconsciousness, volition, and mental attitude. This explains why so many believers become psychotic.
3. The believer can also be influenced by psychological living, which is life without God.
a. Christians can actually live without having a relationship with God and without being in the plan of God.
b. Only believers have the potential of having a relationship with God and being in the plan of God. Whether they take advantage of their potential depends upon their volition.
c. One of the great issues in the Christian way of life is spiritual living versus psychological living. Spiritual living occurs inside the divine dynasphere; psychological living occurs inside the cosmic system.
d. It is possible for the believer to become so involved in the viewpoint of psychology that he is influenced by psychological living.

D. Biblical Documentation.
1. The Bible warns believers against the demonization of their soul, 1 Jn 2:1516, “Stop loving the cosmos [cosmic one] or anything related to it [the cosmos]. If anyone keeps loving the cosmos [cosmic one], the love of the Father [gate #5 of divine dynasphere, personal love for God, spiritual self-esteem] is not in him. Because all that is in the cosmos [cosmic one]  the lust of the flesh [old sin nature controlling soul], and the lust of the eyes [motivational arrogance], and the arrogant pattern of life [functional arrogance]  is not from the Father but from the cosmos.”
2. In cosmic one, Satan has provided a counterfeit communion table designed to lure the believer away from living inside the divine dynasphere, and to distract him from the execution of the protocol plan of God. 1 Cor 10:21, “You [believers] cannot drink the cup of the Lord [Eucharist] and the cup of demons [cosmic system, especially cosmic one]. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord [Eucharist as a part of spiritual living in divine dynasphere] and the table of demons [demon influence and psychological living in cosmic system].”
a. 1 Cor 10:21 not only teaches us that the devil has a communion table, but it documents the important doctrinal principle that the protocol plan of God and Satan’s cosmic system are mutually exclusive.
b. Spirituality and carnality are absolutes in the Christian life. The believer is either totally filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit and living in the divine dynasphere, or he is living in the cosmic system and carnal. However, spiritual growth is relative.
3. The believer is commanded to avoid cosmic two in 1 Tim 4:12. “But the Spirit explicitly teaches that, in latter periods of time [First Advent, Church Age, Tribulation], some [believers] will withdraw from doctrine, giving attention to [concentrating on] deceitful spirits [demon evangelism recruiting for the cosmic system] and doctrine from demons [demon influence resulting in psychological living] by means of hypocrisy of liars, seared in their own conscience with a branding iron.”
a. From the First Advent to the Second Advent, believers in every generation will reject Bible doctrine and become involved in Satan’s cosmic system, be ruled by psychological living, and be influenced in their souls by demons.
b. Demon influence is the demonization of the soul through the thought content of the cosmic system. The thinking and emotions of the soul are controlled by life in Satan’s cosmic system. Both believer and unbeliever are vulnerable to the invasion of demon doctrine into their souls through cosmic involvement.
c. The laws of divine establishment insulate mankind against the influence of Satan’s cosmic system. Once in Satan’s cosmic system through sin, human good, or evil, the believer can only recover through one function of his priesthood: the rebound technique.
d. No person ever gets into conspiracy without searing his conscience with the hot iron of arrogance.
4. Involvement in the cosmic system is tantamount to the lifestyle of spiritual death. Eph 2:2, “in which sphere [real spiritual death] you formerly walked [as an unbeliever] according to the lifestyle of this cosmos [cosmic system], according to the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit [Satan] who is now operational [working] in the sons of disobedience.”
a. Real spiritual death is only terminated by salvation, the point of faith in Christ. But it continues to exercise influence on the believer when he lives and functions inside Satan’s cosmic system, which he enters through personal sin.
b. The laws of divine establishment provide a certain amount of protection for unbelievers against cosmic influence. The believer has two categories of protection: the laws of divine establishment, which is limited protection, and residence, function, and momentum inside the divine dynasphere, which is unlimited protection.
c. Satan is the ruler of the world, Jn 12:31, 14:30, 16:11; 2 Cor 4:4; Eph 2:2.
d. “Sons of disobedience” refer to believers who are out of fellowship residing in Satan’s cosmic system. Only believers are “sons.”
5. Eph 4:27 commands believers to stay out of the cosmic system. “Do not give the devil an opportunity.” The believer who gets into the cosmic system through sin remains there to produce human good and evil. He gives the devil an opportunity to bring the believer to the point of being a loser, either through moral or immoral degeneracy. The believer gets out of the cosmic system only through the rebound technique.
6. The issue of spiritual living versus cosmic living is given in Jam 4:68. “But He [God the Father] gives to us greater grace [unique assets of the Church Age]; therefore it [Old Testament] says [Prov 3:34], ‘God makes war against the arrogant, but He gives grace to the humble.’ Submit, therefore, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinning ones. Purify your right lobes, you doubleminded.”
a. The uniqueness of the Church Age is due to the fact that it is an extension of the great power experiment of the Hypostatic Union. Everything about the Church Age is unique. Never before in history has 100% of divine omnipotence been made available to every believer.
(1) Only in this dispensation does every believer receive the baptism of the Spirit, making him a new spiritual species and a member of the royal family of God.
(2) Also unique is the universal priesthood of the believer, the portfolio of invisible assets, and the divine dynasphere.
(3) Never before has God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit indwelt the body of believers.
(4) Never before has the believer been commanded to be filled with the Spirit, to grow in grace.
(5) The protocol plan for the Church is far different from the ritual plan for Israel.
(6) All this means that you have greater problem-solving devices than ever existed in all of human history, and they will never exist again after the Rapture of the Church. Virtuelove as a problem-solving device is unique to the divine dynasphere. Possessing +H in spiritual adulthood, actually sharing divine happiness, is the highest and greatest use of power ever to exist in all of human history as a problem-solving device. The highest problem-solving device for believers in the Old Testament was the third stage of the faithrest drill. All this is greater grace and more grace.
b. God makes war against bornagain arrogant believers! On the one hand, God blesses the loser daily through logistical grace, sustaining him daily. But on the other hand, God makes war daily against losers who are arrogant because of their involvement in cosmic one.
c. The humble believer is objective and teachable, having enforced and genuine humility from gate #3 of the divine dynasphere. Therefore he continues his momentum inside the divine dynasphere under the three R’s: reception, retention, and recall of doctrine.
(1) Reception is concentration on the teaching of Bible doctrine under the filling of the Spirit.
(2) Retention is the metabolization of doctrine, converting gnosis into epignosis.
(3) Recall is the consistent application of metabolized doctrine in your life.
d. The humble believer, through post-salvation epistemological rehabilitation of his portfolio of invisible assets, utilizes divine power to advance to spiritual adulthood.
e. How do we submit to God? As with a puppy, it takes daily training. Submission is your daily walk with the Lord, momentbymoment inside the divine dynasphere. You are not in a state of submission unless you are living in the divine dynasphere. Any time you are involved in sin, human good, or evil, you are in the cosmic system and are no longer in a state of submission to God. Submission is not a oneshot dedication to God; submission is a lifestyle inside the divine dynasphere, under the enabling power of the Holy Spirit and momentum from metabolized doctrine. So to “submit to God” is to execute the protocol plan of God daily.
f. You resist the devil by:
(1) Resisting temptation and remaining inside the divine dynasphere.
(2) Rebounding out of the cosmic system back into the divine dynasphere; i.e., naming our sins to God.
(3) Persisting in the cognition of Bible doctrine. In spiritual childhood, this is epistemological rehabilitation. In spiritual adulthood, it is cognition and application of metabolized doctrine, thus fulfilling the protocol plan of God.
(4) Maintaining momentum in the spiritual life.
g. “Drawing near to God” refers to the momentum inside the divine dynasphere which comes from utilizing the omnipotence of all three members of the Trinity, constantly functioning under the three R’s: reception, retention, and recall of Bible doctrine. The result of this momentum from “drawing near to God” is attaining the three stages of spiritual adulthood: spiritual selfesteem, spiritual autonomy, and spiritual maturity.
h. God draws near to you through the conveyance of your escrow blessings for time once you have attained spiritual maturity.
i. Sinning believers “cleanse their hands” through the use of rebound, by which they escape from the cosmic system and recover life in the divine dynasphere.
j. Believers are commanded to purify their right lobes, because that is the place where doctrine is metabolized and applied. But in the cosmic system, demonization attacks both prefrontal lobes of the soul. Prolonged residence in the cosmic system results in demonization of the soul, attacking the mentality of the soul first. Demon influence is the thought transference of demon doctrines to the soul mentality of the bornagain believer.
k. In effect, the believer has two minds: first, what he has attained through exposure to Bible doctrine; secondly, what he has received from demon influence in the cosmic system. So he has both human viewpoint and divine viewpoint, and there is a conflict between the two. He purifies his mind through the perception of doctrine, by which he eventually eliminates human viewpoint.
7. The cosmic system of Satan is a college, an educational system, a classroom for indoctrination and inculcation of Satan’s philosophy. Negative volition toward doctrine and refusal to live in the divine dynasphere creates a vacuum in the soul.
a. Eph 4:17, “Therefore I teach you and command [mandate] you through the Lord that you no longer walk as Gentiles walk in the vacuum of your mind.”
b. In Eph 4:18, that vacuum of the mind is said to darken the soul: “Being darkened in their understanding of doctrine, being alienated from the life of God because of the scar tissue of their right lobes.”
c. 1 Cor 2:5 adds, “That your doctrine should not depend on the wisdom of man but on the power of God.” The wisdom of man is demon influence in cosmic one. The power of God is the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit in the divine dynasphere.
8. In 1 Pet 5:111, the first four verses are devoted to the pastor; the remaining seven are devoted to the congregation.
a. Verse 1, “Therefore I exhort the pastorelders as a fellow pastorelder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ and also a partner of the glory that is to be revealed.”
(1) A pastorelder refers to a pastor teaching in a local church, its highest and final authority.
(2) The “sufferings of Christ” is a reference to the great power experiment of the Hypostatic Union.
(3) “A partner of the glory that is to be revealed” means that at the revelation of Christ as the Shekinah Glory at the Rapture of the Church, Peter will receive his escrow blessings for eternity.
b. Verse 2, “Feed the flock of God among you, serving as bishops [overseers], not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you not to be greedy for money, but eager to serve.”
(1) Overseer means the pastor’s responsibility is related to his communication of Bible doctrine.
(2) The pastor serves by studying and teaching his congregation consistently.
c. Verse 3, “Not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being a pattern [a model of momentum through perception, metabolization and teaching of Bible doctrine] to the flock.”
(1) Too many pastors become dictators, “lording it over” the congregation. The pastor is to become a pattern only through the teaching of doctrine. Everyone has his own areas of weakness, including pastors.
(2) Their job is to grow in grace through their own study and communication of study. The pattern he is to set is not a matter of his lifestyle, but his daily, consistent intake of doctrine; that is what we are to emulate.
d. Verse 4, “And when the Chief Shepherd appears [Rapture], you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” This decoration is for pastors only. No one advances to spiritual maturity or glorifies God unless he listens to someone with the gift of pastor-teacher communicating the vital information. You can’t advance on your own; you’re dependent on a pastor.
e. Verse 5, “Likewise, you members of the congregation, be subordinate to the authority of the pastorelder. Clothe yourselves with humility toward each other, because, ‘God makes war against the arrogant but He gives grace to the humble.’” This does not just refer to individual humility, which means objectivity and teachability toward doctrine. But it refers to having humility throughout the congregation. Otherwise, there is arrogance, there is gossip, hatred, maligning, judging, antagonism, bitterness, and vindictiveness, all of which overflows to others. The result is that people cannot learn Bible doctrine in a relaxed environment.
f. Verse 6, “Therefore, humble yourselves under the powerful hand of God, in order that He may exalt you at the proper time.”
(1) The powerful hand of God is the omnipotence of God the Father related to your portfolio of invisible assets, the omnipotence of Jesus Christ related to the perpetuation of human history, and the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit related to life in the divine dynasphere.
(2) To humble yourself under this omnipotence means epistemological rehabilitation after salvation. This is impossible apart from enforced and genuine humility at gate #3 of the divine dynasphere.
(3) The proper time is when you attain spiritual self-esteem, spiritual autonomy, and spiritual maturity. If God doesn’t promote you, you are not promoted. Achievement belongs to God; happiness belongs to the believer. Promotion or exaltation is tantamount to the attainment of spiritual maturity at gate #8, when you receive your escrow blessings for time.
g. Verse 7, “Cast all of your anxieties on Him [function of faith-rest drill] because He cares for you.” The faithrest drill is the one problem-solving device used in both the protocol plan of God and the ritual plan of God for Israel.
h. Verse 8, “Be alert [attain spiritual self-esteem]. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour [via the cosmic system].”
i. Verse 9, “Resist him, standing firm in the doctrine, because you know that your fellow Christians throughout the world are experiencing the same categories of suffering.” You only suffer for blessing when you resist the devil and/or live in the divine dynasphere under the enabling power of the Spirit and momentum from metabolized doctrine.
j. Verse 10, “And after you have suffered a little, the God of all grace, who called you into His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself make you complete [spiritual maturity]; He will stabilize you [through evidence testing]; He will make you strong [as a result of passing evidence testing]; He will establish you [maximum impact of the mature believer].”
k. Verse 11, “To Him be the power forever and ever, Amen.” That power is the omnipotence of God the Father related to our portfolio of invisible assets, the omnipotence of Jesus Christ related to the perpetuation of human history, and the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit related to the divine dynasphere.

E. What is the cosmic believer?
1. Just as the divine dynasphere is the divine factory for the manufacture of winners, so the cosmic system is Satan’s factory for the manufacture of losers.
2. The relationship of the cosmic believer to the Holy Spirit.
a. In cosmic one, he grieves the Holy Spirit. Eph 4:30, “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”
b. In cosmic two, he quenches the Holy Spirit, 1 Thes 5:19.
3. The believer is said to be filled with the Spirit, Eph 5:18, and walking in the Spirit, Gal 5:16, when he is living inside the divine dynasphere. But once the believer sins and enters the cosmic system, he is grieving the Spirit until rebound occurs. Grieving the Spirit is a prolonged stay in cosmic one without rebound, resulting in instability.
4. The believer living in the cosmic system is classified under six Biblical categories.
a. An enemy of the cross, Phil 3:18.
b. An enemy of God, Jas 4:4.
c. A hater of God, Jn 15:23.
d. AntiChrist (against Christ), 1 Jn 2:18, 22, 4:3; 2 Jn 7.
e. A carnal believer, Rom 8:7; 1 Cor 3:3.
f. Doubleminded, Jam 4:8.
5. The status quo of the cosmic believer regarding his soul:
a. In cosmic one, he has blackout of the soul.
b. In cosmic two, he has scar tissue of the soul.
6. Christian service in the cosmic system is classified as wood, hay, and stubble; it will be burned at Judgment Seat of Christ, 1 Cor 3:1116.