Doctrine of Millennium

July 23, 2010

I.    Definition: it constitutes the final 1,000 years of human history before the eternal state, extending from the Second Advent to the dissolution of original creation (Rev.20:2-7; cp. 20:11ff; 21:1).
II.    Synonyms.
A.    Thousand years (6X in Rev.20:2-7).
B.    Summer (Mt.24:32).
C.    Wedding supper (Rev.19:9; cp. Mt.25:1-13; 22:1ff).
D.    Rest (Jer.50:34; 30:10; 46:27; Zech.1:11).
E.    Kingdom of God (heaven; Dan.2:44,45; 7:13,14; Mt.25:1ff; 2Tim.4:1; 1Cor.15:24).
F.    Times of refreshing (Act.3:19).
G.    Time of restoration (Act.3:21).
H.    Day of the Lord (2Pet.3:10). This includes the Tribulation and 1,000 years. The Age of Aquarius (circa.2000), when peace will rule the planets.
III.    False views.
A.    Amillennial: says the 1,000 year references are figurative and that the present age is the Millennium. Augustine advanced this view in his work “City of God”. The popular, modified Augustinian view espoused by modern amillennialists equates the Millennium with believers reigning with Christ in heaven. The binding of Satan is figurative for Christ’s triumph over him at the Cross. Their Millennium ends with the second coming. For instance, the first resurrection is the Christian soul going to heaven at death, and the second resurrection is the resurrection of all men.
B.    Postmillennial: believe the gospel will be triumphant in the last 1,000 years of history and, when the world is converted, Christ will return.
IV.    The true view is premillennialism: Christ will return prior to a literal 1,000 year reign on earth (there are variations within this school).
V.    Christ and the Millennium.
A.    It begins immediately after the Second Advent (Dan.2:44,45; 7:11-14; Obad.21; Isa.52:7-10; Micah.4:11-13).
B.    He is ruler of the entire world (Isa.9:6,7; Zech.14:9; Ps.2:8).
C.    He rules from Zion (Ps.2:6; Isa.24:23; 56:8; Jer.31:6,12,14; Micah.4:1,2).
D.    He rules in righteousness and justice for all (Ps.89:14; Isa.11:4,5; 16:5; 28:5,6; 32:1; 42:4; 51:4-8; 61:11).
E.    It will be an establishment rule, as seen in the expression “rod of iron” (Psa.2:9; Isa.11:4; Rev.2:26,27; 12:5; 19:15).
F.    Oppression or manipulation in any form is prohibited (Isa.25:1-5; 26:21; Ps.72:1-19).
G.    No war (Isa.2:4; Micah.4:2,3).
VI.    Satan, evil, and sinfulness in the Millennium.
A.    Satan will be bound for the 1,000 years (Rev.20:1-3; cp. Isa.27:1).
B.    Satan will be released for a brief period at the end of 1,000 years to instigate a revolution against perfect environment and establishment rule (Rev.20:7-10).
C.    Proving the OSN (old sin nature) and negative volition exist in the final stage of the Angelic Conflict in spite of Christ’s presence on earth and unprecedented prosperity.
D.    The Lord permits negative volition to the gospel and Bible Doctrine (as long as crime is not involved), the same as in any dispensation.
E.    The age starts with believers only, but by the end has an incredible number of unbelievers, whom Satan typically deceives (Rev.20:8).
F.    The Lord puts down the revolution (Rev.20:9).
G.    So the civilization ends with a saturation of evil and a prophesied judgment (like the antediluvian and postdiluvian before it).
H.    No religion exists, since Satan is bound (Zeph.2:11).
I.    Tribulation saints who enter the Millennium in the flesh will perpetuate the OSN into the age, necessitating all three adjustments.
VII.    The Royal Family (Church) in the Millennium.
A.    Based on positional truth, the Church shares Christ’s destiny to rule the nations.
B.    Therefore, Church Age saints will return with Christ at the Second Advent (Rev.19:14).
C.    Each believer will be assigned a position in the administration based on his/her Phase 2 input (Rev.2:26,27).
D.    It is a part of your Phase 3 inheritance (1Cor.6:9,10; Gal.5:19-21; Eph.5:5).
E.    Principle: if we suffer with Him, we shall reign with Him (2Tim.2:12).
F.    Example: the 12 apostles will rule over the 12 tribes (Mt.19:28).
G.    The Church Age believer will mingle with resurrected Old Testament (OT) saints as well as Millennial humanity in the flesh (Mt.8:11).
VIII.    Israel in the Millennium.
A.    Based on the fulfillment of the Abrahamic, Davidic, and New Covenants to Israel (Jer.33:19-26).
B.    The final restoration is permanent (in spite of international opposition; Isa.11:11-13; 51:11; 54:9,10; Jer.16:14-16; 23:3-8; 30:18-21; 31:1-14,21,27,28,31-40; Ezek.34:25-31; 37:1-28; Hos.2:16-20; 3:4,5; 6:1-3; Joel.2:18-20; 3:20, 21; Amos.9:15; Zech.2:6-13; Micah.4:6-8).
C.    Her enemies are no more (Isa.41:10-16; 49:24-26), and the reproach is removed (Isa.54:4-16; 62:1-9; Ezek.36:1-15).
D.    The positive remnant is restored and forgiven (Isa.30:18-22; Dan.9:24; Ezek.36:24-38; Joel.2:32; Zeph.3:11-13; Mal.3:1-4; 4:4-6), while reversionists are purged (Ezek.20:38-44; 34:17-24; Zeph.1:2-13,18; 3:11; Mal.3:5,6; Mt.25:1-13).
E.    As God’s priest nation, Israel becomes the glamour nation, enjoying unprecedented prosperity (Isa.27:2-6; 49:22,12; 60:1-22; Hos.2:21; Joel.2:21-27; 3:18; Amos.9:13-15; Zeph.3:15-20).
F.    Jews enjoy an unprecedented population explosion (as per the Abrahamic Covenant; Isa.49:14-21; 54:1-3; Ezek.36:37,38).
G.    Territorial expansion (Ezek.36:28; 39:28; cp. Josh.1:3,4).
H.    Land divided among restored tribes (Ezek.45,48).
I.    River from Jerusalem waters the land (Ezek.47:1-12; Zech.14:8).
J.    The land’s topography is changed (Zech.14:10).
K.    The Temple, priesthood, and sacrifices are restored (Ezek.40-44,46; Jer.33:18).
L.    OT saints resurrected (Dan.12:2,3,13; Mt.8:11).
M.    Israel will live in maximum spiritual and physical prosperity with the Lord in her midst (Zeph.3:14-20).
IX.    Gentiles in the Millennium.
A.    The Lord will purge all unbelievers from earth via the baptism of fire (Mal.4:1-3; Dan.7:9-12; Mt.25:31-46).
B.    Only believing Gentiles will enter the Millennium (Mt.24:38-41; 25:34,46).
C.    They will exist under nationalism (Dan.9:12; Rev.19:15).
D.    Each nation will be tested under perfect environment to respond to GAP (the grace apparatus for perception; Isa.26:1-4).
E.    Those who are positive will receive rain accordingly, and each nation which is negative will experience drought (Zech.14:16-18).
F.    Gentiles will be evangelized and taught by Israel (Isa.27:6).
G.    Jerusalem will be the center of worship (Isa.11:10; Zech.2:11; Mal.1:11; Zeph.2:11; Micah.4:2; Jer.3:14-18).
H.    It is a time of world wide prosperity due to availability of doctrine (Isa.25:6ff; 30:23; 51:1-3).
I.    No war (Isa.2:4).
J.    Crime will be suppressed (Isa.14:3-6).
K.    The curse on the earth will be lifted (Zech.14:11).
L.    Animals will lose their ferocity (Isa.11:6-8; 65:25).
M.    Negative volition will increase toward the end (Rev.20:7ff).
N.    Longevity will increase (Isa.65:20).
X.    The Millennium ends with the Gog and Magog Revolution, the dissolution of the universe, and the Great White Throne Judgment (Rev.20).