Doctrine of Big Blot Out

February 4, 2016


A. Rev 1:8, 21:6, 22:13 give a title of Jesus Christ as “the Alpha and Omega.” Alpha refers to Jesus Christ as eternal God. Omega refers to Jesus Christ as the Godman. Together, the Alpha and Omega make up the Hypostatic Union. The Jews accepted the Alpha glory of Christ, separating Him from the other members of the Trinity in their thinking, and were monotheistic.

B. Isa 29:914 and Rom 11:810 describe the Jewish big blot out. Every Jewish holocaust starts with the big blot out. Isaiah calls it “a spirit of deep sleep.” This is a combination of the big blot out, interlocking systems of arrogance, and scar tissue of soul.
1. It started with rejection of Jesus Christ as Savior. The Jews rejected the Hypostatic Union.
2. The “sealed book” is their scar tissue of the soul. Whether smart or dumb, they can’t understand their own spiritual heritage. They learned Codex Two by memorizing it for ritualistic purposes but didn’t learn the reality, the truth of the message. They didn’t accept what they learned.

C. Rev 1:78, “‘I am the Alpha and the Omega,’” says the Lord our God, ‘He who is [First Advent], both He who was [eternal God], and He who is coming [Second Advent], the omnipotent One [ruler of the world].’”
1. Dt 6:4, SHAMA ISRAEL, ADONAI ELOHENU, ADONAI ECHAD (i.e., Hear O Israel: Jesus Christ is God; Jesus Christ is unique).”
a. The Jews memorize and say this verse every Sabbath in their ritual, but they reject the doctrine behind it.
b. In His Alpha glory, Jesus Christ is the God of Israel.
c. In His Omega glory, Jesus Christ came in the flesh, and resided and functioned in the divine dynasphere, producing impeccability in order to fulfill His mission at the cross.
b. Dt 6:5, “And you shall love your God [Jesus Christ] with all your right lobe and with all your soul and with all your power [doctrine.]”
c. Dt 6:6, “These doctrines which I am commanding to you this day shall be in your right lobes and you shall teach them diligently to your children.” The Jews who reject Christ as Savior can’t distinguish between the prophecies of the two advents because they have a blind spot. Rejection of the Omega glory of Christ is behind every historical disaster to Israel.

D. In Rom 9:16, Paul teaches that all worship was designed to recognize Christ’s Omega glory.

E. Rom 11:712 teaches that Israel looks for national deliverance from the Omega glory. The “spirit of stupor” shows that the Jews are alive but cannot understand what is happening to them. They can’t read the historical trends. This explains why so many Jews are liberals.

F. When the number of Jews in the pivot is out of proportion, God administers a holocaust to the area which has the greatest number of Jews who reject the Omega glory of Jesus Christ. The same thing occurs to Gentiles in Gentile nations.