essay: My Prophetic Message, Lol

October 22, 2014

Dear MB,
  Greetings, and praise the Lord.
As I prayed for you, I heard the word “trilogy”. It is a story with three parts. I heard “the last part has not been written.” You think you know the whole story, but be circumspect in this last hour. The Lord has many surprises awaiting you. In particular there will be one who will take up your cause in full sympathy and be a person you can lean on for emotional support and a mutually fulfilling relationship.
  You are saving up for a special season. Do not lose heart. Much of the work done in this section of your story will come to fruition in the next. The sense is it has been a long saga, and the final chapter is about to be written, and it will be a happy one.
  There are but a few close enough to you to note the changes in you. The old insecurities are at last being laid to rest by His grace. You will begin to move more fully in your calling. Saw as an image a dump truck driver carrying a full load, and anxious just to be rid of it, he is tempted to dump it into a vacant lot. Then I heard a voice call: “Don’t dump it!” You are carrying a precious cargo and it is not to be taken lightly. This is not about your convenience, but about fulfilling a sacred trust.
The Lord has given you great understanding of the narrow way. You are hearing His voice. Do not discount all the “little” ways in which you have spoken Life to others.
He is the Gate. Jesus.
Praise HIM,
So be it,
Sis Ty