Doctrine of Paul’s Fourth Missionary Journey

August 2, 2014


A. Upon his acquittal in 63‑64 AD, Paul was released, and he traveled east to Asia Minor by way of Macedonia. This means that in 58 AD, when he wrote the Roman church, it was a vigorous church. But four years later they had lost their vigor. They could not send Paul west. He had to go back to the churches which could still send out missionaries, Phil 2:24; Phile 22. Sometimes you have to go backward in order to go forward. You have to be disciplined before you can advance.

B. This means that Paul traveled by land. Paul went to Colossae, to which he had never been. He also went to Philippi and Ephesus. Paul had not previously visited the Lycus valley, but felt it necessary to do so, because he had never seen what the indigenous movement could do totally without his influence. Also Gnosticism was there.

C. During 64 AD, towards the end of the year, he traveled west to Spain, Rom 15:24,28. Paul embarked from Ephesus to Marseille, France. He didn’t stop at Rome because Nero had burned Rome and blamed the Christians. This was another reason why Paul had to go east first, because Nero was hunting for him in the west.

D. From Marseille, where Paul established a mission station, he crossed to Cadis, Spain and served two years in Spain, 64‑66 AD.

E. From Spain he returned to Ephesus where he had left Timothy.

F. He then went to Macedonia and wrote back to Timothy in 1 Tim. At this time, Paul also wrote to Titus in Crete. Trouble broke out all over the empire. So Paul started leaving people at the hot spots. Trophemus was left at Miletus; Erastus at Corinth.

G. Paul then went to Nicopolis of Epirus (a province on the western coast of Greece), Tit 3:12, and spent the winter there, 67‑68 AD.

H. In chains he was brought to Rome and wrote his last letter to Timothy in June, 68 AD. A few days later he was killed. Except for Luke, Paul was alone at this time.

I. Paul knew he was condemned before the trial. He knew he would die painlessly under dying grace, 2 Tim 2:9.

J. The Pauline team of missionaries had been dispersed.
1. Timothy was at Ephesus, 1 Tim 1:3.
2. Titus was at Crete, Tit 1:4‑5.
3. Trophimus was at Miletus, 2 Tim 4:20.
4. Erastus was at Corinth, 2 Tim 4:20.
5. Crescens was in Galatia, 2 Tim 4:10.