essay: 6 compartments of the soul/heart

July 18, 2014

The Heart of your soul: is like a filing cabinet with six compartments that make up the central resource center of your soul where you store and recall Bible doctrine.

1) The Frame of reference: Is equivalent to the draws of the filing cabinet where you store information for easy access.

2) The Memory Center: Is the actual files or file folders you place within the cabinet. It is the actual storage of information within your soul.

3) Vocabulary Storage: Is analogous to the tabs or headings we put on files or file folders as a technical reference to the information within the file giving us easy access and recall.

4) Categorical Storage: Is the systematic grouping of reference material for application. How you arrange the files or file folders.

5) Conscience: The Norms and Standards of your soul, used as a basis of reference for the situations of life.

6) Launch Pad: The animated process of applying the information stored in your soul.