Doctrine of Spirituality 1

December 4, 2015

There has been much confusion regarding the subject of Spirituality. What
is it that makes a person “Spiritual”? Is it an experience which some Christians
achieve to a greater degree than others? Is it a stimulating feeling which
produces an ecstatic reaction? Should we try to imitate the experience of
another great believer in order to become Spiritual? What is Spirituality? What
does the Bible actually teach regarding this important subject?
Let me say at the very beginning that Spirituality is open to all believers,
just as Salvation is open to all humanity. It is not an elusive and mysterious
experience which some can have and which will set them apart from other
believers. Spirituality is just as available as is Salvation. The Word of God is
very specific as to what it is — how to obtain it and what it produces. In order
to clear up the many misconceptions concerning this subject, it will be
necessary to understand what Spirituality is not, as well as what it is.
In the broadest sense of the word, Spirituality is a relationship with God
the Holy Spirit, just as Christianity is a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. A
person is a Christian, not because he is religious or because of something he
has done, but because he has received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
through faith. (Gal 3:26) At the moment you believe in Him, you enter into union
with the Son of God, and He dwells within us. (2Co 3:18) Christ provided on the
cross everything necessary for you to have this relationship with Him.
From the time of the original sin in the Garden, man has been separated
from God. He is Spiritually dead; (Eph 2:1) and therefore can have no
fellowship with Him. In order to bring man into fellowship and a FAMILY
relationship with Himself, the wages of sin, (Spiritual death) must be paid. As
Jesus Christ hung on the cross. He was judged for every sin in the human race
— past, present and future; He bore them all in His own body. (1Pe 2:24) He
was separated from God the Father and God the Holy Spirit by Spiritual death.
(Matt 27:46) and thus paid in full the debt of mankind. Only when His work was
FINISHED did He die physically. (John 19:30) And because He has done all the
work, you and I can have an eternal relationship with Him by simply receiving
what He has done.But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become
children of God, even to those who believe in His name. (John 1:12)Looking at this relationship to Christ; from the standpoint of redemption. He
has broken the shackles of sin. We are no longer in the slave market of sin; we
are now free, even as Jesus Christ is free. From the standpoint of propitiation,
the Father was satisfied with what Jesus Christ did on the cross. From the
standpoint of reconciliation, the barrier is removed and we are now reconciled
to God. From the standpoint of expiation, Christ was judged for every sin we
have ever committed. From the standpoint of unlimited atonement, Christ died
for the sins of the entire world. (1Jn 2:2) We might look at it from the standpoint
of positional Truth or regeneration or any one of the many other marvelous
facets of Salvation. But regardless of how we look at it, we can summarize by
saying that Christianity is a relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ!
Now, in a similar way, Spirituality is a relationship with God the Holy Spirit.
It is the ministry of God the Holy Spirit, Who indwells every believer at the
moment of Salvation, controlling or filling or occupying your life. Spirituality is
specifically Commanded in two passages: (Eph 5:18; “…Be filled with the
Spirit”; Gal 5:16) “…walk by [By means of] the Spirit.”


Neither the baptism nor the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are synonymous
with Spirituality. The baptism of the Spirit: is God the Holy Spirit taking the
believer at the moment of Salvation and putting him in union with Christ.
(1Co 12:13) It is a once and for all action. (Col 2:12). “Indwelling” is God the
Holy Spirit coming to make His residence inside the believer at the moment of
Salvation; (1Co 6:19; Gal 3:2) and while He never leaves. He may or may not
control the believers’ life.
Like the baptism of the Spirit, indwelling cannot be experienced. We are
never Commanded in the Word of God to be either baptized or indwelt by the
Spirit. We are never told to make the Holy Spirit come within or that we should
ask Him to come in. He indwells at the very moment we put our trust in Jesus
Christ. The Holy Spirit always indwells, and there will never be a time when He
does not! (Matt 28:19-20) But the filling of the Spirit comes and goes. These
distinctions are very important. If you want to speak of Spirituality in other
terms, Think of it as the filling of the Spirit, because this phrase conforms to
Bible nomenclature. (Eph 5:18) We are Commanded to be filled, habitually and
constantly, with the Holy Spirit. When we are filled with the Spirit, then, of
course. He controls the life. There is ONE act of indwelling; but there are
MANY acts of the filling of God the Spirit!


The Absolute Concept. Spirituality is not a matter of degrees. We often
hear it said that some person is more Spiritual than another, or less Spiritual.
The implication is that some people have a greater degree of Spirituality than
others; but the Bible very definitely teaches that Spirituality is an ABSOLUTE!
We either have it, or we do not have it. We are either 100 per cent Spiritual, or
we are not Spiritual at all! If we are what might be said 99 per cent Spiritual,
(And there is no such thing) then we are not Spiritual at all; we are carnal.
Either our life is controlled by God the Holy Spirit, or we are controlled by the
old sin nature. (Rom 8:7-8) There cannot be a dual control!
When the old sin nature controls your life, you are carnal. When the Holy
Spirit controls your life, you are Spiritual. And at any particular point in your life
either the old sin nature controls or the Holy Spirit controls. There is no half and
half, or part and part. There is no such thing as being 5 per cent, 50 per cent or
even 95 per cent Spiritual. You either have Spirituality or you do not. This is
what is meant by the fact that Spirituality is an absolute. We are either Spiritual
or we are carnal. We cannot be in between. The greatest step in understanding
Spirituality is to understand that there are no degrees of Spirituality. The great
difference in degrees is in the matter of Christian growth. There are degrees of
growth, but not of Spirituality.

The Growth Concept. One of the greatest sources of confusion to the
believer is the fact that there is no Law and also grace, so we must understand
what actually constitutes growth and what constitutes Spirituality. While one
very definitely helps the other, each is entirely different in every aspect.
Maturity, which is the result of growth, is often mistaken for Spirituality; but we
must understand that Spirituality is not maturity!
The instant we believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we are born
into the family of God; (John 3:3; Gal 3:26) and we begin the Christian life as
“babies.” From then on, as long as we live on this earth, we are Commanded to
do two things: we are Commanded on the one hand to “be filled with the Spirit,”
(Eph 5:18) and, on the other hand, to grow in grace and in the knowledge of
our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (2Pe 3:18)
The issue of Spirituality is that at any point in your life you are controlled
either by God the Holy Spirit or by the old sin nature. When you meet the Bible
conditions, you are filled with the Spirit. When you fail to meet the Bible
conditions, you are not filled with the Spirit, and you revert to a carnal status.
You either have Spirituality or you do not!
From the standpoint of growth, believers fall into one of three categories:
babies, adolescents, or mature Christians. In one assembly, believers may
range all the way from babyhood to complete maturity. Furthermore, there are
Spiritual babies and carnal babies; (1Co 3:1-3; Heb 5:11-13) Spiritual
adolescents and carnal adolescents; Spiritual mature believers; (Heb 5:14) and
carnal mature believers. (Rom 7:14-24) This is where the big problem lies. A
baby, for example, has to be amused and entertained. If I am teaching a more
advanced passage of Scripture, I notice that the babies’ eyes begin to stray
and their minds begin to wander. The only way to bring them back to the
subject is to give them an illustration or a story. Then, in other passages where
a simple Truth is taught, we have their attention, but the more “adult” believers
begin to tune out. So you see, in any particular group there are all stages of
growth and variations of interest. This also makes a great deal of difference in
our relationship with each other, since there are many things which are not
required of babies but which are required of mature believers. (1Co 8:9)
Growth in the Christian life does not remain motionless. The Bible clearly
indicates progression and retrogression, as well as degrees of growth. As a
baby should grow, so the great objective of Christian experience is to get the
one who is born again to grow! (2Co 5:20)

Dangers in Christian Growth.
(1) To the immature or infant believer. The infant mortality rate in the
Christian life is extremely high! The less a believer knows about the Word of
God and about Spirituality, the higher the infant mortality rate. Too many are
ignorant of their marvelous position in Christ; they are unaware of all the Divine
operating assets by which they could accomplish tremendous things for the
Lord. They are at a standstill, or may even be retrogressing into Spiritual
morons because of a misconception of Spirituality and because older believers
are missing the boat on “baby care”, and how to get a baby started in the Lord.
So this particular message is crucial — extremely crucial! The objective is
to provide a clear understanding as to exactly what you must do, as a believer,
to help other believers. We put a great deal of emphasis on winning souls to
Jesus Christ, and we should, for the Word of God does; but the Word of God
puts an equal emphasis on helping believers to grow! (Heb 5:12-14; Heb 6:1-3)

(2) To Spiritual adolescents. Adolescence in the Spiritual realm is probably
the most difficult period. Believers who have come out of the baby-hood stage
into adolescence have a LITTLE KNOWLEDGE, and one of the most
dangerous things in the world is a little knowledge of the Word of God! Once
we begin to feel a little confident about what we know of the Word, though it is
just a little knowledge, there is often a tendency to assume that we know
everything! Such adolescents have often destroyed the possibility of other
babies growing and progressing.

(3) To mature believers. After adolescence comes maturity; and although
there are many ways to distinguish maturity; (e.g., the “Edification Complex” of
the soul) by way of introduction, we will emphasize five words.
KNOWLEDGE. While many believers are Spiritual, and have been
Spiritual, and can be Spiritual with very little understanding of the Word,
maturity is different. In maturity you have one who has a maximum knowledge
of the Word of God — a COMPLETE knowledge of God’s Thinking on EVERY
SUBJECT! There can be no true application to experience apart from Truth. So
first of all, there must be a maximum knowledge of the Word and the Doctrines
of Scripture! This is characteristic of maturity, but it is not Spirituality. It is
possible to be Spiritual without a great knowledge of the Word of God. A baby
can be Spiritual. As a matter of fact, when we are born into the family of God,
we are born Spiritual. But the first time we sin, that is the end of Spirituality.
There is a way to become Spiritual again by the application of, (1Jn 1:9)! But a
maximum knowledge of the Word has to do with maturity.
WISDOM. Wisdom is the application of Truth to experience from the right
lobe’s frame of reference. It is possible in many cases for one to be Spiritual
without having much wisdom because of a lack of knowledge of Truth and or a
failure to believe God’s Thinking and so to transfer it from the perceptive lobe of
the mind to the human spirit. The human spirit is received at the point of
Salvation and is the means of storing and using Divine Thinking: Wisdom!
FAITH. A mature believer is able habitually to mix the promises of God
with faith. Faith pulls in Truth we are learning so that we have inner resources in
time of pressure.
GRACE. From eternity past, God’s plan for the believer can be
summarized by this one word. Grace is all that God is free to do for the
believer on the basis of the work of Christ on the Cross. Therefore, grace
depends on Who and What God Is! Never on who and what man is, thinks or
does! (Exo 33:19; Rom 9:15-16) Therefore, grace excludes all human merit, all
human ability, and anything that can be “Thought of” as meritorious on the part
of man! (1Co 3:19-20) For the believer who functions daily under Operation Z,
(The grace apparatus for perception, provided for believers for the intake of
Truth) and who, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit assimilates a maximum
amount of Truth, grace becomes more and more of a Divine Reality in OUR
SOUL each day! (Isa 55:8-9) The fourth floor of the edification complex,
(Spiritual life) of the soul is grace orientation. Bible Truth in the right lobe
produces God’s Viewpoint; and application of God’s Thinking to life produces
Spiritual maturity. Therefore, a mature believer is always grace-oriented.

PRODUCTION. The mature believer produces on a maximum scale. Now a
baby can produce also. A newborn baby can win another person to the Lord
Jesus Christ; but production on a large scale is the result of maturity. That is
obvious. For example, a child cannot take as much coal out of a pit as an adult.
So it is in the Christian life: all the way through there is an increased production
which goes with growth.
Hindrances to Growth. (Heb 5:11-14) is our first passage in introducing the
subject of Spirituality. We are still in the introduction of this tremendous subject.
This passage looks at the Christian life and experience from the standpoint of
growth, not from the standpoint of Spirituality. The concept of Spirituality will be
studied later in, (Eph 5:1). Keep in mind that while the concepts of growth and
Spirituality are interlocking, they are entirely different.
In order to integrate with the context, let us review a little background in
the previous chapter. First of all, in Chapter 1 of Hebrews, the glories of the
Person of Christ are presented. In Chapter 2, there is a warning about drifting
from the Person of Christ. In Chapter 3, we are told to give Christ first place;
and the means of so doing — the faith-rest life — is presented. Then, for the
first time in Chapter 5, advanced Truth is mentioned — the great Doctrine of the
High Priesthood of Christ! The author of the Book of Hebrews devotes ten
verses to this Doctrine, and then suddenly he stops! He realizes that these
believers cannot take it in because of their ignorance and carnality. He sees the
necessity of departing from this Doctrine for awhile in order to take up the
matter of their experience. That is where we pick up the subject.

Concerning him we have much to say, and it is hard to explain, since you
have become dull of hearing. (Heb 5:11)

Now these things in themselves are not hard to be explained. The
marvelous flow of this Truth as it is presented in, Chapters 7, 8 and 9
progresses easily and in itself is not hard to “say” or understand. It is hard to
be explained when there is no positive response. This is the meaning of the
phrase in the Greek. “Hard to explain” means that you cannot take it in. The
writer says, “I would love to give you the rest of this Doctrine right now, but I
must stop. There is something we must straighten out first; there is advanced
work! Before we can grasp this glorious Doctrine that leads to maturity, we
must stop and recognize a hindrance to perception — a lack of growth!
“Since you have become dull of hearing,” or, more literally, ‘seeing ye have
no ‘pusher’ in hearing.” The Greek for “dull” is “no push,” or “no desire.” There is
no motivation and no desire to take in this marvelous Doctrine. (Prov 27:7) The
Truth of the High Priesthood of the Person of Jesus Christ and the priesthood of
every believer is one of the greatest Doctrines in the Word of God. Yet the
writer has to digress and say, “Look, this is a tremendous Truth which belongs
to every Christian, but you have no motivation and no desire to hear or to
absorb it!” Verse 12 states the problem:

For though by this time you ought [OWE] to be teachers, you have need
again for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles
[Thoughts] of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food.

“You ought to be teachers” does not refer to the gift of teaching; it refers
to a concept of the Church Age which we might call, “passing it on.” Believers
who have been saved for a long time OWE to be sharing the Word with other
believers as well as with unbelievers. (Rom 1:14-16)
We owe to be passing on the marvelous Thinking; that we have from Thinking
with Mind of Christ. But instead, “you have need again for someone to teach
you the elementary principles of the oracles of God…” The author of Hebrews
is saying, “You need someone to teach you the “ABC’s” of Truth — the simple
Spiritual Thoughts, the basic Thoughts! Just as I was ready to go into a bit of
calculus, I remembered that you didn’t know that one plus one equals two! You
have not learned simple arithmetic.”
Now, do you see the picture? Here are people who have been believers
for possibly ten years or longer, a group of people who are born again, who are
saved, who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; yet they are still babies! Do
you understand the Concept here? This is not Concept Spirituality — this is
Concept growth! They are Spiritual morons, actually. The Bible calls them
carnal Christians. We use the term “Spiritual morons” because they have been
born again for many years and they are still babies. They have neither grown
nor progressed, primarily for lack of KNOWLEDGE!
Before they can eat solid food, before they can get into this marvelous
Truth, they actually need, not solid food, but milk! They are going to have to be
put on a formula! Now, isn’t that tragic? They have been saved all these years,
and they still need to learn the ABC’s. You can see that if this were true of all
believers, there would be no impact for Christ, no production. Christians must
grow up!

For everyone who partakes only of milk is not accustomed to the Word of
righteousness, for he is an infant. (Heb 5:13)

Maturity is tied into the Word. There are those who have been believers
for twenty-five years, yet are unskilled in the Word of God! They still do not
know straight up from straight down! Consequently, it follows that they do not
understand Spirituality. If there is anything every believer needs to understand,
it is Spirituality! We need to get away from the idea that one person is more
Spiritual than another. There is no such thing! You are filled with the Spirit, or
you are not! You are not more or less Spiritual.
Even worse, is the idea of Spirituality by works. What must I DO to be
Spiritual? So, people are doing certain things. We will elaborate on this later, as
well as on other common but false demonic thoughts of Spirituality. They have
confused the results with the means. This is one of the greatest problems we
face in the subject of Spirituality. True, Spirituality causes one to grow faster;
but the results of Spirituality are not the same as those of maturity. Today there
is a tremendous structure in the Christian way of life and in the form of
Christianity — even in fundamental Christianity — which says, “I DO certain
things; therefore, I am Spiritual!” Or, “I am Spiritual because I DON’T do certain
things.” Oh, that Christians could truly understand what the Word of God
teaches about Spirituality!

But solid food is for the [Spiritually] mature, who because of practice
[Thinking with the Truth] have their senses [Spiritual Thinking] trained to discern
[Distinguish between] good [God’s Thinking] and evil. [Satan’s Thinking]
(Heb 5:14)

Those who are of “full age’’ are those who have grown up; Spiritually
mature believers, those who can take in “solid food,” or advanced Truth. Notice
the word “practice.’’ “Practice” is application. “…By reason of ‘application” have
their Spiritual Thinking exercised to distinguish between God’s Thinking and
Satan’s thinking. “ Very few people can really distinguish between good and
evil. I am not talking about such basic things as the Mosaic Law and other
clearly declared passages of Scripture. I am not talking about the black and
white. I am talking about the large mass of THOUGHTS in and about our lives
that we face everyday which are not directly covered by the Word of God. It
takes Spiritual maturity to distinguish what is good and what is evil in this area!

(Heb 6:1-6)

Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on
to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of
faith toward God. (Heb 6:1)

The writer is saying, “Look, you people, you have to grow up. You will
never understand this Truth of the High Priesthood until you mature. You have
to leave the ABC’s — you have to move on!” Well, how are you going to leave
them? More literally, the Greek says, “Therefore, knowing what you are
leaving.” This changes the aspect somewhat. Many times we leave something,
but do not know what we are leaving. But this is to leave and to know what you
are leaving. You know the ABC’s of the Truth of Christ, so you should now
“press on to maturity.” Keep moving toward maturity.
“Not laying again the foundation…” The foundation is one plus one equals
two; two plus two equals four. It is listed here by six representative basic
Doctrines. The first one is called “repentance from dead works.” You know, of
course, that “repent” means a complete change of mental attitude. “Let us
change our minds about works which are dead.” (Anything done by the power
of the old sin nature) The word “dead’” carries the idea of non-production.
There are works which are non-producing. There are things we do which cannot
and will not produce. They are human old sin nature thoughts and actions; and
count for nothing, as far as God is concerned.
The Christian way of life is a supernatural way of life in every detail! It
cannot, therefore, be fulfilled through any naturalistic power or through the
talents and energy of the flesh. (John 6:63) One of the great principles of the
Christian life is to love the brethren. Yet it is humanly impossible to love all the
brethren. I may go around and TRY to love the brethren; I may try to be friendly
with them; I may go out of my way to be nice to people I don’t like. I can try
and try — I can practice and practice, but it is only dead works and produces
When my son, who loves automobiles, was quite young, I noticed him go
by my study window one day with a gleam in his eye and a garden hose in his
hand. When I saw that gleam, I got up and moved rapidly, for he was moving
right toward my automobile in the driveway. I arrived on the scene just as he
put his hand on the gas cap. Now, why was I in such a hurry? I’ll tell you why!
The carburetor is designed to run on gas. If you fill the tank with water, it won’t
go. It was a wonderful piece of machinery; all the running parts were in perfect
order. It rode nicely; it was comfortable and pleasing to the eye. But a car will
not run if the tank is filled with water!
Nor is the Christian life designed to run on “water.” It will not run when it is
loaded with the wrong thing. Our “carburetors,” given us at the new birth, must
operate on the proper fuel. The only means of executing the Christian way of
life is by God the Holy Spirit! You can practice certain things, you can give up
certain things, you can observe all the local taboos, but none of these things
makes you Spiritual. Too often an older believer (Older in point of time — not in
growth) pounces upon a new Christian, a baby, and attacks him with certain
taboos. He says, “You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t give up this, if you don’
t give up that!” There is a great deal of difference between separation and
tabooism. True separation is UNTO GOD. True separation is the result of
Spirituality, the result of maturity, but never, never the means. There are three
conditions for the filling of the Spirit, but giving up something is not one of them.
Now notice again this “repentance from dead works.” It is the first
inference relative to Spirituality. I must change my mind about the means of
getting Spirituality. That is basic. I must change my mind about how to get back
in fellowship with the Lord when I sin. You see, getting back in fellowship does
not involve works. It involves confession — acknowledgment. How many
theories we hear regarding how to get back into fellowship — pray, ask God to
give you a sorrow for your sins, weep over your sins, then come down the aisle
and rededicate your life! Experience, experience, experience! The Bible does
not say that any of these is the means of getting back into fellowship. The Bible
does say “confess,” “acknowledge” being out of fellowship. (1Jn 1:9)
Confession is restoration by grace. The others are restoration by works.
God has provided a means to get back into fellowship — not by works, but by
grace. Every believer must decide once and for all: is the Bible my STANDARD
OF THINKING, or is personal experience my standard? If the Bible is your
standard of Thinking, you are going to have an experience; the impact of which
will hit your city and the uttermost parts of the world! Now, I did not say an
emotional experience. Emotion is not in question here. When we get to
“Spirituality by ecstatics,” we will take up emotion. Emotion has a place; but
Spirituality is the filling of GOD the Holy Spirit, and not an ecstatic experience.
We will never be Spiritual, we will never be restored to fellowship, and we will
never move or grow up in the Christian life as long as we think that we do it!
God has provided the Spiritual life for us!
The second thing on the list about which to change our mind is “faith
toward God” — the mixing of the promises of God with faith; the faith-rest
Third, (Heb 6:2) “the Doctrine of washings and baptisms.” Note the plural
“washings. “ There are seven different baptisms in the Bible: the baptism of
Moses; (1Co 10:2) the baptism of John; (John 1:25-33) the baptism of Jesus;
(Matt 3:13-17) the baptism of the Spirit; (Acts 1:5; (1Co 12:13) water baptism
for the believer; (Acts 2:41) the baptism of fire; (Matt 3:11) the baptism of the
cross. (Mark 10:38-39)
Fourth, the Doctrine of the “laying on of hands.” This was another Doctrine
of identification which was used especially at this time.
Fifth, the Truth of the “resurrection of the dead,” and sixth, understanding
“eternal judgment.” These are six representative ABC’s. It was just a list which
was particularly applicable to the Jews at the time who had come out of
Judaism and were going back to animal sacrifices. Do you remember what is
first on the list? “Repentance from dead works.” Why do I mention this? In the
syntax of the Greek, the entire list is not referred to again. That would be a
waste of words. Only the top item will be given. For example, the fruit of the
Spirit is “love” — the first in the list. There are passages of Scripture where
“love” actually refers to the whole list of the fruit of the Spirit. (cf. Gal 5:22-23
with, (1Co 13:1-8).
“And this will we do, if God permits.” (Heb 6:3) If God permits us as
believers to remain long enough in this life, we will learn Truth and grow up
Spiritually on the basis of, (2Pe 3:18). The length of time the believer remains
on this earth is determined by such factors as the potential cause of death.
There are several reasons for Christian death: your work is finished; Divine
discipline; glorification of Christ; superimposition of your volition over God’s.
(Suicide) Since it takes time to learn Truth, the believer will accomplish the
objective of growing up only if God’s will permits him to remain long enough to
do so.

For in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted
of the heavenly gift and have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have
tasted the good Word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then
have fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they
again crucify to themselves the Son of God and put Him to open shame.
(Heb 6:4-6)

This passage is so clear in the Greek, it is astounding how confusing it has
been made in the English. It says in effect that under certain conditions of
carnality and legalism, such as those referred to in the latter half of verse 6, it is
impossible to take in even basic Truth. The key to understanding these three
verses is based on a point of Greek syntax in which the action of the aorist
participle precedes the action of the main verb. There are five aorist participles
here which precede the main verb, “It is impossible,”
(Actually a noun) plus the present active infinitive “to renew again.’’ The subject
of this long sentence is “for those who” — believers of Jewish descent living in
Jerusalem, who were previously characterized in Hebrews 5 as “dull of
hearing,’’ ignorant of basic Truth, and “unskilful in the Word.”
Since the participle precedes the action of the main verb, (Heb 6:4) should
start, “Having fallen away, it is impossible…” This is a key spot where the
translators certainly went off the deep end. “For those who were once
enlightened” is in the aorist tense, and its Concept implies “once and for all
enlightened.” These are believers who once knew basic Truth, but who through
carnality have become ignorant. They have “tasted of the heavenly gift,” again
an aorist tense, indicating that they have once and for all tasted of the heavenly
“To taste” here has often been construed as “taking a little sip,” and
therefore it is concluded that this could not be a believer. However, this same
Greek word occurs in, (Heb 2:9) in the same tense, where it says, “Christ
TASTED death for US.” Did He just take a little sip and not go all the way?
Certainly not! He went all the way! “Have tasted” in the aorist tense is a point of
time when the believer received Salvation. “The heavenly gift” is the Person of
Jesus Christ and or Salvation. (2Co 9:15) “And were made partakers,
(Partners, literally) with the Holy Spirit, (Aorist tense) in a point of time,
(Salvation) when the Holy Spirit indwelt the believer.
These believers have “tasted” something else: “the good Word of God,
and the powers of the age to come.” Here we have an aorist middle participle:
the aorist tense gathers into one point every occasion when the believer has
absorbed Truth or has been filled with the Spirit. The middle voice indicates that
the believer is benefited by learning Truth and being filled with the Spirit Two
things have been tasted: “the good Word of God,’’ which refers to a pertinent
part of the Word. In the past, these believers have learned and applied certain
Divine Thoughts. They have also tasted “the powers,” that is, the manifestation
of the power of the Spiritual life, “of the age to come.” “The world” is literally
“the age,” a reference to the Millennium when Spirituality will reach an all-time
Now I want you to get the main structure of the sentence: “Having fallen
away, it is impossible… To renew them again unto repentance.” These
believers have fallen away from something, but it is NOT Salvation. They cannot
fall from Salvation.

Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you
stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our
Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and
authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. (Jud 1:24-25)

To obtain an inheritance which is imperishable and undefiled and will not
fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are protected by the power of God
through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. (1Pe 1:4-5)

Remember, one of the laws of the interpretation of Scripture is that the
use of a word in context is determined by the FIRST use of that word. Where
do we find “repentance” in context? Back in, (Heb 6:1) “repentance from dead
works.” Therefore, the word “repentance” is a reference again to the list of the
ABC’s. So, “having fallen away, it is IMPOSSIBLE “TO TEACH THEM AGAIN,”
to renew, (Restore) them again, “so long as’ they…” Are doing something.
(Ritual without Reality: Reading but not Thinking with God’s Thoughts!
Luk 14:26-33) cf. (Heb 6:1-6) They are doing something that is contrary to
Truth and hinders their learning as well as their Spirituality and keeps them from
maturing. The “falling away” is describing believers out of fellowship. The verb
does not imply loss of Salvation from the Lake of Fire. These believers of
Jewish descent are committing two sins in Jerusalem which hinder their interest
and understanding of basic Truth. First, they are “crucifying the Son of God
again.” These people are going to the Temple, (It was still in existence) to offer
animal sacrifices. Now, what was wrong with that? These people are
Christians; they have received Christ as Savior; they “have tasted of the
heavenly gift”; they know that Jesus Christ died once and for all for their sins,
and that it is no longer necessary to bring animal sacrifices! They are probably
doing it to avoid persecution by the religious Jews. But they are dabbling in
shadows after they have received the Reality of God’s New Covenant
Thoughts. The practice of Judaism was a compromise with religion; and
contrary to the Word of God.
We have here the Doctrine of the High Priesthood of Christ and the
priesthood of every believer. As long as they continue their practice of offering
animal sacrifices, they are saying in effect that the sacrifice of Christ is not
efficacious, which was tantamount to blasphemy! They were not operating
under their true priesthood, but on a priesthood that is GONE! To continue in
shadows constituted both legalism and religionism, a practice which obscured
basic Truth and phased it out of the right lobe.
Secondly, they “put Him to an open shame.” By their old sin nature activity,
they were exposing Christ to ignominy. Legalism and the practice of religion are
the worst deterrents to the maintenance of Truth in the right lobe and to moving
toward the goal of maturity!


The Spiritual Believer Imitates God. Spirituality is a difficult subject to
launch into because so many people have a religious background. Most people
have some pet area of holiness, some place where they are so good it hurts,
and they always run to that place when someone is about to level with them.
They have their little fort of self- righteousness, and they get in their fort and
start shooting at everyone. (2Co 10:4) We have to do a lot of growing to get
away from this! One of the best approaches to Spirituality is from, (Eph 5:1)
because it is one of the great issues in the Christian life; yet it is a Command
that no unbeliever or carnal believer can obey!
“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.” On the surface, it
might appear that anyone can obey this Command. Any carnal believer, any
Spiritual moron can RATIONALIZE his way through this Command. The King
James Version leaves many loopholes. The social action crowd think they are
followers of God; the liberals, left-wingers, anti-Semitics, those who beat the
drums for world peace and disarmament, those who have given up everything
from bubble gum to wild women think they are followers of God, In other
words, most people assume that anything they do, of which THEY approve,
makes them a follower of God!
But when you see this verse in the Greek, the first thing you should be able
to say to yourself is, “I CAN’T DO IT!” That’s where Spirituality starts. It begins
with the principle that it is something you and I cannot do! Human energy,
human ability, human ingenuity are totally incapable of Spirituality. Like
everything else in the Christian life, Spirituality is by grace, and this means God
has provided and we respond in a non-meritorious manner. Grace equals God
doing the work — Divine power —Virtue — good — and man receives it in a
non-meritorious way. Grace means that any believer one degree above an idiot,
all the way up to a genius, can be Spiritual. It doesn’t require any great
intellectual ability or any academic perspicacity.
“Therefore be” is literally, “keep on becoming” — as long as you live in
Phase Two, (The Christian life) and this is a Command to all believers. Now the
next word is the real issue: “imitators” should be; “Keep on becoming
IMITATORS of God!” There is one thing you and I cannot do — we cannot of
ourselves become imitators of God. And yet when we are given a Command to
do something, the impossible becomes possible through grace. Grace always
takes the hopeless and converts it into hope.
As members of the family of God, we should bear the family resemblance.
Whatever characteristics and traits we had from physical birth, we now have a
new set of characteristics from Spiritual birth; and if we have normal growth
and if we have the erection of the “edification structure”; (Completed Spiritual
life in the soul) we will have a family resemblance! Christ, as God, is the
manifest Person of the Trinity; (John 1:18) Christ, as humanity, set the pattern
for the filling of the Spirit. He was filled with the Spirit, (Heb 9:14) during His
entire life on earth. (John 3:34) In order to imitate, we have to have a pattern,
and therefore, we are to imitate the manifest Person of the Godhead. This
Command to imitate Christ can only be executed by the filling of the Spirit.
(Eph 3:16-17; Php 1:20-21)
(Eph 5:1) is the Command to Spirituality! It will be repeated in, (Eph 5:18).
To be imitators of God and to be filled with the Spirit are two sides of the same
coin. To see the other side of the coin, we need to get the context, beginning at
verse 14.


For this reason it says, “Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And
Christ will shine on you. (Eph 5:14)

It is just as though half way through the fifth chapter of Ephesians, the
writer, who has been telling of the marvelous supernatural way of life, suddenly
interrupts himself and says, “Look, you have all this tremendous equipment and
you don’t know how to operate it. Wake up, (Rebound) and find out how.
Switch from negative to positive! Be aroused toward Truth!’’ Occasionally you
run into Christians, who are positive toward Truth, but they can’t take it in; or
will not put Learning and Thinking with Truth FIRST PLACE in their life. Being
positive toward Truth is like wanting oxygen; it has to be available, and you
must have the mechanism for taking it in. The whole point of this first analogy is
to remind the believer that even though he may have a positive desire for Truth,
it won’t get the job done, unless he also has the filling of God the Holy Spirit.
This verse prepares us for the importance of the Command given in,
(Eph 5:18).
All Truth is inhaled through the filling of the Spirit technique. Obviously,
even though you are positive toward Truth, and even though Bible Truth is
available, it still isn’t enough when you are out of fellowship and or not in LOVE,
(AROUSED) WITH GOD’S THINKING! The believer out of fellowship is not
filled with the Spirit and therefore he has two strikes against him: his carnality
excludes the filling of the Spirit and it hinders the intake of Truth.
“Arise from the dead…” Of the different kinds of death mentioned in the
Bible, this is temporal death being out of fellowship through sin. It is quenching
or grieving the Holy Spirit. Indifference and apathy to Truth results when the old
sin nature controls the life.
“And Christ will shine on you.” The light Christ gives is God the Holy Spirit
controlling the life from within. “But when He, the Spirit of Truth, (God’s
Thinking) comes… He will glorify me.” (John 16:13-14) The light on the inside is
not your personality, it is not the way you look nor your human old sin nature
thought pattern — it is the Thinking and Virtue of God the Holy Spirit controlling
the inside Spiritual life and producing the Spiritual nature of God in your soul.
(2Pe 1:4) From the standpoint of Spirituality, you project either light or
darkness. The most beautiful home in the world can appear drab and gloomy if
the lights are all out. All of the lovely gardens, the scenery, and the elegant
settings are lost if it is dark. But even the humblest type of dwelling takes on
beauty when the lights are on. What is the difference? Light! Turn on the lights
that is, God the Holy Spirit must control our life. The light is the Holy Spirit; the
Holy Spirit animates the Christian life.
Suppose you have a perfectly beautiful television set studded with
diamonds, emeralds and rubies and made of the finest grained wood. When
friends come into your home, they admire it and exclaim, “My, what a beautiful
TV set!” Then they sit down to see a program, and you turn on this beautiful
set. Flip, goes the switch, but no picture! You try every station — still no
picture. Your friends’ expletives fade. It is a beautiful set, but it does not work!
Now, all of a sudden, you think, “Oh, I know,’’ and you go around behind the
television and plug it into the electrical outlet. There has to be some power; it
needs electricity!
Just so, the Holy Spirit is the power Who projects the Spiritually created
Divine nature of the Person of Christ through your life and mine! From the
human viewpoint we can have beauty, personality and all kinds of old sin nature
human ability, but unless God the Holy Spirit controls the inside, there is no
power, no animation. I can hear one of your friends say, after admiring your
beautiful television set, (With no picture) I’m going down the street where there
is an old beat-up set. At least it has a picture on it.” It doesn’t matter how
beaten or “busted” up you may be, humanly speaking; God the Holy Spirit will
project through you the nature of the Person of Christ. When the Holy Spirit is
projecting the nature of Christ from inside you, (At our growth level) — THAT IS
SPIRITUALITY! Hence, this passage Commands us to wake up to our need of
this Spirituality and Divine nature by which we operate in our Christian life.
“Awake, sleeper!” Why are we asleep? Because we do not understand that the
best electrical gadget in the world must be plugged in to get the electricity to
operate it. We have all of this equipment, but it will not operate without power
— the power of God the Holy Spirit!
“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise.”
(Eph 5:15) Every believer walks either as a fool or as a wise man. He walks as
a wise man if God the Holy Spirit controls his life; in Thought and Virtue!
Therefore, one of the greatest issues, if not the greatest issue in the Christian
life, is Spirituality as over against carnality. The carnal Christian is a “fool”; the
Spiritual Christian is a wise person and is walking carefully; or, more literally, he
is walking accurately. He is operating on the power of God the Holy Spirit!
“Making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” (Eph 5:16) The
words “making the most of your time” means to purchase or buy up. Do you
know that the Christian is the only one who can buy the most precious thing in
the world? The wealthiest unbeliever who ever lived can purchase many things
with his money, but he cannot purchase time! Christians, however, are
Commanded to “buy up time,” to keep buying time, because the days are evil. It
is necessary in this evil generation — in this intensified stage of the angelic
conflict — to have those who are filled with the Spirit. A Christian can “buy up
time” only when he is controlled by God the Holy Spirit. At the moment of
Salvation we are given unlimited capital to spend and spend and spend; but this
capital does not buy time apart from the filling of the Spirit.
“So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”
(Eph 5:17) The filling of the Spirit is related to the will of God. You will never
know the will of God or do the will of God until you are filled with the Spirit. How
do you know the will of God? It is defined by the teaching of Truth; but you
cannot take in Truth unless you are filled with the Spirit! (John 4:23-24) Once
you know the will of God, you must do it! But doing it also requires the filling of
the Spirit, because the will of God is humanly impossible to execute. Everything
you do in the Christian life depends on the filling of the Spirit!



“Unwise” means “to be stupid.” And how does one become stupid? Simply
by being minus Truth and Virtue, which means you do not know the will of God;
and by being carnal, which means you are not filled with the Spirit!
The next verse amplifies the will of God as far as our subject is concerned.
It is a Command to Spirituality; a Command to turn on the light!


“And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the
Spirit.” (Eph 5:18) Why does the Bible forbid drunkenness? Drunkenness is
alcohol controlling the inner life and changing the character of the person. He
becomes something he wouldn’t ordinarily be. This sets up an analogy between
the physical and the Spiritual. As wine changes the thought pattern, behavior,
etc., so the filling of the Spirit changes the Thought pattern and nature
Spiritually — the first for the worst, the latter for the better. On the negative
side, wine in excess on the inside becomes a controlling factor in the life,
removing inhibitions and becoming a basis for licentiousness and escapism. On
the positive side, the filling of the Spirit becomes the basis for producing the
nature of Christ on the inside. (2Co 4:11)
“Be filled with the Spirit” is a Command to “be habitually, constantly and
repeatedly filled with the Spirit;” and since it is a Command from God, it is not
to a chosen few or to some super-duper class of Christian. It is for every
believer, without exception. Spirituality is an experience: it is the experience of
having the light turned on inside. The days we are living in are evil — nighttime
— and the light is either going to be on or off. Every time the light inside is on,
God the Holy Spirit controls the life.
Any Christian can be animated; any Christian can honor Christ. The secret
of the Christian life is POWER and MORE POWER! The plug must be in the
outlet — the power must be flowing through the line. Whether, humanly
speaking, you are a Mr. Nobody or a Mr. Somebody, when the power flows
through, there is a tremendous impact which enables you to be an effective
representative of Jesus Christ here on this earth. Before Christ left the earth to
go back to the Father, He promised that He would send the Comforter — God
the Holy Spirit Who would indwell all believers and Who would glorify Christ.
“You will receive power…”; (Acts 1:8) and that power is God the Holy Spirit
filling and controlling the believer.
Now, here is the difficulty. This passage says nothing of HOW to be filled
with the Spirit. What is necessary to be filled with the Spirit? The filling of the
Spirit is as available to the believer today as Salvation is to the unbeliever, and
it is appropriated by the same means. Therefore, it is most important to know
how we can fulfill this Command to be filled with the Spirit, HOW? HOW? HOW?


The answer is in three parts — two negative and one positive answer.
First, the two negatives: “Quench not the Spirit; (1Th 5:19) and “Grieve not the
Spirit.” (Eph 4:30) Now, immediately, these two negative conditions tell us we
can do something NOT to be Spiritual. But we will see in a minute that we can
do nothing, actually to BE Spiritual! What an amazing thing! We can do
something so as not to be Spiritual: we can grieve and quench the Spirit of
God. The context of these two passages indicates that grieving and quenching
the Spirit describe the activity of the old sin nature. “Grieving the Spirit” refers
to sinning which stems from the area of weakness of the old sin nature.
“Quenching the Spirit” is the production of reversionism and or human old sin
nature good from its area of strength.
From the negative standpoint, we know that we are not Spiritual when we
are sinning. As a matter of fact, any sin in the life immediately destroys
Spirituality and causes us to revert to the other absolute in the Christian life,
which is carnality. It goes back to the important fact that at any particular point
in our life, we are either Spiritual or carnal. We are either filled with the Spirit or
we are grieving or quenching the Spirit. There is no in between! It isn’t a little
grieving or a little quenching the Spirit. He is either quenched or grieved, or He
fills and controls the life. It isn’t five or ten or fifteen per cent filled or quenched;
it is either one hundred per cent filled or one hundred per cent carnal. Now we
are getting to the heart of this matter. How can you fulfill the Commands, “Be
filled with the Spirit” and “Walk by means of the Spirit”? This is the most critical
point in your experience. The answer is so simple; yet it needs amplification.
First, the two negative answers: “Quench not and grieve not” the Spirit. Now,
the positive answer: rebound or restoration to fellowship.


Rebound. The personal sins of the believer come from the area of
weakness in the old sin nature. Personal sin is the basis of getting out of
fellowship, for the believer is responsible for his own actions. (Sins) Then is no
place in the Christian life for “operation patsy.” So the first basic concept in the
Christian life is to know how to get back in temporal fellowship with God when
we sin. We must understand how to be restored to the place of power, how to
put the plug back in the wall. If we do not understand that, we can wander
around in such ignorance that we become Spiritual morons, utterly useless for
the Lord. Hence, we must comprehend rebound, or (1Jn 1:9). It is the only way
to get back into fellowship with the Lord. There is no other way.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Illustration

I like to call this verse “rebound,” because it is the means of “picking up the
ball” and moving again in the Christian life. In a state of carnality, the Holy Spirit
does not control the life; consequently. He cannot work through us, and any
production is only human old sin nature good. Rebound gets the sin out of the
way; and until we sin again, we are filled with the Spirit and produce Divine
good. Human old sin nature good was not judged at the cross; in fact, it was
rejected. That means that the judgment of human good is held in suspension
until another time: for the unbeliever, at the last judgment; (Rev 20:11-13) for
the believer, at the Judgment Seat of Christ. (2Co 5:10) Only that which was
judged at the cross is involved in rebound — and that is sin!
(1Jn 1:9) is addressed to believers only, and the condition is CONFESS!
The marvelous thing about confession is that there are no works attached to it.
Now, here is a subtle danger. Even though you have confessed your sin, you
may still feel bad; you may have a guilty conscience. You begin to think that
perhaps your sin is not forgiven. Here is the key: you must believe what the
Word of God says! It is not how you feel. No matter how great the guilt
complex or guilt reaction, no matter what pressure is upon you because of the
wrong you have done, you must believe what the Word says. This is an
amazing factor. Here is a promise for the Christian, the operation of which
depends only upon believing it, regardless of how we feel! Humanly speaking,
we want to do something to make up for it, to get things straightened out our
own way. We feel we ought to work up a genuine sorrow, and then we feel
purified and cleansed. But, (1Jn 1:9) does not say, “If we work up a big
sorrow”; it does say, “If we confess it! And admit it to God! Confess it to Him
that we are out of fellowship.
Now looking again at, (Eph 5:14) “Awake, sleeper, And arise from the
dead,” “Rising from the dead” is REBOUND! As we have said, “death” here is
temporal death — getting out of temporal fellowship through sin. The only way
to get back in fellowship is by rebound — by confessing our carnality; by
standing on the Word of God, that when you confess your sins to Him, He is
faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. “Arise
from the dead!” When you confess your sins, you are immediately cleansed and
restored to a position of fellowship with the Lord. If you are to be filled with the
Spirit, you must get back in fellowship with God when you have sinned!
It should be emphasized that confession was not given to keep you from
sinning. That comes as you grow Spiritually through the daily intake of Truth and
its application, or by discipline, if necessary. Confession was given that you
might have a means of being restored to a proper relationship with God when
you have sinned. And this is based on grace alone, not on works!
Let us look briefly at the context of, (1Jn 1:9) so that we thoroughly
understand the vital importance of confession.


“First John” is called a general epistle; that is, it was not sent to just one
person or one church. Rather, it was circulated through many churches which
had the same problems in common. The first problem is introduced in verses 1-
3 of Chapter 1 when John states his desire that believers should have
fellowship with one another and with the Father and with the Son. The fact that
we have a relationship with God was established in eternity past, and John
writes this book to give us an understanding of our eternal relationship with
Jesus Christ, as well as to help us maintain a temporal relationship with Him. As
John recalls the time when he was with the Lord during His incarnation, all of
the impressions that he had of the life of our Lord came back to him. He
declares emphatically that this Life was manifested, not only by what he saw
the Lord do, but by what he heard Him say. Therefore, he desires to pass
along to all believers this vital message that has as its basis the means of
fellowship between believers and between a believer and God. We can only
share in that fellowship through the Word of Truth.

What we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too
may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and
with His Son Jesus Christ. These things we write, so that our joy may be made
complete. (Spiritual maturity) (1Jn 1:3-4)

“Fellowship” means “love” — to love through Truth. It is the exhale of Truth
from soul to soul. (Matt 18:20) Believers have a deficiency in the soul: “that
your joy MAY BE FULL.” Although we have One who loves us with a perfect
love, we can respond to that love only through Truth in the soul! The deficiency,
then, is lack of Truth, lack of ability to love God, and that means lack of
happiness! The more Truth we have and Think with, the more happiness we will
have because we can exhale toward God and respond to His Virtue love, as
well as exhale Virtue love toward others! The first response toward God is faith-
rest, which is then over time converted into Virtue love.
No member of the human race has anything in himself whereby he can love
God. (Rom 5:5) We all start out with Spiritual death, which makes loving God
absolutely impossible! Therefore, God had to make some provisions: first,
Salvation; then from that point on He provides Truth and the means of taking it
in — the filling of the Holy Spirit. (John 16:13) The constant inhale of Truth in the
filling of the Spirit and exhale response toward God means that you may have a
fulfillment of the happiness for which Virtue love is designed.
There are certain things, however, which slow this down. You are going to
have some misunderstandings with God. These come from the old sin nature,
which doesn’t have “lungs” or apertures. It resents the fact that it isn’t in the
picture, so it comes up into the soul and intrudes with mental attitude sins and
functions on the right bank of the soul, which cause you to look like any
unbeliever. Immediately you are cut off from any response to God and the
“breathing” stops. “Artificial respiration” is necessary to get the breathing going
again — the “rebound technique,” whereby God the Holy Spirit can control the
life. Therefore, the important message John has for us is simply this: it is
impossible for a believer to have temporal fellowship with God as long as he
has un-confessed sin in his life.

This is the message (Truth) which we have heard from Him, (This is the
Word of God) and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no
darkness at all. (1Jn 1:5)

John develops this idea by going back to the nature of God with Whom
believers have a relationship and fellowship. “God (The God-head) is light.”
“God” and “light” are not interchangeable terms; rather, it means that God has
a nature or character or essence that partakes of light. The idea of light brings
to mind the glory of God. (Rom 3:23) A more perfect word could not be found
to describe the sum total of His Divine essence, His absolute holiness —
The meaning is crystal clear in the Greek. You will notice that the passage
does not say, “God is THE light.” The definite article “the” is not there. Now,
there is a rule of Greek syntax that states when the definite article is absent
before a word, the quality or character of that word is emphasized. Therefore,
this means that God has a nature that partakes of light. (Divine Reality) Notice,
too, John goes on to say that no darkness whatsoever dwells in God. John
uses the term “darkness” many times in his Gospel as a state of evil or
sinfulness. (John 3:19-21) Therefore, just as light and darkness are
incompatible, so also are God’s Holiness —Integrity and sin.
(1Jn 1:6-10) each begin with the word “if,” which introduces a third class
condition in the Greek — maybe we will and maybe we won’t. This indicates
that temporal fellowship is optional: a believer, on the basis of his own volition,
makes a decision whether to rebound or not. There is certain terminology used
throughout the New Testament to describe the believer in and out of temporal
fellowship: (1) IN FELLOWSHIP: “filled with God the Holy Spirit’’; (Eph 5:18)
“walking in the Spirit”; (Gal 5:16) “cleansed.” (1Jn 1:9) (2) OUT OF
FELLOWSHIP: “carnal” (Rom 7:14; (1Co 3:1-3) “grieving the Spirit”; (Eph 4:30)
“quenching the Spirit”; (1Th 5:19) “dead” (Rom 8:6; Rom 8:13; Eph 5:14;
(1Ti 5:6; Jas 1:15; Rev 3:1) “walking in darkness.” (1Jn 1:6)
(1Jn 1:6-10) are conditional assertions, solved by “if we walk in the light,”
and “if we confess” actually two sides of the same coin. “Walking” indicates the
actual function of Phase Two. You have to do your own walking, and God has
provided the means of doing so: the provision of Truth, the techniques, and, in
this passage, the filling of God the Holy Spirit. That’s why we are Commanded
to “walk in (By means of) the Spirit,” (Gal 5:16) to “walk in Truth,” (3Jn 1:3) etc.

If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness,
we lie and do not practice [Think with] the Truth. (1Jn 1:6)

Believers who think they are Spiritual when they are merely practicing
asceticism, legalism, or some form of human old sin nature good or morality,
are living a lie. They and interpreting it as Spirituality. This is described here as
“walking in darkness.’ There are two areas of darkness: being under the control
of the old sin nature and rejection of Truth. (God’s Thinking)
If you are not taking in the Word of Truth, you develop scar tissue on the
left bank of the soul; mental attitude sins produce scar tissue on the right bank
of the soul, and “mataiotes” (A vacuum) opens up and lets in darkness.
(Eph 4:17-18) The old sin nature has a lust pattern that shoves darkness into
the right lobe, and both sin and human old sin nature good are evacuated
through the sin nature. Divine good is exhaled out the right bank of the soul; but
if your soul is clogged up with scar tissue, (Hardness of heart — negitive to
Truth) the only thing you can do is to live through the old sin nature. Rebound
does not remove scar tissue, but it does prevent it. Where you have scar
tissue, rebound produces the filling of the Spirit so that you can start the
removal of it through the inhale of Truth. So (1Jn 1:6) is referring to a carnal
believer with scar tissue on the soul!

But if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship
with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.
(1Jn 1:7)

In contrast to the carnal believer, the Spiritual believer walks in the light,
“as He [God] is in the light.” “Walking in the light” is responding to God’s love by
means of the filling of the Holy Spirit. So long as the believer does not step into
the state of darkness through sin, he is walking in the state of light and has the
joy of wonderful fellowship with other believers and with God Himself.
God found away, even though we still have an old sin nature, for us to
have fellowship with Him and with each other: “The love of God is shed abroad
in our hearts by the Holy Spirit which is given unto us.” (Rom 5:5) This
fellowship is based on the “blood” of Jesus Christ. Yet this word is one of the
most misunderstood words in the Bible. The “blood of Christ” is always
associated with Salvation or the cross. It portrays four Doctrines of Soteriology:
redemption; (Eph 1:7; (1Pe 1:18-19) justification; (Rom 5:9) sanctification;
(Heb 13:12) expiation. (Rev 1:5)

The Analogy of the Blood. In the Old Testament, the blood of the animal
sacrifice portrays the cross and anticipates it. Every passage in Scripture is
literal unless there is something in the passage to indicate that it is figurative
and or Spiritual. However, literal things are often used to indicate Spiritual
factors. The analogies and parables are obvious, so these present no problem.
The greatest misconception about the blood is that while it is literal blood, yet
the “blood of Christ” in the New Testament refers to one or sometimes all of the
Doctrines of Salvation. (Depending on the context) He had literal blood, just as
you and I; but wherever His blood is mentioned in connection with the cross, it
is referring to Salvation. There was very little bleeding, actually. Whatever
bleeding there was from His hands and feet coagulated immediately. Therefore,
He did not bleed to death on the cross! This is easily substantiated, for a
Roman soldier plunged a spear into His side and out came blood and water.
Had He bled to death, there would have been no blood left to pour out. When
He died physically, He did so by dismissing His spirit, (Luk 23:46) not by
bleeding to death!
The physical death of Christ does not explain any passage which says that
Christ died for our sins. There was a death which preceded His physical death,
a substitutionary death. (Rom 5:8) A physical death cannot be a substitutionary
death. Adam died Spiritually first, and this was the death which separated him
from God. Therefore, the wages of sin is Spiritual death.
(Rom 6:23; Rom 5:12) “The blood of Christ” also refers to the Spiritual death of
Christ on the cross. (Isa 53:10-12) The “blood” is a representative analogy
between the physical death of animals in the Old Testament (The animal was
symbolically judged for the sins; but literally bled to death) and the Spiritual
death of Christ on the cross. (Jesus Christ in his human nature was literally
judged for our sins but did not bleed to death) The work of the blood of Christ is
twofold: (1) cleansing at the moment of Salvation; (Eph 1:7) and (2) cleansing
of the carnal believer after Salvation. (1Jn 1:7-9)
When the sins of the world were put on Christ and judged. He died
Spiritually in His human nature. The moment we accept Jesus Christ as our
Lord and Savior, our sins, past, present and future, are all forgiven judicially, for
Christ has already been judged for them. God is no longer an enemy to us, but
a loving heavenly Father!

For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the
death (Spiritual death) of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall
be saved by His life. (Resurrection life) (Rom 5:10)

Were it not for the fact that the blood or Spiritual death of Jesus keeps on
cleansing us from all sin, it would be possible for us to commit some sin which
had not been paid for by the Spiritual death of Christ. This would bring the
righteous judgment of God down upon us, and we would go to the Lake of Fire.
But by God’s matchless grace, this can never happen. The phrase, “…the blood
of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin,” (1Jn 1:7) anticipates, (1Jn 1:9). The
word “cleanse” is in the present tense in the Greek, which means that when we
confess our sins, they are always cleansed, and therefore our forgiveness is

False Conclusions. Now, there is a danger that a Christian might jump to
two incorrect conclusions based on the fact that he has constant cleansing from
sin. These are stated in verses 8 and 10.

If we say that we have no sin, [Sin nature] we are deceiving ourselves and
the Truth [God’s Thinking] is not in us. (1Jn 1:8)

Incorrect conclusion No. 1: “Well, if all my sins were washed away and
paid for at the cross, then I no longer possess a sin nature because that must
have been eradicated, too.” However, John warns us that if we believe this, we
are only deceiving ourselves because God’s Word clearly states that, although
our sins have been judicially paid for, we still retain our sin nature, which can
tempt us to go contrary to God’s Word and thereby destroy our fellowship with
Him in time. (Rom 7:17-18) That’s why we have verse 9.
Before we go to verse 9, let’s see incorrect conclusion No. 2: “Well, if all
my sins are washed away at the cross, then I no longer commit any personal
acts of sin,” But . ..

If we say that we have not sinned, (When we do sin) we make Him a liar
and His Word is not in us. (1Jn 1:10)

My little children, I am writing these things, (Spiritual Thoughts) to you so
that you may not sin. (Learn to stay in fellowship) And if anyone sins, we have
an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. (1Jn 2:1)

To conclude that you have never sinned after Salvation is to call God a liar
because He has stated in His Word that we can still sin as believers and
thereby become carnal Christians. (1Co 3:1-3; Heb 12:1-2; (1Jn 2:1) Since we
still possess a sin nature and commit personal acts of sin, there must be some
way for these sins to be forgiven if we are ever to be restored to fellowship
with God. The recovery must be on a grace principle; and that brings us to,
(1Jn 1:9).

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Restoration to Fellowship. Just as God deals with man in grace in the
matter of Salvation, where man does nothing and God does everything, so He
also treats us in grace in the matter of restoration to fellowship. All He asks of
us when we sin to want to be back in fellowship with Him, to admit to Him that
we have sinned. There is no room for human works in an arrangement like this.
Whether or not the believer rebounds depends on his own volition acting in a
non-meritorious way. The believer-priest has free will.
The Greek word for confess (“Homologeo”) means to cite a case as a
judicial witness, to admit, to name, or to confess, in the sense that you simply
tell God the Father you are out of fellowship. “Citing” means that you know your
sins have already been judged. It is a legal term used where a case is cited.

So “homologeo” means to simply to admit what God already knows; that
we are out of fellowship. It does not mean to feel sorry for sin or to promise
better behavior. This way, God gets the credit and the glory for the believer’s
forgiveness. This is going to be a big shock to some of you because you
always thought you had to help God! You have tried to work up a big sorrow
for your sins, to make vows and promises that you would never do it again.
Some of you cling to the feeling that unless you feel badly about your sins or
truly feel sorry or do some kind of penance, you are not really forgiven. That’s
just as legalistic and out of phase with grace as anything can be!
How you feel about your sins when you name them is inconsequential. It
matters how God feels about them and what God does and has done about
them that counts! God says, “I don’t look at how you feel when you confess
your sins; I look at the courtroom where they were judged, and I don’t forgive
on the basis of feeling. I forgive on the basis of justice!” So don’t stand around
and wait until you can work up a “sorrow” about your sin or until you can make
some stupid promise. Some of you will be out of fellowship for a long time!
God has found a way to forgive you apart from your works. Feeling sorry
for your sins is works; renouncing your sins is works; going through some
system of penance is works; and there is no place for works in rebound, just as
there is no place for works in Salvation. Citing or naming your sin is compatible
with grace.
In rebound, God does the work: God the Father did the judging of our sins;
(Isa 53:6) God the Son received the judgment; (1Pe 2:24) God the Holy Spirit
discloses and fills. (John 16:13-15) When you rebound, the Holy Spirit fills and
controls your Spiritual life. You can rebound because Christ went to the cross
and bore OUR sins. When we rebound, the Father can forgive US because He
was satisfied with the work of Christ on the cross! There are two places where
people stumble over grace: unbelievers stumble over simple faith for Salvation;
believers stumble over confession as the only means for forgiveness after
Salvation. But grace always finds away, and is always compatible with God’s
God the Father does the forgiving. “He, (God The Father) is faithful…” He
always does the same thing; there is never a variation. No matter what the sin
may be, when confessed, God always forgives. It is impossible for God not to
forgive! The source of His faithfulness is Divine immutability plus Divine love. In
both Salvation and restoration to fellowship, everything depends on the essence
of God, not on the merit of man. Everything hinges on WHO AND WHAT GOD
IS, never on who and what we are! The believer does not earn or deserve
forgiveness; it is strictly a matter of grace!
“He is faithful and righteous” — God is fair and righteous in forgiving the
believer when the believer simply names his known sins. How can a righteous
God forgive unrighteousness? He can do it and still be righteous because the
penalty of that sin was paid for at the cross. This is the link between, (1Jn 1:7)
and (1Jn 1:9). When the sins of the world were poured out on Christ, God the
Father judged those sins, past, present and future. The “blood of Christ’ is also
the name of the court trial. You are naming a sin which has already been
judged. Under the Law of double jeopardy, you can’t be judged twice for the
same sin. So, because of the work of Christ, God is absolutely right and fair in
forgiving sins. In other words, God has found a way to forgive us our sins and
still be compatible with His own essence. His perfect righteousness is not
violated because it was satisfied when our sins were borne on the cross.

Sins Committed in ignorance. Now, you may be wondering, “But what
about the sins I commit in ignorance because I have not reached that point in
Christian maturity where I realize they are sins?” This question is answered in
the last half of verse 9: “and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” “Cleanse”
is a technical word here, which refers to the rebound offering of, (Lev 4:2-3) for
unknown sins. The Greek word for “unrighteousness” has the meaning of
deceitfulness. These sins deceive us because they are unknown to us.
(Eph 4:22) But when we confess being out of fellowship, God in His grace also
cleanses us from ALL the sins we may have done in ignorance. The slate is
wiped clean, and we are restored to fellowship with Him.
RESTORE US TO FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD! Confession does not pay the
penalty of sin; that was done at the cross. Rather, it is the means that God has
provided for us to handle sin in our lives. The penalty of sin is not the issue
here, but whether or not we want to be restored to fellowship with God on His

To refuse to confess a sin is to say to God that we don’t see anything wrong
with going contrary to His will in committing it. And let’s not kid ourselves — we
sin willfully with a full knowledge that we are going contrary to His Word.

Divine Discipline. Someone may say, “Well, if confession restores me to
fellowship, why can’t I go out and live any way I want, just so I confess my
sins?” To answer this question, we must go to, (Heb 12:6-13). Divine discipline
comes into the picture at this point: “ FOR THOSE WHOM THE LORD LOVES
HE DISCIPLINES.” (Heb 12:6) But this is not the discipline of a righteous judge
which condemns us to hell; it is the discipline of a loving Father who wants to
impress upon us the seriousness of sin and to bring us to the place of rebound.
Confession turns the suffering caused by discipline into blessing. When
God does not remove the discipline after rebound, the cursing becomes
blessing. It is far better to ride out the discipline in fellowship; where we can
see it from God’s way of Thinking and accept it. Otherwise we will begin to feel
sorry for ourselves, or we will become bitter and get into chain sinning.
(Heb 12:15) But back in fellowship and filled with the Spirit, we can claim His
promises (e.g., Rom 8:28; (1Pe 5:7), which produce peace while we are under
suffering. This draws the attention of the unbelieving world and brings glory to
God and blessing to us!


One final question may yet be asked: ‘’I believe that confession of sin
restores me to fellowship with God, but how do I know that I am also filled with
the Holy Spirit?” Let me answer this question by asking you one: Is it possible
to have fellowship with God and NOT be controlled by the Spirit? The Word of
God clearly teaches that we are either controlled by the flesh, (i.e., the sin
nature) or by the Holy Spirit; (Gal 5:16-18) we are either Spiritual Christians or
carnal; (1Co 3:1-3) that nothing the flesh can do is good in itself; (Rom 7:18)
that we are not to live by the power of the flesh, but by the power of the Holy
Spirit; (Rom 8:4-7) that one thinking and living in carnality cannot please God!
(Rom 8:8) From these passages and many others, we see that there is no
middle ground. We are either carnal Christians controlled by our sin natures, or
we are Spiritual Christians controlled by God the Holy Spirit. CONCLUSION:
when we have no unconfessed sin in our lives, the Holy Spirit is no longer
quenched or grieved; thus we are once again restored to fellowship with God
and also controlled by the Holy Spirit. THIS IS TRUE SPIRITUALITY, and
confession of sin is the only means of attaining it. You may feel ill physically,
you may have pressures all day long, but faith moves right through and says, if
you have fulfilled the Commands, “Do not quench the Spirit” (1Th 5:19) and “Do
not grieve the Holy Spirit…” (Eph 4:30) By using, (1Jn 1:9) then YOU ARE
FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT. You know that God the Holy Spirit is controlling
your life; you know that you are Spiritual because you have met God’s
conditions. When there is no unconfessed sin in your life, you are in fellowship
with the Lord and you know that you are filled with the Spirit! (Gal 5:22-23)


There never was a day when we needed Christians living the New
Covenant Spiritual life as we do today. We are certainly moving toward the end
of the Age, if we are not already there! The apostasy is tremendous!
The Christian way of life is the simplest thing in the world, but we are trying
to make something hard out of it. We are trying to get some super-duper
experience — an experience that no one else has had which puts us on a little
higher level. Yet it is the filling of the Spirit that makes the difference. Just as
God the Holy Spirit indwells every believer, so He wants to control every
believer; and when the Holy Spirit controls a believer, He animates that life. The
Holy Spirit produces something in that life, and that production is the great test
of the filling of the Spirit. To get the complete picture, we need to understand
the purpose of the indwelling of the Spirit.

(1) To Teach Truth. In John 16, Jesus had been discussing the time of His
departure. In, (John 16:12) He stops and says to His disciples, “I have many
more things, (Doctrines) to say to you…” In fact, He hadn’t even begun to cover
the ground. “But,” Jesus continued, “but you cannot bear them now.” Literally,
“you cannot take them in now.” These disciples, who later on were able to
grasp so much Truth, were not able to take it in at this time. What little He was
able to teach them regarding their future in the Church Age is found in, John
Chapters 14 through 17. But the many other things Jesus wanted to say to
them, which were so extremely important, are found in the ENTIRE New
If you have in your possession a Red Letter New Testament, my
suggestion is to discard it. The red letters are supposed to be the words of
Jesus and therefore more important than anything else in the Bible. The
continuation of what Jesus had to say was equally important, but impossible to
say while He was on earth. If we are to have a red letter Bible with the words
of Jesus in red letters, we must red-letter every word of the Epistles as well. In
fact, the entire Scripture is the “Mind of Christ.” (1Co 2:16) But at that time the
disciples were not yet able to take it in. The question is — why?
(John 16:13): “But when He, the Spirit of Truth, comes, He will guide you
into all the Truth…” The Holy Spirit would be the One Who would teach them
and Who would reveal the Spiritual Thoughts that Jesus could not give the
disciples. (cf. John 16:14) In their ignorance, they were not ready for these
Doctrines. When the Holy Spirit came to indwell them on the Day of Pentecost,
then they would be able to take in the Spiritual Thinking of the Word of God.
(1Co 2:12-13) Then men like Peter could declare the great message that he
gave that same day, as well as subsequent messages.

(2) To Teach Prophecy. “…But whatever He hears, He will speak: and
He will disclose to you what is to come.” (John 16:13)

(3) To Glorify Christ. “For He, (God the Holy Spirit) will not speak on His
own initiative…” Here is a very important point: the Holy Spirit does not indwell
to teach about Himself. Now, skip down to, (John 16:14): “He will glorify Me.
(Christ) It is the work of God the Holy Spirit to glorify the Person of Jesus
Christ. In order to get the whole picture, look at, (John 7:38-39).

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ’From his innermost being
will flow rivers of living water.’” But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who
believed in Him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus
was not yet glorified. (John 7:38-39)

Why had the Holy Spirit not yet come to permanently indwell Christ’s
disciples? “Because Jesus was not yet glorified.” Why was it that the Holy Spirit
did not permanently indwell every believer in the Old Testament and could be
removed from those He did empower? “Because Jesus was not yet glorified.”
But after Jesus was glorified, the Holy Spirit comes to make His permanent
residence in every believer.

(4) To Form a Sanctuary, “Or do you not know that your body is a temple
of the Holy Spirit Who is in you, Whom you have from God, and that you are not
your own? ” (1Co 6:19) You often hear the church building or the church
auditorium referred to as the “sanctuary.” But the Bible says that the
“sanctuary” is the person who sits in the auditorium, or in the house, or in the
building. The sanctuary is the body of the believer! Do you know what that
means? It means that this body is something that God has animated.
(A individual Theocracy that God wants to rule in. Luk 10:9; Luk 17:21) It
means this body is the very basis of worship. It means that something has
happened to this body that makes it possible for it to be a Temple and place of
Once we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we no longer live for
ourselves. (2Co 5:15) We no longer belong to ourself. Our purpose in life has
completely and radically changed. We are now the Lord’s; we belong to Him.
We are His ambassadors. (2Co 5:20) Since He is in us and in heaven; and we
are here on this earth, we are to represent Him on this earth. Now, how can I
represent Him effectively? By means of God the Holy Spirit, Who dwells within.
I am a walking Temple, and so are you. Every believer is a Temple.
(John 2:19; (1Co 6:19)
This tells us something else. You remember that God the Holy Spirit has a
purpose — to glorify Christ. He is going to do it from inside the believer.
Whatever in your life glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ is the direct result of God
the Holy Spirit and Truth controlling your life! (John 4:23-24) We do not have the
power in ourself to glorify God. (2Co 3:5) But there is Someone inside every
believer who has the power, and that Someone is God the Holy Spirit! His
purpose is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, and HE DOES IT in and through you
and me!
“For you have been bought with a price…” (Here is Salvation through the
work of Christ; and when we accepted Christ as Savior, the Holy Spirit came to
dwell within) …Therefore glorify God in your body. (1Co 6:20) Why does this
passage say “in your body?” Because in your body and in my body dwells God
the Holy Spirit. Think of it! God the Third Person of the Trinity dwells inside you
and inside me. Therefore, glorify God! His purpose for indwelling is to glorify
the Person of Jesus Christ.

(5) To Fill the Believer. “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is
dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit.” (Eph 5:18) Be filled constantly,
habitually, repeatedly and continuously! This is the secret; this is the animation
that turns on the light. Do you remember (Eph 5:14)? “…Awake, sleeper, And
arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.” A believer out of fellowship,
a believer who is not filled with the Spirit is temporally dead. He must wake up!
(REBOUND AND BECOME HOT!!!; Rev 3:15-22) He is asleep! He is apathetic!
He is indifferent! He is not representing Jesus Christ as he should! He cannot
glorify the Person of Christ!
“Awake!” How do I wake up? By being filled with the Spirit. “Turn on the
light!” How is the light turned on? The minute that God the Holy Spirit controls
the life, the light is turned on. The most beautiful home, or the most beautiful
structure in the world is a drab sight without light! The ugliest life in the world,
the worst or the meanest life, takes on beauty and animation when God the
Holy Spirit controls the inside. (Luk 14:26-33)

(6) To Declare Christ.

“Being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written
not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on
tablets of human hearts.” (2Co 3:3)

The Christian way of life is not in keeping the Mosaic Law; the Christian
way of life is executed by God the Holy Spirit filling and controlling the life.
When the believer is filled with the Spirit, the Holy Spirit “writes” a letter to
humanity from God, which declares, in effect, to the unbeliever, “come to
Christ; receive Him as Lord and Savior!” And to the believer, to grow to Spiritual

(7) To Keep Out Demons. The indwelling Holy Spirit makes it impossible
for the believer to be demon possessed. He can be influenced by demons, but
never indwelt by them, even during the time he may be grieving or quenching
the Spirit. The only way the devil can get at believers is through their negative
volition toward Truth, which opens up the vacuum in the soul through which false
Satanic thinking can enter. (False twisted Biblical Truth of demons — 1Ti 4:1)


Now the question arises, how can we tell when we are filled with the
Spirit? How can we detect Spirituality? There is a Biblical answer, but human
speculation is voluminous! So before we can answer the question of how to
recognize true Spirituality, we must first expose the false criteria.

Morality. Many people are under the delusion that morality is Spirituality.
This does not hold water because the unbeliever doesn’t have the indwelling of
the Spirit; yet he is capable of morality. Both the believer and the unbeliever are
capable of being moral or immoral. The filling of the Spirit, or Spirituality,
belongs to believer ONLY! This should tell you that morality is not Spirituality.
People who think that morality is Spirituality are usually those who have been
taught that the Ten Commandments are the Christian way of life. Whatever sins
these people have, they are not sins of immorality. Many sins are not immoral.
So morality is not a manifestation of the filling of the Spirit. The Spirit-filled life
has a glory that far exceeds mere morality!

Emotion. As believers, we have been freed from the bondage of sin; we
are no longer in the slave market of sin. But we are still in bondage to a number
of things. For one thing, we are in bondage to our emotions. Many Christians
“feel” their way through the Christian life. They think they must have a certain
feeling or the experience is not valid. Many true and sincere believers contend
that the only way to recognize the filling of the Spirit is by having an ecstatic
However, just as the standard for Salvation is never how you feel, so the
criterion for Spirituality is never emotion. Although some people have a
tremendous emotional reaction when they are saved, and there is nothing
wrong with that, yet others have no emotional reaction at all. Does this mean
that the individual who has not had the emotional reaction is not truly saved?
Absolutely not! Salvation is never determined by the presence or absence of
ecstatics. Emotion, has a place in life, (For appreciation of God and Truth) but
emotion is not the means nor the test nor the measure for either Salvation or
We need to remember that just as no two of us are alike physically, so
none of us is alike in the Christian life. The Christian life is illustrated in,
(1Co 12:12) by the human body. No two members of the body are exactly the
same. We all have hands, eyes, joints, muscles, etc., but they are not identical.
Wouldn’t it be appalling if the human body were just a big ear? Or a nose? Or a
hand? A hand walking around would be a terrible thing! And yet, there are
people who do their best to try to get everyone in the Christian body, of which
we are all members, to be a “hand.” If they are a hand, they want everyone to
be a hand. If they are a nose, they want everyone to be a nose. Actually, these
people are saying, “If you are not a nose, you are not Spiritual. If you have not
sneezed, you are not Spiritual.” The Christian life is a supernatural way of life
demanding a supernatural means of execution! Therefore, if we are going to
fulfill that purpose for which the Lord has left us on this earth, we must be
controlled by the Spirit. The Christian life cannot be executed apart from the
filling of God the Holy Spirit. Now, there are Spiritual gifts, but they have nothing
to do with Spirituality, except that it takes the filling of the Spirit to exercise all
the Spiritual gifts. (1Co 12:6)

Facial Expression or Superficial Hypocrisy. We also need to understand
that a long, sad face is not a manifestation of Spirituality. Spirituality cannot be
judged on the basis of facial expression. “If I crack a smile, I am not Spiritual. If
I seem to be enjoying life, I am not Spiritual.” Does Christianity really guarantee
that I am not to enjoy life that I must set my face into a somber expression?
Remember, every believer is representing the Person of Jesus Christ. We are
never Commanded to represent Him with a certain expression, for the Spiritual
life importance is the inner life. (2Co 4:16)
When the Holy Spirit controls the inside, there is animation not apathy or
indifference or that sad face which gives the impression that Christ is not
sufficient. The believer can be an advertisement that Christ is all in all to him;
only when he possesses that inner animation which comes from the filling of the
Spirit. (Matt 23:26)

A Second Blessing. Must you have a second blessing? Do you recognize
the filling of the Spirit by a so-called second blessing? A man once asked Dr.
Lewis Sperry Chafer if he had ever had the second blessing. With a twinkle in
his eye, Dr. Chafer replied, “You know, many years ago I had the second
blessing.” The man leaned forward and asked eagerly, “Yes? Did you speak in
a heavenly language?’’ Then Dr. Chafer added, “But since then I’ve had the one
millionth, two hundred and seventy-five thousandth blessing!’’ Just imagine
limiting the grace of God to two blessings! What is this business of the “second
blessing”? Are we once and for all indwelt and filled with the Spirit after an
ecstatic, post-Salvation experience? We might have a tremendous emotional
reaction, or none at all — it depends upon the individual’s emotions; but one’s
emotional reaction, or lack of it, never cuts any ice in the Christian life. People
who emphasize experience to the exclusion of Truth are always a flop as far as
representing Christ is concerned. Imagine basing a whole life of service, a
whole life of impact for Christ on ONE experience!
Think of trying to run a fine automobile for years and years on one tank of
gas! There is no such thing as a one-shot experience of any kind which will
guarantee a Spiritual giant. It is impossible for an experience to do such a thing.
The filling of the Spirit is to be constant, habitual, repeated and repeated, and
the means is by confession of sin — not an experience!


Is it necessary to recognize the filling of the Spirit? No, it is not necessary,
since, if you meet the Biblical conditions, you are filled with the Spirit, whether
you recognize it or not. As a matter of fact, you may not be able to recognize it
at first, or even to be conscious of it. You cannot judge Spirituality by any overt
activity. Now, don’t worry about whether Divine impact in being produced. With
the consistent use of rebound, Divine impact will take care of itself!
Is it possible to recognize the filling of the Spirit by the production of the
Spirit, as defined in, (Gal 5:22-23)? If we are filled with the Spirit; God the Holy
Spirit will be producing these Virtues and Thoughts in us; but we cannot say
that we are filled with the Spirit just because we THINK WE are producing
them. You might be confusing the true production of the Spirit with the many
substitutes for animating one’s life which are peddled today. There are many
books on the market on how to impress everyone with your personality, how to
be animated, and how to and develop a scintillating personality — forget them!
There is a Book which, though centuries old, has THE ONLY TRUE ANSWERS,
(THOUGHTS) for every born-again child of God — the Bible! The answer is not
in changing your personality. You are spinning your wheels unless you discover
that the answer is the control of Truth and the Holy Spirit on the inside, not on
improving the outside. When God the Holy Spirit takes control of your life. He
produces the most marvelous miracle the world has ever seen!
“My little children, (Addressed to the Galatian believers who were having
so much trouble) with whom I am again in labor, (Or we might translate it into
the modern vernacular — ‘whom I am sweating out’) until Christ be formed in
you.” (Gal 4:19) Do you get the impact of these words? It is possible for the
Thinking and Virtue of Jesus Christ to be formed inside every believer! How can
Christ be formed in you? By reproducing the miracles that Jesus did? By
following in the “footsteps’ of Jesus? No! The answer is found in the next
chapter, (Gal 5:22-23). This is the great miracle of Christian experience. This is
something that animates the Christian life and makes it incredible to those who

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no Law.

When you are filled with the Spirit, these nine characteristics become true
in your life. Notice, the Scripture says the “fruit” or the production of the
SPIRIT. It is not the fruits of discipline, the fruits of practice, the fruits of our
works — it is the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT! It is that which God the Holy Spirit
produces, and God the Holy Spirit produces the very Spiritual life of the
Incarnate Christ.
The first item on the list is “love.” (Rom 5:5) This is not the ordinary type of
love. It is the Greek word, “agape” — actually a relaxed mental attitude toward
others, minus mental attitude sins. It is the love of, (1Co 13:1-8) and
(1Jn 4:7-21). This is the love that does not discriminate, the love that is fair to
all, and the love that gives itself to the unlovely as well as to the lovely, to the
unattractive as well as to the attractive. It is the love that Christ has for
humanity, when we read, “He had compassion on the multitudes.” (Matt 15:32)
That compassion was expressed at the cross. “We love him because he first
loved US! (1Jn 4:19) This is supernatural love. (Virtue love) This Divine love
fulfils the Old and New Covenants and turns the world upside down.
(Matt 22:36-40; Acts 17:6) This is the love that warms Christian fellowship.
This is the love that destroys all personality conflicts, all antagonistic attitudes,
all of the apathy and indifference. This is the love that animates Christianity.
This is the love people see and say, “I want Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ can do
that, I want that in my life!”

What does Virtue love produce?

(1) Love produces characteristics which are self-ward, first of all: joy, an
inner HAPPINESS which nothing on the outside can disturb, whether it is
suffering or success; and peace, an inner mental STABILITY in all situations in
life. (John 16:33)

(2) Outward or neighbor-ward characteristics: long-suffering, a RELAXED
ATTITUDE toward the human race; the avoidance of judging, maligning and
gossiping. Long-suffering completely eliminates the problems of relationship
with other members of the human race. Gentleness, THINKING GRACE; a
mental attitude of giving others the benefit of the doubt. Goodness, the OVERT
ACTIVITY OF GRACE; e.g., to forgive as Christ forgave. (Col 3:13)

(3) Upward or God-ward characteristics: Faithfulness, (Literally) the
operation of the FAITH-REST technique; the application of Bible Truth to
experience. Gentleness,, a MENTAL ATTITUDE OF GRACE with regard to
Divine provision not self-effacement. It is recognition of the fact that we earn or
deserve nothing from God at any time. “Self-control,” includes the
DISCIPLINES of life, such as proper use of time.
The nine characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit coexist, though they may
not all be manifest at the same time. They are “standing by,” just as the
characteristics of God’s essence are always present, but are not necessarily
manifest at the same moment. Of course, the more Spiritually mature the
believer, the more he is consistently filled with the Spirit and the more
consistently he manifests the fruit of the Spirit.
“Against such there is no Law.” Why? Because this is a supernatural plane
that transcends any and every other Law! (Matt 17:24-27) When God the Holy
Spirit controls the life, the Virtue love of Christ is produced and the world cannot
resist the impact of His nature. (2Pe 1:4)


One of the keys to understanding Spirituality is that when you as a believer
get out of fellowship for any length of time, you imitate the unbeliever.
(Php 3:18-19) Perhaps as high as eighty per cent of believers today are living
just as they would live if they were unbelievers. They are moral, religious or
immoral, just as they would be as an unbeliever. This runs counter to the grain
today because we are getting the worst bit of tripe in Christian literature we
have ever had. For example: “If you are a Christian, you ought to be living a
nearly perfect life. There are certain sins you could never commit if you were a
Christian.” Well, I have news for you — there isn’t any sin you can’t commit as a
Christian! This is a very serious problem today because people do not
Spiritually Think WITH the Mind of Christ. They are looking at the Christian life
entirely from EXPERIENCE. Both the believer and the unbeliever have an old
sin nature; so obviously, when the believer is controlled by the sin nature, he is
going to act exactly like the unbeliever. Yet believers are blubbering about
victorious Christian living and mountain-top experiences through one-shot
decisions; they are throwing faggots on the fire for dedication and rededication;
they are practicing some system of legalism, moral degeneracy and or
tabooism or some type of ecstatics or asceticism, such as fasting or agonizing
in a closet; and they think they are living the Christian way of life, when in reality
they are carnal believers imitating the unbeliever. Look at, (1Co 3:1-3)

And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to Spiritual men, but as to men
of flesh, as to infants in Christ. I gave you milk to drink, not solid food; for you
were not yet able to receive it. Indeed, even now you are not yet able, for you
are still fleshly. For since there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not
fleshly, and are you not walking like mere men? (1Co 3:1-3)

In, (1Co 3:1) Paul is not saying that he did not have the ability to speak,
but that the Corinthians could not take it in because of their carnality. No
communicator in the world can communicate one c.c. of Truth unless the
recipients are filled with the Spirit! The ministry of the Holy Spirit is absolutely
essential to the teaching of the Word of God! They had to be fed with “milk”
(1Co 3:2) — very elementary Truth — because of their persistent carnality.
Whether they were producing sins from the area of weakness of the sin nature
or human old sin nature good from the area of strength, they were imitating the
unbeliever. This was a case where believers did not use the rebound technique,
and the old sin nature became “set,” as it were. The Holy Spirit was continually
grieved and quenched, and the old sin nature controlled the life without a break.
This principle applies to believers who do not use rebound or who are
ignorant of rebound, who are negative toward Truth and live their entire lives in
carnality. There is no way you can tell whether these believers are saved or
not. They are not necessarily the “town drunk” type; they may be the most
religious people in town. The idea that only moral people are saved and
immoral people are lost is ridiculous and non-Biblical. Some of the worst
offenders in the field of carnality are the religious, legalistic types. Saul of
Tarsus was the worst sinner who ever lived because he was saturated with
religion. (1Ti 1:15)
“…But as to men of flesh . . . .” Because they were out on the town?
Because they were alcoholics? No! “For you are still fleshly. For since there is
jealousy and strife among you, are you not fleshly, and are you not walking like
mere men?” — mental attitude sins! In persistent carnality, they “are walking,
(And or thinking as unbelievers). (1Co 3:3) This is their consistent pattern of life.
They walk according to the thinking of the unbeliever. (Rom 12:2) They are
saved, but they are not living under the control of the Spirit. (Gal 5:15-21) cf.
(Gal 5:22-23) This describes the pattern: that both believers and unbelievers
are thinking with the same thoughts. (Isa 65:2) Believers who are persistent in
their carnality are not only imitating the unbeliever, but they don’t show any
family resemblance. They are in union with Christ, but they manifest no
evidence of it. However, you have to be careful on this matter of “evidence.”
You may think you are showing evidence that you are in the family of God
because you are moral or self-righteous, when all you are doing is showing the
pride of the devil. You are actually imitating “cosmos diabolicus.” (Satan’s
system of thinking)


You must make the decision as to who or what is going to control your life
the Holy Spirit or the old sin nature. It is impossible for a person to sin who is
under the control of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God, and therefore does
not sponsor sin or solicit to sin. He is not the Author of sin and does not
condone it. If you cannot sin while filled with the Holy Spirit, how, then, do you
lose the filling of the Spirit? There are two ways: through sins of ignorance in
which the volition is involved, though you are not aware of what you are doing;
and through sins of cognizance whereby, from your own volition you succumb to
temptation. Once you succumb, the temptation becomes a sin and you come
under the control of the sin nature. There are three sources of temptation: the
world; (False values and thinking) the flesh; (The old sin nature; lust of the
eyes; lust of the flesh; and the pride of life) and Satan; (Demonic false Truth). It
is not sinful to be tempted. As long as you maintain the filling of the Spirit, you
are not sinning.
However, there are sins you commit of which you are ignorant; unknown —
sins. These put you out of fellowship as well as the known sins. You went
positive toward the temptation — known or unknown — and through negative
volition to the Holy Spirit, you are out of fellowship, (Bottom circle) and under
status quo carnality. Once you succumb to the temptation, you come under the
control of the sin nature and you commit the sin. Positive volition toward God;
(Confession) gets you back in fellowship and under the control of the Holy Spirit.
You can do something to get out, but, compatible with grace, you DO
nothing to get back in. Just as, “For by grace you have been saved through
faith;” so “by confession are you restored through rebound.” This is not saying
you can’t sin as a Christian; it means you can’t sin when you are filled with the
Spirit. THIS IS A PRINCIPLE! We have all sinned, but not while we were filled
with the Spirit. You cannot do both at the same time. The Principle is so close
to our experience, we want to apply it before we get the Divine Thought, and
we miss the boat! The point is when you are filled with the Spirit, you can’t sin;
and when you’re under the control of the sin nature, you are not filled with the
Spirit. There is no difference between the carnal believer and the unbeliever as
far as control of the old sin nature is concerned. He is in the “top circle,” but out
of the “bottom circle.” Illustration

The one who practices sin (Living out of fellowship) is of the devil; for the
devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose,
to destroy the works of the devil. (1Jn 3:8)

No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him;
and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. (1Jn 3:9)

By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious:
anyone who does not practice righteousness, (By staying in fellowship) is not of
God, nor the one who does not love his brother. (1Jn 3:10)

“ The one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the
beginning.” (1Jn 3:8) When the old sin nature controls the unbeliever, that is
simply a part of the devil’s system — cosmos diabolicus. But when the believer
gets out of the control of the Spirit, he has moved into the devil’s world, and to
that extent, he is in the same bracket with the unbeliever and is the devil’s
evangelist. Both are imitating the devil. The one who practices sin is of the devil;
for the devil has sinned from the beginning. “The Son of God appeared for this
purpose, (First advent of Christ) to destroy the works of the devil.’’ (1Jn 3:8)
On the cross, Christ provided the basis for getting out from under the control of
the sin nature. Through Salvation, the believer is given something greater than
the sin nature — God the Holy Spirit — by which he may have victory over the
sin nature.

“No one who is born of God, (In fellowship with God) practices sin,
because His seed, (Spiritual life) abides in him; and he cannot sin, (In
fellowship) because he is born of God.” (In fellowship with God) (1Jn 3:9)

“Practices” means that in the point of time when you are controlled by the
Holy Spirit, you are not doing sin. “For his seed abides in him, (In this context,
the Spiritual life: as a seed produces, so the Spiritual life produces Divine
Virtue) and he cannot sin, (He is able not to sin while controlled by the Holy
Spirit) because he is born of God (In fellowship with God).” The Holy Spirit is
God and therefore could never sin; it is totally incompatible with His Divine
nature. Only ignorance of a certain sin or negative volition at the point of
temptation can break the control of the Holy Spirit. Grace found a way to
overcome the bondage of the old sin nature, which is summarized in Principle
by the phrase, “cannot sin.” Every creature must live according to his own
nature. To be born of God means to live in union with Christ under the indwelling
of the Spirit in a permanent relationship with the Father in the family of God.
This means we have to take on the nature of God, and this can be done only by
the Holy Spirit. (2Pe 1:4) The Divine nature of God is manifested through the
filling of the Spirit! Believers can walk as either children of light or children of
darkness. In regeneration we carry the life of God which cannot sin; but we
also carry over the unregenerate old sin nature which can only sin and produce
human old sin nature good; therefore, there is an inner struggle in the believer.
By his own volition, he can choose to move under the control of the sin nature
and therefore imitate the unbeliever; and thereby he produces both sins and
dead works.


Glorification of Christ. Everything in the Christian life which honors the Lord
has only one source God the Holy Spirit! Nothing good is produced in the
Christian life apart from the work and power of the Holy Spirit. We have
previously seen the reason for His indwelling, and also the reason why the New
Covenant permanent indwelling was never true before the Day of Pentecost:
“The Holy Spirit was not yet given permanently because Christ was not yet
glorified.’’ (John 7:39) All of the worship, all of the activity under the Mosaic
Law in the Old Testament was designed with one thing in mind — to point to
Christ. But Christ was not yet glorified. The God-Man had to go to the cross;
He had to die; He had to rise from the dead; He had to ascend, to enter into the
presence of the Father and be seated before He was glorified as the God-Man.
And once Jesus Christ was glorified, then God the Holy Spirit could
permanently indwell every believer.
Now that the glorified Christ is absent from the earth, every believer is left
on earth for the express purpose of glorying Jesus Christ. Your life as a
Christian can be reduced to one factor: you are here to honor and to glorify
Jesus Christ! You can now glorify Him because He is glorified. It is impossible
for the energy of the flesh — human talents, human abilities, human powers and
human activity — to glorify the Person of Christ! God the Holy Spirit DOES;
when He empowers the inner man. (Eph 3:16) Now, do you see how this
applies? There are two things which every believer must understand or he will
never move for the Lord: he must understand how to handle the sin problem, for
when he is out of temporal fellowship he is powerless and useless, as well as
under discipline; and he must understand how to be filled with the Spirit.
The amazing thing about so many believers today is that they have never
heard that there is a means of fulfilling the Christian life. Some understand
experientially that it is humanly impossible to execute the Commands and
injunctions of the Word of God, but they are ignorant of the remedy. They are,
therefore, incapable of glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh. (Rom 7:18)
There is only one issue at the beginning of experiential Christianity — how can
you be filled with the Spirit?
Many Christian parents are going to be utterly shocked some day to find
their children suddenly antagonistic to Christian things, turning their backs on the
Bible, and even heading down the road toward juvenile delinquency. The reason
is too often that parents have put so much emphasis on the taboos without
teaching the children the means of fulfilling the Christian life. I have talked with
many such young people who, almost without exception, admit to defeat when
they tried to live the Christian life. They had heard the “taboos” all their lives,
but once they had gotten away from parental influence, had ceased to observe
them. The mental attitudes expressed by most of these people was, “Oh, I got
tired of that nonsense. I want to have some fun now.” I always ask these young
people, “Do you know how to be filled with the Spirit?” Their answers are
almost invariably, “No!” Some do not so much as know there is a Holy Spirit.
So, I say to Christian parents, if you do not start teaching your children
how to be filled with the Spirit, you can try to enforce taboos until you are
exhausted, and they may observe them in front of you; but when they get out
from under your wing, there is likely to be a complete breakdown. The Word of
Truth is the only protection for the Christian child, and the first Truth they must
know is how to rebound; and that is HOW to be filled with God the Holy Spirit!

Fulfillment of the Law. God has designed something on earth to reflect the
glory, the perfection and the grace of our position; and the immediate reflection
is the filling of God the Holy Spirit. Since the filling of the Spirit is inside the
believer, it is challenged by the old sin nature.
(Rom 8:2-4) brings into focus the filling of the Spirit versus the Law of the
sin nature. There is a conflicting set of Laws operating inside the believer: the
Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus and the Law of sin and death.
(cf. Gal 5:16-17)

For the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, (The Spiritual life) has set
you free from the Law of sin and of death. (The Old Covenant) For what the
Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own
Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin
in the flesh, so that the requirement of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who do
not walk according to the flesh, (By the old sin nature) but according to the
Spirit. (Rom 8:2-4)

It is often true that believers were nicer people before they were saved.
So we have a right to ask, “What happens?” The answer is quite simple: before
a person accepts Christ as Savior, there is no contest. The old sin nature ruled
the roost. Whatever the person was — pleasant, nice, phony, and hypocritical
— there was no challenge. Any restraint upon sin came from fear of the
repercussions. In addition to that, the unbeliever who is trying to get to heaven
by his own works is going to keep up his human old sin nature good column.
Society will look at this person and say, “Very nice; very wonderful!”
Now, when he becomes a believer, the fears that restrained sin are
removed. Often he will go through a period of unrestrained sin or carnality
because he knows he has eternal life, regardless. He no longer runs scared.
During this period, although he is permanently indwelt by the Spirit, the old sin
nature controls his life and the Spirit is quenched. Not until we take in enough
Truth can we reach a place of stability and grace orientation in our life. Truth
has to replace human restraints in our Thinking. (1Co 2:16)
If the carnal or baby believer never understands the Truth of the two Laws
and how to operate under the Law of the Spirit of life, he can never begin to
move in Phase Two. He is going to operate under the Law of the old sin nature,
and without the restraint of fear, he will get into unrestrained sin and will
actually become worse than before he was saved. (2Pe 2:20-22) Furthermore,
the misery factor enters in, which always triggers guilt in the soul, and guilt
begins to work in all facets of the soul until a guilt complex is built up. This is
followed by a reaction to the “wild oats” period, and being minus Truth, he goes
into self-righteousness or religious activity. The only way to get out of this
bracket is to get positive to Truth and to stay with it.
Even though we as believers are no longer under the Mosaic Law, we
operate under Law — either the Law of the filling of the Spirit or the Law of the
old sin nature. These Laws are a set of Principles inside the believer which are
combined into a norm or standard. The first Law is the New Covenant Law of
the Spirit — a reference to God the Third Person of the Trinity and the Thinking
of Christ. The “Spirit of life indicates the Spiritual life as a function. The Holy
Spirit indwells us so that He can control us and enable us to function under the
plan of God, the grace of God and the life of God.
This Law of the Spirit is “in Christ Jesus,” which goes back to positional
Truth of, (Rom 8:1). The indwelling of the Holy Spirit indicates the power and
the glory of our position in Christ. Notice what this Law does: it has made us
free! We have freedom to function under His plan from our own volition — not
someone else’s. Every believer is a priest; and as priests, believers have
privacy to live their lives as unto the Lord and not as unto people.
(Rom 14:4; Rom 14:10) If God gives us the privacy to live as unto Him, He also
makes provision for it. God is not easily satisfied. God is perfect, and He
demands perfection. Yet we are going to find the verb “to please’’ in this
passage. Grace has found a way to provide something whereby we can meet
His standards and please Him! This provision is God the Holy Spirit empowering
the Spiritual life; and the believer Thinking with God’s PERFECT THOUGHTS!
The Christian way of life is a supernatural way of life, and He has provided ALL
the supernatural means of executing it!
In this sense, we are set free. All the freedom is directed toward God and
not toward SIN. People often think that since they are now saved and can’t lose
their Salvation, they are free to go out and raise “hell,’’ as they have always
desired to do. So they say, “Goodbye, God, I’ll see you in heaven!” However,
God has provided a way for you to serve Him and honor Him and to reach the
place where you have the reflected glory of an edification complex, (Spiritual
life) in your soul. But in this passage, since the believer is just starting out, the
filling of the Spirit shines through positional Truth — your relationship with Christ.
When people first catch on to rebound, they often think that this gives them
a license to sin. If you think that, you are looking in the wrong direction. Instead
of looking at sin, you must look in the direction of God, for rebound gives you a
license to serve the Lord. Inevitably, people are going to misunderstand and
distort grace. “The Law of sin and death” refers to the Mosaic Law, but it is not
the Christian way of life. “For what the Law could not do… ” (Rom 8:3). The
Mosaic Law can do certain things for the human race. It can give people norms
and standards; it can teach by its norms and standards that you are a sinner. It
also proves that we are helpless and hopeless to save ourself or to MAKE THE
SIN NATURE HOLY! You cannot gain the approbation of God by your human
old sin nature good. The Law shows that you have a problem; but the Law can’t
do anything about the problem. Nor was it ever designed to produce Spirituality.
Since it is on the outside, it cannot do for you what the Holy Spirit, Who is on
the inside, can do. Why can the Law not help you? Something weakened it:
“…In that it was weak through the flesh, (The old sin nature).” The sin nature
prevents the POSSIBILITY of fulfilling the Mosaic Law!
“God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh [NO SIN
NATURE] and as an offering for sin, (Sin offering) He condemned sin in the
flesh.” The first advent of Christ makes it possible for the Law of the Spirit of
life to exist. No one was filled with the New Covenant Spiritual life in the Old
Testament; there was no such thing as the universal permanent indwelling of
God the Holy Spirit until Christ came in the flesh, went to the cross and was
subsequently glorified. (John 7:39) In His humanity, He was in the “LIKENESS
of sinful flesh.” He was without a sin nature, imputed sin, and without ANY
personal sin! His Divine Person, (I AM) had a human spirit, human soul and a
human body. He came “for a sin offering.” (Literally a body prepared)
(Heb 10:5-10) Christ is the sin offering that satisfied the righteousness and
justice of God: Father, Son and Spirit! Every righteous and holy demand that
God had on the human race was satisfied by the sin offering, and therefore,
God is now free under His own plan to love us and still be consistent with HIS
In, (Rom 8:4) all three Laws are brought together. “So that the
righteousness of the Law, (The perfect standard demanded by the Law) might
be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the
Spirit.” The old sin nature frustrates the demands of the Mosaic Law. The New
Covenant Law of the Spirit fills the deficiency created by the Law of the old sin
nature. Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law by ALWAYS living in the Spiritual life and
by dying for our sins! We fulfill the Law by staying filled with God the Spirit. But
whether or not the Experiential righteousness demanded by the Law is actually
fulfilled, depends on the use of the rebound technique and the subsequent filling
of the Spirit. In other words, the POWER of our walk lies in the ministry of the
Holy Spirit; but the CHOICE of our walk resides in us — in our volition with
regard to rebound. The believer can choose to operate under the Law of
carnality or under the New Covenant Law of grace in Spirituality.

The Enemy to Spirituality. In, (Rom 8:5-8) we have the great enemy to
Spirituality — the thought pattern of the old sin nature; thinking according to the
standard of the sin nature: “For those, (Carnal believers) who are according to
the flesh, (In carnality) set their minds on the things, (Thoughts) of the flesh; but
they that are after the Spirit the things (Spiritual Thoughts) of the Spirit.” (Rom
8:5) From the thinking in the old sin nature comes thought pattern sins: hatred,
jealousy, self-pity, egoism, religion, legalism, worldly and empty chatter, human
and satanic false realities, implacability, mental fornication, etc.
(Matt 15:18-20; Rom 14:23) Christians have the tendency to excuse the sins of
the mind and think they are Spiritual because they do not commit overt sins.
(Rom 2:1)
They put on a phony, self-righteous facade of asceticism, but inside they
are full of mental attitude sins. (Matt 23:25) The emphasis in Christianity is what
you Spiritually Think! Christianity is not a system of ethics or morals; it is a
dynamic, vital life, determined by what you THINK WITH: God’s Thinking or
satanic and human thinking! (1Co 3:18-20)
The sin nature has an area of strength, which causes people to interpret
activities of human old sin nature good as the Christian way of life. (2Ti 3:5)
What does an old sin nature good thought pattern say? “What we need is to
love everybody. Or, “socialism is of God — we must have the greatest good for
the greatest number,” (Which has been a gimmick leading to slavery throughout
human history) But these are human viewpoint thoughts straight from the sin
nature and cosmos diabolicus. (Satan’s world system of false thinking)
In the sin nature is also a lust pattern — approbation lust, power lust, sex
lust, etc. Lust for approbation is one of the greatest enemies of Spirituality. For
example, doing things around the church so that people will tell you how good
you are or what a great Christian you are. But as long as you are doing
anything for the praise of man, you are always off balance, and you will never
know what’s the matter. You are thinking the thoughts of the old sin nature.
(Rom 8:7-8)
“But those who are according to the Spirit, the things, (Thoughts) of the
Spirit.” Their Spiritual Thought pattern is Divine Viewpoint; (GOD’S REALITY!) it
is the Virtue love toward others which has no mental attitude sins; it is serving
as unto the Lord and not for the praise of men; it is inner happiness and inner
peace! (1Jn 3:16)
“For the mind set on the flesh, (A thought pattern controlled by the sin
nature) is death; (Temporal death — out of fellowship, cut off from God, and or
out of the bottom circle) but the mind set on the Spirit is life, (Spiritually Thinking
with God’s Word filled with God the Holy Spirit) e.g. (Life in the bottom circle;
life in the filling of the Spirit; the Spiritual life which reflects our position in Christ)
and peace, (The opposite of having a mental attitude thinking with satanic and
human realities and or sins; a relaxed mental attitude).” (Rom 8:6) You don’t
need some great experience, you don’t need to rededicate your life or to
reaffirm your faith. These are all substitutes for rebound and the filling of the
“Because the mind set on the flesh, (Old sin nature thinking) is hostile
toward God… ” (Rom 8:7) The thought pattern of the believer becomes the
enemy of God when he is out of fellowship. Perhaps you understand that
mental attitude sins are against God; but when you think you have to do
something to help God, that you must have a certain experience to be Spiritual,
that you must go through some activity or ritual, that you must have an
emotional or ecstatic experience, then you are just as much at enmity with God
as at any time you are committing mental attitude or overt sins. These
experiences glorify self, and there is no place in the plan of God for glorifying
self! (Gal 5:4)
“…For it, (The thinking of the old sin nature) does not subject itself to the
Law of God, (The Spiritual Thinking of God; 1Co 2:12-14) for it is not even able
to do so.” It, (Human old sin nature thinking) does not take its orders from God,
but from the sin nature! The mental attitude of the believer out of fellowship
makes it IMPOSSIBLE for him to be in the will of God or to Spiritually Think and
do the will of God! He is not in the place from where we receive our orders —
the “Law of the Spirit” — the Word of God! He is living by his emotions or by
some system of ecstatics or experience, and therefore he is not in obedience to
the Word of God. Such believers are off balance all their lives — always
seeking, always looking, but never finding. They run from person to person,
asking, “What’s the secret, what’s the answer?”
“So then, (In conclusion) those who are in the flesh, (In temporal death;
carnality) cannot please God.” (Rom 8:8) Every believer is “in Christ,” in the top
circle, and can never get out. At the same time, we are in the bottom circle,
filled with the Holy Spirit, and we can get out of this position. When we are out
of the bottom circle, we are “in the flesh.” It is impossible for any Christian to
please God when he is ruled and controlled by his old sin nature! The great
emphasis in the Word of God is not reaffirmation of faith, which doesn’t mean a
thing, nor rededication, which means less than nothing, but REBOUND, which is
everything and gives God the glory! (Prov 1:23; Prov 28:13)


There are so many ideas prevailing today as to what is Spirituality and how
we fulfill the Command to be filled with the Spirit, that it is necessary to point
out some of these false practices which Christians are engaging in and by
which they are trying to attain Spirituality. The reason for this is quite obvious.
We are living in an age of carnal preachers who do not know what the Christian
life is all about. Or they are so busy with administration, activities and
programs, they neglect the primary function of the ministry — the study of the
Word of God!
There is also the mistaken idea that the Christian way of life by grace is a
license for sin. I have actually been accused of telling people they can indulge in
all the taboos! Nothing could be farther from the Truth. This problem stems
from a misunderstanding of grace and from legalism. Well meaning believers
are trying to get all the rest of the believers straightened out by imposing upon
them their pet taboos. Now, many of these taboos should be observed,
provided they are the results of Spirituality and are not being observed as a
means of trying to become Spiritual. They will take care of themselves as the
believer matures and understands the true basic Concepts of Christianity!
All of the following theories of Spirituality are works — Spirituality by
The negatives emphasize the positives.

Confusion of Means and Results. Believers in this category think they are
Spiritual because they witness, give, pray, present, dedicate and rededicate,
etc.; but this is putting the cart before the horse. Except for “present” (In the
aorist tense) in, (Rom 6:13; Rom 6:19; Rom 12:1) which is the principle of
rebound, none of these things are the MEANS of the filling of the Spirit — only
the result! The words “present” of Romans are “paristemi” in the Greek. “Par”
is a preposition of immediate source, and “istemi means “to stand. “ The Holy
Spirit is the source of our help. When you present yourself to sin, (Rom 6:13)
you are under the control of the old sin nature; when you present yourselves to
God, (Rom 6:13) you have used the rebound technique, you are back in or have
stayed in fellowship with God, and the Holy Spirit controls your Spiritual life.
The idea of Spirituality by prayer is very common and quite subtle. Prayer
is one of the most marvelous things God ever gave us in grace! We cannot
minimize prayer. In fact, we need more and more prayer. God is so gracious to
give us a means of approaching Him and presenting our petitions and our
needs. (Heb 4:16) It is wonderful when we can spend time together in prayer,
when we can approach the Throne of Grace for each other. But as wonderful
as prayer is, it is not the means of Spirituality. (Psa 66:18) We are never told
either to pray for or to ask for the Holy Spirit, as were the disciples in the
previous dispensation. Nor are we ever told to get down on our knees and pray
through or to utter something over and over again in order to get the filling of
the Spirit. Effective prayer is the result of Spirituality! (Eph 6:18)
Spirituality by Personality Imitation. Another false concept involves the imitation
of some outstanding Christian in the matter of dress, speech or mannerism. I decide
that wearing black or somber shades, wearing rags, presenting a disheveled
appearance, or omitting cosmetics makes me Spiritual. Or, I use a language which
sounds Spiritual, such as “amen, “hallelujah,” “Lord willing,” “God bless you,”
“brother this and brother that.” I stand in a slump, I lower my head in humility and
put on a pious facial expression. All of these are superficialities which in no way
indicate true Spirituality. The believer must learn to distinguish between personality
and Spirituality.

Spirituality by Tabooism. This idea of Spirituality has become very popular
today, especially in fundamental Christian circles. Spirituality by tabooism says
simply this: I am Spiritual if I observe certain taboos. By “taboos” I do not mean the
negative Commands of the Word of God which are unquestioned. I am talking about
the problems of social life of certain groups and time periods which are not
specifically covered in Scripture, such as problems of entertainment or those that
have to do with our extracurricular activities. The taboos are usually characterized
by the “big five.” I once sat beside a man in California during a message on the “big
five.” He nudged me and said, “I don’t know how you feel about it, but I lost ten
years of honoring the Lord because of this very thing!” Here were the big five: don’t
smoke, don’t dance, don’t go to the movies, don’t drink, and don’t play cards! In
other words, if you observe certain social taboos, you are “Spiritual.” There are
many sincere believers who honestly believe they are Spiritual because they have
given up this and that, or go with the girls who do, and it has become their means of
Spirituality. But it is Spirituality by works, which is an abomination to the Lord.
It does not necessarily mean that we condone all these things; but the point is,
they are NOT THE MEANS OF SPIRITUALITY! A dead man gives up these things,
and he is still dead! Anything the unbeliever can do is not the Christian way of life!
Bona fide taboos exist in two areas: the application of superseding Laws — that is,
the Laws of liberty, love, expediency and supreme sacrifice; and certain things
which are given up AS A RESULT of either Spirituality or Spiritual maturity or both.
No two believers have attained the same degree of growth in the Christian life. A
believer who is a baby will not handle a taboo in the same manner as a mature
believer. When believers impose their taboos on new believers, it will result either in
legalism and hypocrisy if accepted, or, if rejected, in bitterness or resentment.
One of the most awful sins in the Christian life is pride. Pride is the thing that
springs out of Spirituality by works: “I have given up this, and I have given up that,
and therefore, you now behold the most Spiritual person walking on the face of the
earth. If YOU have not given up these things, then, pardon me, if I slant my nose a
little bit and look down at you and say, “You are not Spiritual.” Oh, you may not say
this with your mouth; you have more subtle ways of conveying the idea.
The Bible does not teach Spirituality by tabooism by the things that we give up.
It is true, a number of things that come under the category of tabooism are given up
as a result of Spirituality plus Spiritual maturity; but they are not the means of
Spirituality. The Bible very clearly defines the means of Spiritually; but it is not by
observing social taboos laid down by Christians in your area. Although there are
some negative approaches to Spirituality, they are not in the form of tabooism. The
energy of the flesh cannot give up anything to the glory of God. God-honoring
“tabooism” results from the filling of the Spirit!

Spirituality by Relativity. This says, “By comparing myself to others, I am
Spiritual.” I watch others very closely, I put the binoculars on this one and that one
until I discover their sins and their weaknesses. Then I make an estimate and do a
little compensating. I compare my weaknesses with their weaknesses, and I say to
myself, “Well, that one is guilty of gross sin — those are terrible things he does. I
see the telephone pole in his eye, but, of course, the splinter in my eye isn’t bad at
all. (Matt 7:3) My sins are cultured and refined. Oh, I gossip now and then, true —
but not very much. And I tell a little lie now and then; I’m a little envious and a little
jealous once in awhile, but not very often. But HE does or SHE does — or THEY do
! Therefore, by comparison, I am Spiritual.” (2Co 10:12)
That is carnal relativity. Now, remember, Spirituality is an absolute. It is God the
Holy Spirit filling and controlling the life. We are not Spiritual because our sins are
more refined than someone else’s sins!

Spirituality by Asceticism. Asceticism is extreme self-denial. It is the denial of
food, human relationships, the denial of all normal activities and functions of life. One
who is ascetic is one who goes in for monasticism — seclusion from everything
possible in the world. Some even go to the extreme of inflicting self-torture. These
people believe they are Spiritual because they have given up the normal things of life
and have shut themselves off from everything in order to fast and pray and agonize.
That is merely asceticism; it is not true Spirituality, nor a means of Spirituality.

Spirituality by Ecstatics. This is very popular today among the highly emotional.
It might be classified as Spirituality by emotion. There are those who say they have
a Spiritual monopoly because they have had a certain kind of experience — an
ecstatic experience. Now, there are many kinds of ecstatic experiences, many of
which are bona fide. There are times when the emotional pattern in the life of
anyone can be in the place where he can have an ecstatic experience. As a matter
of fact, even unbelievers have ecstatic experiences. But the ecstatic experience we
are dealing with here is identified with certain things, such as speaking in a “demonic
language,” or suddenly going into a feeling of being completely out of one’s self and
praising God, etc. It is again a system of works and is not the way to be filled with
the Spirit.

Spirituality by Ritualism. This is a false system of holiness based on the
observation of a ritual or holy day. It includes those who think they are Spiritual
because they observe certain rituals of the church, such as baptism or the Lord ’s
Supper; or because they observe the Sabbath or Lent.

Spirituality by Self-Crucifixion. One day we realize “self” is our worst enemy,
(Jer 17:5; Jer 17:9) and we decide to get rid of self. Self is not going to cancel out
self. A “kingdom divided against itself cannot stand,” and self is definitely not divided
against self. “Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin but alive to God in
Christ Jesus.” (Rom 6:11) In, (Rom 6:6) we are Commanded to know the Truth of
retroactive positional santifaction, (Satan’s system and the old sin nature positionally
cut off) and to apply it to experience. By being dead to the Thinking of the old sin
nature! But this business of “crucifying self” is a fleshly effort to obtain Spirituality by
trying to get rid of “self.” There is a means of overcoming the old sin nature;
(Rom 6:16-18) but the old sin nature self is not the means of overcoming the old sin
nature self! We need to stay in fellowship and Think with Truth! (John 12:24-26)

Program Spirituality. Many people think they are Spiritual because they perform
a certain number of good deeds which are emphasized in a church program. These
may be anything from the giving of money, functioning in administration, attending
church regularly and participating in a calling program, to coming to prayer meeting
or participating in the missionary program. However, the issue is not in the deed
performed, but are you filled with God the Holy Spirit and Thinking with the Word of
Truth; (John 4:23-24) or are you out of fellowship and thinking with human and
satanic thoughts. (Rom 8:5-8)

Spirituality by Self-Improvement. This is trying to be Spiritual by picking myself
up by my own bootstraps. I make myself do certain things in order to become
Spiritual. I make myself try to love the brethren. The Scripture tells me to forgive as
Christ forgave, and to be humble. So I try to work this up. I practice until I get it.
This is discipline and may lead to self-improvement; but it is not Spirituality, and it
will not lead to Spirituality.
God gave us the Holy Spirit, and He is the only means by which the Christian life
can be fulfilled. Every time someone tries to be Spiritual by his own works, he finds
himself a complete failure in the Christian life! (Heb 10:26-38)


Do you realize that the Christian way of life is the most thrilling, the most
magnificent life possible? It makes no difference what pressures there may be; it
makes no difference what problems there may be, or what adverse circumstances
are on the horizon. This life is incomparable! Is it wonderful and thrilling to YOU?
The only thing greater is Phase Three, when we enter into the presence of the Lord!
But here in this life we have a marvelous opportunity. For us the “game’’ is in
progress. But the game may be over soon; we may be in the fourth quarter,
perhaps even down to the last few seconds. Here is the guaranteed way not to
fumble or to lose the game at the last minute, as it were, not to lose the opportunity
of winning people to Christ and then leading then to Spiritual maturity, and that is by
the New Covenant Spirit-filled life! (2Co 5:20)
Although God has not given us too much time on earth. He has given us the
wonderful opportunity of glorifying Him while here. We will have all eternity to glorify
Him, to love and praise Him; but is it not gracious of God to permit us to stay here
on earth for a few short years for the sole purpose of His Spiritual life in us,
representing Him? Now what about those years? Are you going to make them count
for Him?
We are so busy scrambling around and scrounging for the things we want, for
the things that feed the ego, the things that we think are important in life! We fight
for our place in the world and try to get a little power so we can throw our weight
around and dangle people like puppets. But listen! The Word of God says that the
only thing that counts for you as a believer; is “redeeming the time,” and the only
way to begin to redeem the time is to be filled with the Spirit! Second Corinthians 3
sets forth the glory of the Spirit-filled life.

You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men. (2Co 3:2)

Every Christian is a letter that all the world can read — an open letter from God
to the human race!

Being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written not with
ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of
human hearts. (2Co 3:3)

The kind of writing mentioned here is not penned with ink; the writing is God’s
Thoughts in our heart. It is written with the “Spirit of the living God,” Here is the vital,
transforming power in the Christian life; here is grace personified. Here is God the
Third Person in you, and in me to produce the Spiritual nature and Thinking of Christ;
(1Co 2:16; (2Pe 1:4) and to effect in us the New Covenant way of life. It is
impossible in any other way!
Some of you are filled with prejudice and tradition. All your life you have heard,
“Don’t do this, don’t do that,” and to you that is the whole scope of the Spiritual life.
It is not the picture at all! The answer is “Be filled with the Spirit,” and these things
then fall into their proper place and perspective. You don’t have to make an issue of
them. The Holy Spirit and Bible Truth take care of them. Then you have real life, real
vitality — you have the by-products of the Christian life. When God the Holy Spirit
controls the life, there is animation; there are works, and many other wonderful
results. You often hear, “Let’s get everybody busy; let’s get everyone in the church
working.” Don’t ever put people to work without telling them how to go to work.
They must first learn how to be filled with the Spirit; then bona fide production will

Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from
ourselves, but our adequacy is from God. (2Co 3:5)

This refutes the whole concept of tabooism, or any other system of works for
Spirituality. We are so prone to think WE did it, or I did it. “I had a revolting habit
once, and I dropped it!” I-I-I get the credit. But the Bible says, “Not that we are
adequate in ourselves to consider ANYTHING as coming from ourselves.” Now
notice: “but our adequacy is of God.” Remember, Jesus Christ is glorified, and at
present, He is at the right hand of the Father as the glorified God-Man. His Spiritual
life in us represents Him on this earth. (Col 3:1-10) The Father gave us a plan which
is given in outline here in, (2Co 3:5) The Christian life is not a “do-it-yourself” project!
Our sufficiency, our ability, our power, is of God, and this is grace!

Who also made us adequate as servants of a New Covenant, not of the letter
but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, (The Old Covenant condemns the old sin nature
self) but the Spirit, (And New Covenant justifies the Spiritual man) gives life.
(2Co 3:6)

The word “servants” refers to you, Christian. As a believer in Jesus Christ, you
are God’s servant; you are in full-time Christian service. Today it is you who stand in
the gap and proclaim, “Come to Jesus Christ and grow to Spiritual maturity.” While
Christ was here, He said to humanity, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-
laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matt 11:28)
Now, while Jesus is absent, He does not give the invitation personally. He
extends it through you! The only way you can say it, the only way you can invite a
lost and dying world to Jesus Christ is through the filling of the Spirit and the
Teaching of Truth!
Why is it we have so little proclamation of the Word on the part of believers?
Because God the Holy Spirit does not control the life. People have not heard of the
filling of the Spirit nor how to be filled. They are in bondage to some system of
works and are not filled with the Spirit. (How can people do what they do not know
how to do?)
“As Spiritually mature believers; we are NOW made adequate servants of the
New Covenant, (2Co 3:6) not just servants, but servants WHO CAN DO IT! In other
words, we are given the ability to minister by means of God the Holy Spirit. The Old
Testament is God’s Word; but we have many Doctrines in the New Covenant Church
Age which were never realized in the Old Testament. We need to get oriented. We
need to find out what God has for us. We need to find out what the meaning and
purpose of our lives is. It’s all here in the New Testament, here for you right now —
Every believer is a priest. (1Pe 2:9; Rev 1:6) There was no universal priesthood
in the Old Testament. Every New Covenant believer is permanently indwelt by God
the Holy Spirit. (1Co 6:19-20) There was no universal indwelling of the Holy Spirit in
the Old Testament. Everything in the Old Testament points to Christ; shadows, (Old
Covenant) pointing to the Reality. (New Covenant) But after the Reality comes,
there is a complete change of plan, and this change of plan involves you as a
“Who also made us adequate as servants of a New Covenant, not of the
letter…” The “letter” is the Mosaic Law. This passage is going to show you how the
Mosaic Law can be a hindrance to glorifying the Lord. The Law pointed to the
Spiritual nature of Christ; the Law has some wonderful functions; it is “holy,
righteous and good;” (Rom 7:12) but the Law is not the modus operandi or the way
of life for you as a believer. The Mosaic Law will hinder you; it will hold you back. It
was a system of freedom for the nation of Israel in the part where the
Commandments occur. Apart from that, it is a series of shadows.
“…For the letter kills…” It condemns the old sin nature self! The Mosaic Law
slaps us in jail. (Rom 3:9) The Mosaic Law proves that we are sinners and that we
need Christ; but the Law cannot give us life or animation or power or stability; nor
can it enable us to live the Christian life. Sabbath keeping, shadow worship — all of
the activities of the specialized priesthood are out! They are no longer in operation.
In our day, through sheer ignorance of the New Covenant, we find many sincere
believers still living under the Law. They have ignored the New Covenant Church Age
There also seems to be a Truth that many have forgotten: until the canon of
Scripture was completed, revelation was progressive. There was much revelation
not given in the Old Testament which has now been completed in the New
Testament. Now that we have a complete canon of Scripture, (The Bible) all of the
progression of Divine revelation is in the Word. The only way to be oriented in our
day, the only way to live to honor the Lord is to get the final and complete
progression, which is found in Matthew through Revelation. But where are the
believers who read or understand the Epistles? Where are the believers who
understand the modus operandi of the Christian life? Where are the believers who
understand that it is God the Holy Spirit inside the believer who produces, or we do
not honor the Lord?
Roland Hill once said, as he watched a child on a rocking horse going back and
forth, back and forth: “Oh, this reminds me of so many Christians — so much
motion, but not going anywhere.’’ Any believer who operates on his emotions is
going nowhere! In the verses which follow, we have a contrast between the Holy
Spirit inside and the operation of the Mosaic Law on the outside.

The Contrasts of Glory.

But if the ministry of death, in letters engraved on stones, came with glory, so
that the sons of Israel could not look intently at the face of Moses because of the
glory of his face, fading as it was. (2Co 3:7)

This verse says a lot! First of all, the Mosaic Law was glorious. Secondly,
Moses, as a result of receiving the Law, was filled with animation: his countenance
was changed, and his face was radiant. (Exo 34:33-35) Moses would go up into the
mountain; he would talk with the Lord; the Lord would give him the Law, after which
his face would shine, and he would be animated and stimulated. He would come
down the mountain and stand before the children of Israel, and they could see his
face shining brightly. They could hear the animation in his voice as he would give
them that section of the Law. Then, as soon as he finished talking to them, he put a
veil over his face. The reason for this was that the glory faded out. He did not want
the children of Israel to see the fading of the Law. It was a passing glory. It was not
a glory that could go on from “glory to glory.” Now, there is a glory that does not
fade. There is a glory that gets brighter and brighter. It is the glory of the indwelling
Spirit controlling the life.
“How will the ministry of the Spirit fail to be even more with glory? (Literally, ‘be
much more glorious’)” (2Co 3:8) If the Mosaic Law was glorious, how much more
the glory of the Reality of the the New Covenant; with the Temple of God the Holy
Spirit in us! Christ, His Thinking and Spiritual Virtue ruling as a Theocracy in us!
(Luk 17:21) Everything in the Mosaic Law was only a shadow pointing to Christ and
the Spiritual life; (The Levitical offerings, the Temple, the articles of sacred furniture,
the activities of the priesthood, the Feasts, etc.). The Reality has come, and now a
Person of the Trinity, a member of the God- head, the Holy Spirit, indwells us to
produce a glory in us; the glory of the Person of Jesus Christ! (2Co 3:18)
When God the Holy Spirit controls the Thinking of our life. He produces the very
Spiritual life of Christ; and as a result, we have the glory of Christ — unfading glory!
Remember, it was Christ who fulfilled the Law. Now we start where the Law left off.
We start with the glory that was produced in the life and the nature of Christ. “For
Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.” (Rom 10:4)
The love, the joy, the peace and the self-control — OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE
“against such there is no Law.” (Gal 5:22-23) Why? Because it is not license; it is
not Lawlessness — it is a higher glory!
Do you realize that as an individual believer in Jesus Christ you have a higher
glory? You have a glory that will not fade away, that does not need a veil over your
face. It is that which is produced by the COMPLETED EDIFICATION COMPLEX;
(1Co 3:10-16) Not only does He produce the Spiritual Virtue of Christ, (Gal 5:22-23)
He produces the ability to Spiritually Understand and Think with the Word of God!
(1Co 2:10-16) Our Understanding of the Word, our prayer life, our worship, and our
witnessing for Jesus Christ depend upon the Holy Spirit’s controlling of our life.


The tragedy is those people who teach in the flesh, (By the false power of the
old sin nature; 1Co 4:20) people who say, “Before you can be saved, you have to
give up something!” Or, “You have to repent of your sins”! Listen! God the Holy
Spirit gives you the ability to make the issue clear, as you function under the “grace
apparatus for perception” (Operation Z — the daily intake of the Mind of Christ in
the filling of the Spirit, the transfer by faith into the human spirit, and the cycling up
to the right lobe where there is frame of reference from previously learned Truth.)
When you talk to people about giving up sin, let me remind you that Christ paid for
those sins. The issue is not sin or giving up sins. The issue is receiving the Person of
Jesus Christ. If we could get every unsaved person in the world to stop sinning, they
would be no closer to heaven! The solution is Jesus Christ. It is a positive solution:
“…Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved…” (Acts 16:31)
So many people have been led to think that before they can be saved, they
must feel sorry for their sins, or that they must promise God they will never sin
again. But the Bible says, BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE! Our sins were all paid for
at the cross. Now it is simply a matter of receiving Christ as Savior through faith not
giving up something! You do not give up something that Christ bore on the cross;
you take on the solution. “So that whoever believes will in Him have eternal life.”
(John 3:15) We cannot operate for Christ apart from the ministry of the Spirit in and
through us.

For if the ministry of condemnation has glory, much more does the ministry of
righteousness (After Salvation leading them to Spiritual maturity) abound in glory.
(2Co 3:9)

Here is Experiential righteousness that only the Holy Spirit can produce. Here is
the result of the filling of the Spirit, and it is marvelous in its scope. Notice that it is
not an ecstatic or an emotion — it is a righteousness. The great miracle of our day
is the righteousness which the Holy Spirit produces — not the emotional reaction.
Many people judge what they call “real preaching” by the emotions it stirs within.
Whether I am really preaching or not, is not the point. The point is, is God the Holy
Spirit controlling my life, and is He preaching the Word through me?
(John 6:63; John 14:24)
This passage is extremely important and very basic. How I would love to see
Christian parents take their children as soon as they are saved and begin to teach
them these things immediately! Start with the Doctrines, Spiritual Thoughts, and or
Principles which give the power for living the Christian life and producing for the
Lord. Teach them that only the Holy Spirit can produce the Virtue that counts in the
Christian life! (Php 3:3) This is where we begin training up a child in the way he
should go. (Prov 22:6) He will know how to execute the do’s and don’ts in the
Christian life, and he will have the power to do so. He won’t grow up with the
impression that the Christian life is a dreary prison of don’t, don’t, don’t, with no
ability to perform it. To realize that the Christian life is an exciting, stimulating
experience, that the very Virtue of the wonderful Person of the Lord Jesus Christ is
produced in the believer is every child’s prerogative.

For indeed what had glory, in this case has no glory because of the glory that
surpasses it. (2Co 3:10)

Although the Law has glory, the glory of the ministry of the New Covenant
Spiritual life, (To make Spiritually mature Theocracies) so far exceeds the
temporary glory of the Law, it is as though the Law has no glory.

For if that which fades away was with glory, much more that which remains is in
glory. (2Co 3:11)

The Mosaic Law has been done away as the procedure of the believer in the
New Covenant Age. (Heb 13:20) Although it still teaches the believer many
wonderful Doctrines about the Person of Christ by way of typology and illustration, it
is not our way of life. It was given specifically to Israel and to no one else.
(2Co 3:12-14) “Seeing then, (In view of the glory of the Spirit-filled life) that we have
such hope, (The hope-absolute confidence of glorifying God by reaching Spiritual
maturity; but notice it is a hope; it is not a REALITY unless you meet the Biblical
conditions of the filling of the Spirit and Thinking with Truth; John 4:24) We use…”
Elegant speech? Rhetoric? Swelling words which will tickle your ears and cause you
to say, “My, he is a wonderful Speaker) No! “We use BOLDNES and PLAINNESS of
speech.” This is a very interesting little side light. People often say that a man is a
great preacher because of his eloquence or his unusual vocabulary. But the
objective is to communicate. In the Old Testament, Divine Thinking was
communicated through training aids, such as types, holy days, ritual, offerings, etc.
But with the glorification of Christ, Truth must now be communicated apart from
types and shadows; it must be accomplished by the Literal, Grammatical, Historical,
Etymological, Contextual, Exegetical, Hermeneutical Interpretation of the Word of
God! So Paul emphasizes simplicity, (Literally) of speech so that no one will miss
this tremendous Doctrine.

The Removal of the Veils.

And are not like Moses, who used to put a veil over his face so that the sons of
Israel would not look intently at the end of what was fading away. (2Co 3:13)

Paul’s function is the exact opposite of Moses! Moses put a veil over his face so
the people could not see the fading glory. Paul uses clarity of speech so the glory of
the New Covenant Spirit-filled life can be revealed. The veil over Moses’ face was a
literal veil; but between, (2Co 3:13-14) there is a quick transition. The discussion of
the literal veil which Moses put over his face is illustrative of a veil which the Jews
have over their hearts today. Though not a literal veil, it is nevertheless real. As
Moses had a veil over his face, so the Jews have a veil over their hearts and or their

But their minds were hardened; for until this very day at the reading of the Old
Covenant the same veil remains unlifted, because it is removed in Christ. (2Co 3:14)

Although the Jews still read the Old Testament, they are incapable of
comprehending it because of the veil which is over their minds. The veil is their
rejection of Jesus Christ. Negative volition produces scar tissue on the left bank of
the soul, and this is the reason the Old Testament is unintelligible to them. When
grace is rejected, legalism and religion are used in place of REALITY.
(Matt 7:21-23) Since the Jews substituted a system of Salvation by works,
(Rom 9:30-33; Gal 2:16) the Old Testament is an enigma to them because they
have not received Christ as Lord and Savior.
“Because it is removed in Christ.” The veil is removed by a personal relationship
with the Lord Jesus Christ; only then can their darkened minds receive the Truth of
the Old Testament. By application, anyone can understand the Bible who will believe
in Christ, for then he will have the indwelling Holy Spirit to give him light.

But to this day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their heart; but
whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. (2Co 3:15-16)

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
(2Co 3:17)

“Lord” is “kurios” in the Greek — a title for Deity. The Holy Spirit is God! The
One who indwells every believer is just as much God as the Father and Son. He is
coequal and coeternal. “Where the Spirit is,” that is, inside every believer, “there is
not license but liberty (Freedom).” This does not mean:

Free from the Law, O happy condition,
Sin as you please, for there is remission.

It does mean there is freedom to serve, honor and glorify the Lord. Because the
Holy Spirit indwells, there is potential freedom to produce the Virtue and Thinking of
Christ, to make your life count! The Law does not give freedom to the sin nature; the
(Gal 2:16) But here is perfect freedom. Why? Because we have the means of
execution inside us!
I want to emphasize again, nothing good in the Christian life has its source in old
sin nature human energy or ability. All Divine Virtue and Thinking in the New
Covenant Spiritual life is produced by God the Holy Spirit! (2Co 3:18) If it is
produced apart from the filling of the Spirit, it is absolutely USELESS! (1Co 3:16-20)
What a shock there will be for some believers when they stand expectantly before
the Judgment Seat of Christ, waiting to receive their reward for all the wonderful
things they thought they did on earth as Christians! But see what is coming up —
truck after truck — and a freight train behind — full of all they did. Then the works
are all dumped out, and what is in them? “Wood, hay and straw”! (Human old sin
nature thinking and works) What a tragedy it will be to see tons and tons of wood,
hay and straw all burn up because they knew nothing about the filling of the Spirit
and Truth! If there is any “gold, silver and precious stones’ in your Christian life, it is
produced by one means only — God the Holy Spirit! (1Co 3:11-15)

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are
being transformed into the same image, (The Virtue and Thinking) from glory to
glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit. (2Co 3:18)

Are you a believer in Jesus Christ? Have you received Him as your Lord and
Savior? Are you born again into the family of God? If so, you are included in this
“we.” Every believer today has an “unveiled face.” He has the ability, “in fellowship”
to read the Word of God with Spiritual Understanding. (1Co 2:11-13) The blindness
and darkness which characterize the unbeliever are lifted upon trusting Christ as
Savior, for the Holy Spirit indwells at the moment, to give Spiritual Understanding.
“Beholding” describes the believer’s intake of Truth which is based on the filling of
the Spirit. Hence, the result of being filled with the Spirit includes learning Bible
Truth. (John 14:26; John 16:12-15; (1Co 2:9-14; Jas 1:21-25)
The “glass” or “mirror” is not your emotional pattern, or what you have heard
from tradition; it is not a set of taboos, which is a substitute for good, hard Bible
study. It is the Word of God. (Jas 1:22-25) You and I, as believers, are “to
habitually behold” (Literally). We need to spend time every day in the Word. We
cannot get enough! (Prov 2:1-5) We cannot, as some have suggested, get Spiritual
indigestion from too much of the Word. If God the Holy Spirit fills your life, you will
not get too much. If He does not, you will get indigestion all right, but it will be
because you cannot understand what you are reading!
“But we all… Are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory…”
What we see in the Bible is the glory of the Lord — the matchless grace of God, as
well as His perfect Divine nature. Truth is the Thinking and glory of God! Then
follows an amazing thing — WE ARE CHANGED! We are not suddenly or
momentarily changed — we are constantly changed. Now what does this mean?
The Thinking and Virtue love of God becomes our Thinking and Virtue love! By
means of two factors presented in this verse: the filling of the Spirit and Truth in the
right lobe. When the Holy Spirit controls the life, when we get into the Word and
Think with the Mind of Christ, we are changed! (John 17:17)
How are we changed? “Into the SAME image” the image of the Lord Jesus
Christ! There are certain things the Lord did not do when He was here on earth, but
not because someone kept saying, “Don’t, don’t, don’t.” He did not do these things in
the flesh, (Human nature and thinking; John 12:49; John 14:24) because God the
Holy Spirit controlled His life. His life was characterized, not by the working up of
emotion or ecstatics, but by “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

These characteristics were produced by the Holy Spirit in Him to show believers
how that it can be done. And we are changed into the same image by the same
means by God the Holy Spirit. The reflected and transient glory of Moses came
from the Law; but the perpetual and transparent glory of the Spirit-filled believer
comes from Bible Truth and the filling of the Spirit!

…Not by might nor by power, (The old sin nature) but by My Spirit,’ says the
LORD of hosts. (Zec 4:6)