essay: The Problem and Solution explained

August 3, 2014

1. The Problem and Solution
a. Because of the sin of Adam, all mankind is born with an old sin nature. We never lose the sin nature until death. The sin nature is formed genetically in the cell structure of our bodies through the twenty-three chromosomes of the male sperm. Through copulation, the old sin nature is passed on from one generation to the next. This is why Rom 5:12 says, “In Adam all die.”
b. The manifestation of the resident sin nature is the production of personal sins. This is true for both believer and unbeliever; for all believers produce personal sins after salvation, 1 Jn 1:8, 10.
c. The result of having the old sin nature is spiritual death. Spiritual death is total depravity, total separation from God, and total inability to do anything about it. There is absolutely nothing we can do as unbelievers to have a relationship with God. God must do it all for us. That’s grace.
d. Therefore, imperfect mankind had a problem: how to have a personal relationship with perfect God? And mankind has no ability to solve the problem. So God must come up with the plan, the solution, the means of mankind having a relationship with Himself.
e. This solution demanded that personal sins be judged by the justice of God; for the righteousness of God demanded that sin be judged and not be left unpunished. However, God is also love, and He loved mankind so much that He wanted to find a way to deliver man from his sinful state and give him the ability to live with God forever.
f. Our Lord Jesus Christ offered Himself as the solution. He choose of His own free will to become a human being, go to the Cross, and allow God the Father to judge the sins of mankind placed in Him as a substitute for mankind. This judgment was so great and so terrible that God would not let either man or angels watch while it happened. Therefore, God covered the hill where Christ was judged in supernatural darkness while Christ bore our sins.
g. Finally, God offered mankind His very own perfect righteousness and very own eternal life, if only mankind would believe that the Lord Jesus Christ bore the punishment for our sins as our substitute. All man has to do is believe in Christ and he is saved from the eternal judgment reserved for the fallen angels.
h. In fact, God is so gracious in His forgiveness that He will not even judge unbelievers for their sins; for all their sins were also judged on the Cross. Therefore the unbeliever will stand before God sinless and in a resurrection body and still be condemned to the eternal Lake of Fire. They are judged for their own righteousness, or good deeds, called human good. The righteousness of man cannot, does not, and will never equal the perfect righteousness of God, (Isa 64:6)  and to live with God forever we must have His perfect righteousness and His eternal life.

2. Therefore, having forgiven us our sins, (at the moment of Faith in Christ) God is now free to consider all Church Age believers equal with Christ in every way, so that He considers us to already be resurrected, ascended, and seated at His right hand with Christ. This is the part of union with Christ called current positional truth.