Doctrine of Aristocracy of Jesus Christ

February 4, 2016


A. Christ has Divine Royalty. Jesus Christ is God having the essence of God. He is coequal and coeternal with the other members of the Trinity. The Son of God is the title for His divine royalty. The Father and the Spirit are His divine royal family.

B. Christ has Jewish Royalty. Jesus Christ is directly descended from David, the tribe of Judah, the family of Jesse, the line of David. Mary was directly descended from Nathan, David’s son. Joseph was directly descended from Solomon, David’s son. Joseph was Jesus’ legal but not real father. Our Lord’s Jewish royal family, besides his four step brothers and two sisters, is the Davidic line. The title for His Jewish royalty is Son of David.

C. Christ has Battlefield Royalty. By resurrection, ascension, and session Jesus Christ became the victor of the angelic conflict. This strategic victory makes Jesus Christ unique royalty. He is ruler over all angels and the human race. His title over all humanity is King of kings. His title over all angels is Lord of lords.

D. The Problem of Royal Families.
1. For His divine royalty, Christ has the other members of the Trinity as family. Under Jewish royalty, He has all the ancestry of David and His immediate family while on earth.
2. But under His new battlefield royalty, He had no family. He was alone at the right hand of the Father. Therefore, the Church Age is the preparation of a royal family for Christ. During this period of time, which has interrupted the Jewish age, the bride of Christ is called out, that is, the Church. We, the Church Age believers, are members of the royal family of Christ.