Doctrine of Abraham and Isaac

July 21, 2010


I. Isaac’s Father: Abraham
A.     Abraham had received a specific promise in Genesis 15 and 17 that he would have a son from his own loins.  Abraham came to a conclusion based on facts that this would be done, and without his or Sarah’s help.
B.     Abraham and Sarah were marvelously changed in old age and at 100 and 90 years of age had this son, Isaac.
C.     When Isaac was a young man, Abraham was instructed to take him and offer him for a burnt-offering. Gen 22:2.  This was to test the spiritual food which Abraham had in his soul.  The test was: Are the blessings more important than the one who gave them?
D.     Abraham got to the Echo Zone and held by saying, “The Giver is more important than the Gift”  Remember: When the GIFT is more important than the GIVER then there is no CAPACITY.  CLF comes from looking at the source rather than the gift.
E.      The only way Abraham could have been prepared for such a time of pressure was for him to be locked-in on the mountain peak of maturity.  This reveals to us the importance of getting into our souls spiritual food every single day.
F.      Abraham was willing and ready to cut his son’s throat because he had already calculated, based upon spiritual food resident in his soul, that God would raise him up.  Heb 11:19

II. Isaac
A.     Abraham and Sarah laughed about having a child in their old age. Gen 17:17; 18:10-14
B.     God said “Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac (Hebrew word is jitzchaq, which means laughter)
C.     Isaac’s birth was 2061 BC
D.     Forty years later a servant found Isaac a wife – 2021 BC
E.      Twenty years after this, Isaac and Rebekah had twins: Jacob and Esau
F.      Esau was delivered first but with Jacob the “Heelcatcher” trying to be the first.
G.     Esau was “hairy” – Isaac’s favorite
H.     Jacob was “hairless” – Rebekah’s favorite
I.        Very different individuals (fraternal twins)
J.       Jacob was a believer, Esau was an unbeliever – Rom 9
K.     Isaac was a weak person who became strong in facing a test of deception. It was Spiritual maturity that made it possible for Isaac to make right decisions and to see from God’s vantage point.
L.      Isaac understood the elder-younger relationship, Gen 25:23.  “Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy womb; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people, and the elder shall serve the younger”  Isaac knew and understood this truth.
M.    Heb 11:20 reveals that Isaac blessed Jacob in the Covenant and Esau out of the covenant.

III. Isaac’s Application of the Abrahamic Covenant
A.     It was apparent to Isaac that, lost Esau could not inherit or perpetuate the principles of the Abrahamic Covenant.
B.     As much as Isaac loved Esau, he knew that the unbeliever was excluded from the Abrahamic Covenant.  Esau way not a Jew.  We have Jacob, a Jew and Esau a gentile.  How can this be true with the same mother and the same father?  Answer: They do not have the same LORD.  One is born-again, the other is not! Rom 9:6-14
C.     Isaac made the decision based upon SFRIS to move right on in spite of Esau’s protest over the blessing going to Jacob rather than the older brother, Esau.
D.     Isaac advanced by SFRIS just as anyone in our day advances.
E.      Isaac died in 1881 BC, 180 years old, crossed the Golden Bridge  Gen 35:27-29 (SFRIS =Spiritual Food Residing in the Soul)