essay: Kundalini, the false Holy Spirit

August 26, 2014

Kundalini – the False Holy Spirit

Kundalini is a demonic spirit which is known as a counterfeit Holy Spirit from the Hindus. Under the influence of this demonic spirit people will have deep spiritual sensations such as “knowing” angelic languages, full body feelings of bliss & ecstasy. Uncontrollable physical sensations such as crying laughing & jerking – vivid dreams, visions & trances.

I have seen many people acting in similar ways after being through a fire tunnel , under the supposition that these experiences are from God – given by the Holy Spirit…

Here is what I have observed:
Persons deliberately praying for others to recieve “Fire” or “new wine” or “drink” or “fresh revalation” by placing their hand on the persons forehead until “something”, a manifestation occurs.

This could be shouting or wailing…. shaking or falling flat on the floor (slain in the spirit), most people I know would be laughing their heads off during this type of idiotic ministry.

Strange hand movements like waving, as though the Holy spirit could be moved by us tangibly on to other people.

Drunkenness and bliss, bombing someone, throwing or making the action of a throw on to people who then fall down and roll about as though drunk. They are totally immersed in the activity, and cannot be reasoned with or interrupted until it comes to a “natural” end.

The bible repeatedly tells us to stay sober & vigilant. Why would the Spirit of God come in such power and produce the exact opposite effect contrary to scripture?

Shouting at God to declare things over the church or the town or an individual. Declaring things about the Kingdom.
Commanding God’s glory to come down, this is very serious error.

Biblically we go to God’s presence at his invitation and his sacrifice of his son. And his presence has been with us, his name is Jesus who is all in all. And he sent the Holy Spirit as the comforter & the power of God – this “power” though is to do with making Jesus known and bringing conviction & repentance in turning hard hearts back to God.

Weird shaking/ involuntary head & body movements…. seriously people would do this during other times that they were not being ministered too & so therefore it was in no way a response or reaction to anything – I conclude that they were unaware of it & unable to stop it from happening..
leaders (& others) making Animal noises….(& finding it funny)

Soaking: people laying around in quiet semi- trance like states visualising God & giving their testimony about it later.
Galatians 5:22,23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

This is how we can evidence the work of the spirit of God in a persons life, it has nothing whatsoever to do with any manifestations… of course they would tell you the laughing is deep joy…. that is subjective anyhow… they will also tell you they felt compelled to behave like a neighing donkey or a mooing cow…. these things produce laughter in others as a response… that is not deep joy from knowing who you are in Christ.. that’s laughing with someone who looks foolish. All the mooing that people cant stop doing even in a preach time is not demonstrating forbearance & self control… I belive it is a kundalini awakening & not of the Spirit of the living God…