Doctrine of Diciplinary Timing

September 6, 2014


A. When David failed to punish Amnon for the rape of Tamar, he lost time which he never recovered. He spent years making the wrong decisions at the wrong time as a result. A right decision at the wrong time becomes a wrong decision.

B. David made the wrong decision in not trying and executing the crown- prince Amnon for the rape of Tamar.

C. The result of doing nothing was Absalom’s assassination of Amnon.

D. As a result of doing nothing about the first crime, David decided to do something about the second crime in the royal family. He tried and sentenced Absalom to death in absentia.

E. The trial was held in absentia, for Absalom was out of reach of Jewish law, living with his grandfather in Geshur.

F. As a result of the three-act drama, “The Woman from Tekoa,” David pardoned Absalom but refused to see him.

G. Pardon includes remanding the punishment and forgiving and forgetting the crime. But David’s erroneous decision was tantamount to a half- forgiveness which is no forgiveness. You do not correct a wrong with a wrong.

H. Since Absalom did not pass the injustice test, David did something when he should have done nothing. After two years he agreed to see Absalom.

I. It was wrong on David’s part to refuse to see Absalom when he came back, a case of David doing nothing when he should have done something. You can get into this pattern and never get out.

J. Therefore, David did nothing when he should have done something (when he refused to see Absalom), and then he did something when he should have done nothing (two years later he forgave Absalom).

K. While he was wrong to refuse to see Absalom for two full years, it was right to perpetuate that refusal to see Absalom because Absalom did not pass the injustice test, but had become the leader of the revolutionary party. Timing means everything. If David had seen Absalom when he first came back, that would have been right. If he had not seen him two years later, that would have been right.

L Now after two years, it is wrong for David to see Absalom, since Absalom initiated the meeting to perpetuate and complete the revolution. The general public won’t pay any attention to Absalom until David smiles upon him. Then Absalom will steal the hearts of the people after David does smile upon him.

M. David is out of step, for he finally forgave Absalom when he should have continued to ignore him. It is no longer an issue of a half-forgiveness which is no forgiveness. Sometimes a wrong thing at one time becomes a right thing later.

N. After two years, Absalom was the leader of the criminal revolutionists.

O. Absalom will use David’s forgiveness and apparent public approval to undermine David’s authority and lure the general public on the side of the revolution. The general public will be used as a weapon.

P. Now with David’s stamp of approval, Absalom advances the conspiracy by openly maligning David’s government and subverting the general public.

Q. The general public will become a weapon for the revolution through propaganda and malfunction of the country’s jurisprudence.

R. There can be no revolution apart from governmental failure and crusader arrogance, which provides the content for propaganda. Crusader arrogance plus criminal arrogance equals revolution.

S. Based on his previous failure, David was doing the right thing at the wrong time resulting in poor timing. This has happened twice. He should have executed Amnon and should not have tried Absalom in absentia. When believers make a right decision, they often postpone it so that it becomes a wrong decision when acted upon later. You have to be alert to make the right decision at the right time. If you make the right decision at the wrong time you have parlayed right into wrong.

T. There is a right time for the right thing or right decision and a wrong time for the right thing or right decision. You sort it out by timing. You have to have wisdom, humility, and flexibility or your timing will be off.

U. Arrogance destroys the power to make good decisions at the right time. You not only have to be right in your decision but it has to be done at the right time.

V. Arrogance guarantees making the wrong decision at the wrong time or the right decision at the wrong time, which is the same thing.

W. Good decisions become bad decisions when made at the wrong time.

X. Good decisions made at the wrong time destroy the God-given prosperity of good timing