Essay: Divine Dynasphere, Eight Gates

July 11, 2014

Divine Dynasphere

(1) One of the seven ministries of the Holy Spirit at salvation is to enter you into gate number one of your very own prefabricated palace (Divine Dynasphere) which is the basis for the Christian way of life.

(2) “Dynasphere” is derived from a combination of the Greek words DUNAMIS and SOPHIA, meaning “power sphere.” Only in the divine dynasphere can you execute the protocol plan of God. You can only get out of the divine dynasphere through sin; you recover through rebound.

(3) Gate #1 is the filling of the Holy Spirit, the enabling power for the execution of the Christian way of life.

(4) Gate #2 is basic Christian modus operandi. It includes basic problem-solving devices, such as rebound, faith rest drill, hope 2 and hope 3. It also includes basic concepts of doctrine in the field of Soteriology and Christology. This is actually the gate of epistemological rehabilitation.

(5) Gate #3 is enforced and genuine humility. With humility, no matter what kind of a person you are, you have objectivity and teachability from enforced and genuine humility. This is a part of the structure of the royal family of God on earth. There is a system of spiritual authority as well as a system of temporal authority in life.

(6) Gate #4 is perception, metabolization, and application of Bible doctrine to life. This is the momentum gate, for all basic momentum in the Christian life comes from your perception and application of Bible doctrine. This is operation Z which produces epignosis doctrine in the right lobe of the soul.

(7) Gate #5 is the beginning of spiritual adulthood. (Gates 1 3 is spiritual childhood.) This is personal love for God as the motivational virtue of life. This is also the place of spiritual self esteem which is the dividing line between spiritual childhood and spiritual adulthood.

(8) Gate #6 is impersonal love for all mankind, the realm of spiritual autonomy, the second stage of spiritual adulthood. This is functional virtue in life.

(9) Gate #7 is momentum testing, which includes four categories of testing: people, system, thought, and disaster.

(10) Gate #8 is the winner’s gate, spiritual maturity, the third stage of spiritual adulthood. This is the point at which you receive the conveyance of your escrow blessings and the first of two ways you glorify God in spiritual maturity. (The second way is to pass evidence testing which glorifies God to the maximum in the historic phase of the angelic conflict.)

(11) So the sovereignty of God the Father provided in eternity past a place for every member of the royal family for the execution of the protocol plan of God. The fulfillment of God’s plan and the glorification of God is residence and function in the divine dynasphere, under the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, and momentum from metabolized doctrine.