Doctrine of Mentorship of Holy Spirit

July 23, 2010

Doctrine of the Mentorship of the Holy Spirit

1. Definition: The Holy Spirit as our mentor is describing the ministry of
God the Holy Spirit as the ðáñ.êëçôïò / parakletos or helper, the
teacher and counselor of every individual believer. The mentorship of
the Holy Spirit is our real teacher and the one who gives us ultimate
discernment. (1Jn 2:20), The Greek word for anointing is ÷ñ.óìá/
chrisma, a special endowment of the Holy Spirit. The mentorship of
the Holy Spirit is the means of enabling believers to possess knowledge
of doctrine.

2. The Prophecy of the Mentorship of the Holy Spirit – John 14:16-17.

3. The Indwelling and Filling of the Spirit is related to the
Mentorship. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit must be distinguished
from the function of the Holy Spirit as a part of your spiritual life. The
Holy Spirit indwells the believer’s body (Rom 8:10; 1Cor 3:16, 6:19-20;
2Cor 6:16) creating a temple for the indwelling of Christ as a
guarantee of blessing and to provide a permanent base for the Holy
Spirit’s availability as your mentor.

4. God the Holy Spirit as our mentor is our teacher of the word of God –
1Cor 2:9-10. Apart from the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit the
believer is helpless to understand and execute the Spirit-Filled Life for
the Church Age.
God the Father gave the Church God the Holy Spirit as our mentor
and this is unique to the Church-age. Our Lord also says that both the
Father and the Son sent the Holy Spirit to be available as our mentor
and only after this were the Lord’s disciples able understand the word
of God.

5. God the Holy Spirit as Our Mentor Prays for Us. The Holy Spirit has to
pray for us because we don’t know how to pray, and often we do not
have the necessary information to pray under certain circumstances.
In this important function, God the Holy Spirit, our ðáñ.êëçôïò
/parakletos, assists us, Rom 8:26 The Holy Spirit has a phenomenal
prayer ministry for believers and comes to our rescue as our mentor.
God the Holy Spirit does not help where He is not wanted, except in
the time of special need. He is personally interested in helping you out
in a prayer situation even if you do not know what prayer is all about.
We usually pray on the basis of our desires rather than using the
power options and spiritual skills, our ðáñ.êëçôïò /parakletos lends
us a helping hand.

6. Our Lord Jesus Christ as our High Priest also makes intersession for
us at the right hand of the Father – Heb 7:24-25.

7. Mentorship of God the Holy Spirit in our lives:
A. Yeildness or Malleable – while under the Filling of the Spirit, the
Believer submits to the will of God by surrendering to the
exhortations, commands principles and the Spirit’s Ministries in
his life.1
B. Walking by the Spirit – Accomplished by the Believer under the
filling of the Spirit where the believer depends upon, trusts in
and yields to the post-salvation ministries of the Holy Spirit on a
moment by moment bases.