Doctrine of Living Grace

July 19, 2010


I.    Description and definition:
A.    Living grace is one of five categories of grace including (See Doctrine of Grace):
1.    Saving grace.  Act.15:11; Eph.2:5,8
2.    Dying grace.  Heb.2:9
3.    Surpassing grace.  Eph.2:7
4.    Greater grace.  Jam.4:6
B.    That it is a grace provision indicates that its source is a part of the policy and plan of God irrespective of one’s own merits.
C.    Living grace for the believer is all that God has to do to keep one alive and functioning physically and spiritually in Ph2 so that said believer can seize and hold maturity (i.e. nothing depends on me/energy of the flesh).

II.    Living grace includes:
A.    Air to breath.  Gen.1:6-8
B.    Food, shelter, clothing.  Gen.1:29-30; 3:21; 28:20,21
C.    Protection from both seen and unseen enemies.  Deu.23:9,14; Psa.18:prologue,1-3,48; 31:15; Joh.17:15
D.    Each day to live.  Ps.118:24
E.    Laws of the Divine institutions (volition, right man/right woman, family, nations).
F.    GAP (the grace apparatus for perception), Bible Doctrine, and a Pastor-Teacher.
G.    God sustaining life until death.  Job 34:14-15; Psa.30:3; 66:9; Psa.118:18; Act.17:28

III.    Living grace depends on God’s sovereignty and not human volition.
A.    The provision came before the believer’s need (creation account Gen.1ff).
B.    Jesus Christ controls history and issues living grace as it is needed.  Mat.6:8

IV.    The believer is commanded to pray for living grace “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Mat.6:11

V.    The believer is to receive the living grace God provides with thankfulness and sanctify it by prayer.  1Tim.4:3-5

VI.    The believer is commanded to faith-rest living grace.  Mat.6:25-34

VII.    Jesus Christ is the perfect example of faith-resting His living grace in His humanity and was tested in it.
A.    Christ depended upon God providing protection from the environment in His ministry.  Mat.8:20; Luk.9:58
B.    He manifested the reality that God provides even by making the impossible, possible, through the feeding of the multitudes.  Mat.14:13-21; 15:32-38
C.    His living grace was tested in the 40 day wilderness test.  Mat.4:1-4
D.    God sent angels to administer sustenance for His humanity after the 40 day test.  Mat.4:11; Mar.1:13

VIII.    Living grace will be tested.
A.    Economic catastrophe.  Gen.12:10
B.    Military and political catastrophe.  Job 5:20; Rev.13:16-17
C.    Through a plethora of circumstances out of our control.  Psa.91; 2Cor.11:24-27

IX.    God provides living grace for both the reversionist and the mature believer.  Mat.5:45

X.    Unusual cases where God provided living grace.
A.    The Jews in the wilderness.  Exo.16
B.    Water for Samson.  Jud.15:14ff
C.    Elijah in the wilderness.  1Kgs.17:1-6

XI.    God withdraws living grace in the administration of the sin unto death (i.e. the Jews in 586BC and 70AD).  Cp.Deu.28:15-63

XII.    Living grace does not depend on giving.  You cannot bribe God.  Deu.10:17; 2Chr.19:7

XIII.    The reversionist consistently fails the living grace test (i.e. the Exodus generation).

XIV.    There are two possible reactions when living grace is tested.  In either case, you will receive living grace unless it is the sin unto death.
A.    You trust God for it.  Heb.13:5-6
B.    You test God for it.  Exo.17:2,7; Num.14:22; Psa.78:14,41,56; Heb.3:7-10.

XV.    The adjusted believer is to be content with the living grace God provides.  1Tim.6:8

XVI.    Believers and the local church are to emulate God in application by assisting other believers under living grace tests when the resources are available.  Eph.5:1 cp. 1Cor.16:1-4; Jam.3:15-16; 1Joh.3:17-18

XVII.    Believers are commanded not to apply living grace to those that will not work.  2The.3:10

XVIII.    God is glorified when He provides living grace to the believer.  Exo.16:7a

XIX.    Living grace testing will no longer be an issue in Ph3.  Rev.7:16