z Doctrine of Satan’s Desperation

August 20, 2014


A. Definition.

1. The devil’s desperation begins at the moment when he is expelled from heaven in the middle of the Tribulation. Once Satan is confined to earth he is desperate to avoid certain judgment. In his desperation, Satan attacks Israel in the greatest of all holocausts, the greatest anti-Semitism, which is the seventh trumpet and the beginning of the third woe.

2. The third woe is the entire course of the devil’s desperation. It has six parts.

a. The beginning of Satan’s desperation: the great holocaust of Israel, the seventh trumpet of Rev 12:12‑17.

b. The devil’s two witnesses: the Gentile dictator of the Revived Roman Empire and the Jewish dictator of the state of Israel in the Tribulation, Rev 13.

c. Evangelism continues on the earth in spite of the fact that all demons are on the earth, at the same time as the worst historical disaster in the world.

d. While Satan is still the ruler of the world, and now confined to the world, his kingdom has become his temporary jail. Divine judgment is administered through the last seven plagues (goblet judgments), Rev 15-16.

e. Satan’s last attack on the human race, his ace trump, is ecumenical religion, the greatest system ever, Rev 17‑18.

f. The Second Advent of Christ is when Satan and his whole system, both angelic and human, is defeated and destroyed. Satan is then imprisoned for 1000 years.

B. Satan’s tyranny and frustration will be seen in the policies of his dictators in Rev 13.

C. The consequences of Satan’s desperation is seen in the Armageddon campaign of Rev 16:12‑16. The greatest attack of religion will hit the entire human race, but will especially hit Israel, Rev 13, 17‑18. Satan’s human armies of the campaign are destroyed; his two dictators are cast into the Lake of Fire.

D. In Rev 20:1‑3, Satan himself is dethroned and incarcerated in the abyss for 1000 years, serving his sentence. Once let out of jail, he starts the Gog revolution. From then on, it’s downhill into the Lake of Fire forever.

E. Therefore, the eschatology of Satan’s desperation begins with the expulsion of Satan and all fallen angels from heaven in the middle of the Tribulation, and concludes with the Second Advent of Christ three and one half years later. Essentially then, it is the last three and one half years of the Tribulation, and last half of the book of Revelation, chapters 12‑19.