essay: Computer Asset analogy

July 11, 2014

Using a computer analogy portrays the concept of election.

(1) The ROM chip is the sovereignty of God chip. The PROM chip is the free will of man chip. The sovereignty of God and the free will of man coexist in human history in order to resolve the angelic conflict.
(2) ROM stands for “read only memory.” ROM is an integrated circuit into which unchanging data can be read but into which no new data can be written. ROM chips can only be programmed at the factory, which is analogous to heaven in eternity past.
(3) Hence, the ROM chip is the sovereignty of God integrated circuit, and it has two printouts which relate to the protocol plan of God: election and predestination. Election is the expression of the sovereignty of God in eternity past. Predestination is the provision of the sovereignty of God in eternity past.
(4) PROM means “programmable read only memory.” PROM is the free will of man chip, programmed by the omniscience of God in eternity past. It is defined as a memory device, or integrated micro-circuit containing fixed data that can be read but not altered.
(5) In other words, your free will, thinking, motivation, and actions operate right now in time. God knew your thoughts, motives, volitional decisions, and your actions in eternity past. Therefore, the omniscience of God entered into your very own prom chip every decision you will ever make in life, as well as your every thought, motive, and action.
(6) The entering of the data is performed after the device is manufactured. God manufactured free will in both angelic creatures and in mankind. Then He programmed into the PROM chips just exactly how each free will would function.
(7) Each PROM chip is programmed on the basis of the fact that the omniscience of God knew when each free will would operate independently of His sovereign will, and when in conformity with His sovereign will. But God invented free will to function either for or against Him; the choice lies with each individual.
(8) Omniscience is God’s knowledge of all creation simultaneously. Therefore, there never was a time when He didn’t know just exactly how your free will would work.
(9) In the computer of divine decrees, both the ROM chips and the PROM chips operate.
(10) In eternity past, God made one sovereign decision, one with many aspects. That one decision was to provide for you your very own election related to His plan for your life, and to provide for you your very own predestination related to His plan for your life. This is all contained in the ROM chip.
(11) In the PROM chip is a pre-creation record of each one of our lives, and it reads either winner or loser, depending upon your decisions. But there’s no excuse for being a loser, because in your ROM chip you have equal privileges and equal opportunities under election and predestination. Losers choose to be losers because of their ignorance of Bible doctrine and its resultant arrogance.
(12) The winner is the believer who uses his invisible computer assets of election and predestination. The loser is the believer who, through wrong decisions from a position of weakness, fails to learn, to understand the mechanics, and to utilize these invisible assets. Hence, the distinction between the winner and the loser is in the PROM chip, but never in the ROM chip.
(13) This important principle of equal privilege and opportunity for each individual Church Age believer under both election and predestination was left out of the lapsarian controversy in the history of theology.