Doctrine of Offensive

July 23, 2010


1.    In the military axiom, the principle of offensive is the only action by which a decision is gained in military life.

2.    By analogy, offensive action is the only way to reach spiritual adulthood and spiritual maturity, and taking the offensive is a mental attitude.

3.    Offensive action brings victory, while defensive action can only avoid defeat.

4.    Rebound is defensive action.

5.    By using rebound you avoid defeat but you are not moving forward.

6.    The only effective way to wage war is to act on the offensive, destroying the enemy’s forces.

7.    We must stay on the offensive in spite of Satanic attacks.

8.    Being on the offensive increases the effectiveness of the force adopting it, raises morale, permits concentration of effort, and allows freedom of action.

9.    That’s exactly what the spiritual offensive does.  This has an analogy to Paul’s goal to “press on” in Philippians 3:14.

10.    Going on the offensive increases the effectiveness of your spiritual life, raises your morale, permits concentration of effort so that you can make a maximum number of good decisions from a position of strength, and allows you the freedom of action to advance to spiritual maturity and realize the wonderful capacity to enjoy escrow blessings in time.

11.    Defensive action should be used to assist offensive action elsewhere, to gain time, to utilize good terrain, or to compensate for weakness.

12.    This has an analogy in our spiritual lives because we can never get away from rebound and the faith-rest drill, both of which are parts of defensive action.

13.    Offensive action should be used when there’s any reasonable chance for success.

14.    There’s always a reasonable chance for success as long as you are alive!

15.    The believer takes the offensive only with aggressive thinking of metabolized doctrine in his soul.

16.    He makes a consistent number of good decisions toward doctrine.

17.    The offensive begins from the base of spiritual self-esteem, and combined with providential preventative suffering, the believer advances through the valley of momentum testing and finally takes the high ground of spiritual maturity.