Doctrine of Escrow Blessings

February 9, 2014


A.  Introduction.
1.  Escrow blessings are infinitely superior to all other categories of divine blessings for both time and eternity.  There are no set of circumstances that can hinder the conveyance of your escrow blessings in time.  You will receive your escrow blessings as a mature believer even though the rest of the nation is falling around you.
a.  Escrow blessings is a metaphor designed to explain the ultimate blessings available to every Christian in time and eternity.  A metaphor is the application of a phrase or a concept to an object or concept it does not literally denote in order to suggest a comparison.
b.  Escrow is defined as a deed, a bond, or other valuable asset in the form of a written agreement delivered to a third person by the grantor, to be delivered to a party of the second part on performance or fulfillment of the escrow conditions.  Escrow conditions for us are the execution of the protocol plan of God under the concept of equal time, equal privilege, and equal opportunity.  Race, culture, sex, and economic standing are no hindrance to the conveyance of your escrow.
c.  The grantor is God the Father.  He deposited in heaven in escrow greater blessings that stagger the imagination for both time and eternity.  Each believer is a grantee.  God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, is the escrow officer and the depositary of these blessings.  These blessings remain on deposit until we fulfill the conditions of the escrow by executing the protocol plan of God.
d.  During our post-salvation experience as believers, through maximum doctrine circulating in the stream of consciousness, we grow up.  We grow spiritually through the various categories of Bible doctrine.  Spiritual growth is accelerated by using problem solving devices in time of problems, heartaches, difficulties, and trouble.  We are tested periodically by God, which helps accelerate our spiritual growth.  God never blesses us in time until we have the capacity.  Capacity for blessings is in the soul and depends on metabolized doctrine circulating in the stream of consciousness.
e.  Immediately after the rapture of the Church, the mature believer receives the distribution of his escrow blessings for eternity.  These blessings were irrevocable as of eternity past.  If they are not conveyed, then they remain on deposit forever in the heavenly hall of records.
2.  Escrow blessings for time are distributed to the Church Age believer shortly after he executes the protocol plan of God for the Church and attains spiritual maturity, gate eight of the divine dynasphere.
a.  The attainment of spiritual maturity is tantamount to the execution of the protocol plan of God for the Church Age, the only game plan for this dispensation.
b.  The believer who attains spiritual maturity is classified as a winner, one who glorifies God through the execution of the protocol plan of God, and as an invisible hero who has maximum impact in human history and subsequently glorifies God.
3.  There are two stages of glorification of God in the great power experiment of the Church Age.
a.  The distribution of escrow blessings for time to the mature believer who is a winner and an invisible hero in the great power experiment of the Church Age glorifies God.
(1)  Ephesians 1 teaches that the first thing God ever did for us is the means of glorifying Him.
(2)  Billions of years ago, God the Father actually deposited into escrow for you as a Church Age believer greater blessings in two categories:  escrow blessings for time and escrow blessings for the eternal state.
(3)  Eph 1:3, “Worthy of praise and glorification is the God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ.”  The term “spiritual” blessings is used because God is the source, not because they are necessarily “spiritual” in nature, for they also include temporal blessings.
(4)  Eph 1:3 presents the three parties in the escrow:  God the Father is the grantor, our Lord Jesus Christ is the escrow officer and depositary, and “us” refers to every believer in union with Christ as royal family of God.
b.  Passing evidence testing as a mature believer glorifies God to the maximum, and it qualifies the invisible hero for angelic impact.  He is a witness for the Prosecution in the rebuttal phase of Satan’s appeal trial.
4.  Your escrow blessings are tailored perfectly for you.  You will have some of these blessings, but may not have all of them.

B.  Categories of Escrow Blessings for Time.
1.  Spiritual Blessings.
a.  Spiritual blessing means maximum awareness of life.  You are very much alive and you savor every moment of life, whether in adversity or prosperity.  You have zest for life and an enjoyment of every moment of life, regardless of what it brings.  This zest for life excludes being depressed or upset by the ups and downs of life.
b.  Spiritual blessing means orientation to objective reality, a maximum amount of objectivity in your life, and the accumulation of all the characteristics of spiritual adulthood (see the doctrine of Spiritual Maturity).  This means a combination of all the characteristics of spiritual selfesteem, spiritual autonomy, and spiritual maturity into maximum contentment, tranquility, and happiness in life regardless of your station, circumstances, or status quo in life.
c.  Spiritual blessing means maximum use of the problem solving devices provided by God for spiritual adulthood.  These problem solving devices are used in varying degrees until you reach spiritual maturity when they are used to the maximum.  The use of these problem solving devices gives you an edge on life which no one else has.  In a moment’s time, you can use occupation with Christ, your personal sense of destiny, +H, virtue-love (personal love for God, impersonal love for all mankind), doctrinal orientation, grace orientation, the faith-rest drill, the filling of the Spirit, and rebound; all of which produce a fantastic confidence that is unique and exclusive to spiritual maturity.
d.  Spiritual maturity means maximum blessing in the relationships of your life, i.e., with God, people, and self.
(1)  Your relationship with God is fantastic and is based upon a tremendous confidence that, while you have never seen God, you know Him and understand Him as He wants to be understood through the mystery doctrine of the Church Age.
(2)  You will be blessed in your contacts with all kinds of people, both loving and antagonistic.  People can no longer disturb you or cause you to be disillusioned and full of selfpity.
(3)  You have a relationship with self that is honest and virtuous.
e.  Some of the spiritual blessings specific to spiritual maturity include the following.
(1)  Maximum contentment, the stability of happiness.
(2)  Maximum tranquility, the backbone of happiness.
(3)  Maximum poise, the overt manifestation of happiness.
(4)  Maximum capacity for life, for love, and for happiness.  This is having a zest for life simply because you’re alive, regardless of the circumstances.  Your consciousness of just being alive in relationship to God gives you a zest for life that no system of adversity or suffering can disturb; even in the suffering this blessing is never lost.
(5)  Maximum production in Christian service from true motivation.  This results in receiving gold, silver, and precious stones at the Judgment Seat of Christ.  Your Christian service is related to whatever is your spiritual gift so that you are not in competition with other Christians.
(6)  Maximum function of your spiritual gift.  If you attain spiritual maturity, don’t worry about your spiritual gift; God will see to it that you are using it.
(7)  Personal sense of destiny.  You cannot have reached spiritual maturity without having a personal sense of destiny.  It’s a wonderful warm feeling to know that you have arrived without being arrogant or vain, yet you do have a sense of destiny.  You know that one day in the future you will die.  Knowing that you have no control at all over the time or manner of your death gives you great confidence, for death and resurrection are strictly the Lord’s victory.
(8)  Maximum virtue instead of selfrighteousness.
(9)  Maximized personality identification.
(10)  As an invisible hero, you have invisible but real impact in three categories:  personal, national, and international.
(11)  The ability to interpret historical trends and to evaluate life from the divine viewpoint.
(12)  The fulfillment of the protocol plan of God.
(13)  The fulfillment of such passages as Phil 4:1113, 1 Tim 6:68, and Heb 13:5.
f.  You are not in any way influenced by the worst things that happen to believers; e.g., arrogant selfrighteousness, pious hypocrisy, legalism, human good rather than divine good, crusader arrogance, and all the other functions of pseudospirituality.
g.  Instead, you have maximum grace orientation to life; maximum dependence upon the grace policy of God, therefore, eliminating human dynamics as having any part of the spiritual life; and maximum utilization of the unique features of the great power experiment of the Church Age.
h.  You live within your human limitations in life.  You live within the limitations of your environment, and you do so without embarrassment, regret, inordinate ambition, or inordinate competition.  You have a dynamic spiritual life (not necessarily a dynamic personality) which glorifies God in every circumstance.
i.  Therefore, you have finally arrived at complete niche orientation, at the point where you can say God’s plan has been executed in your life.
j.  Other spiritual blessings include cognitive invincibility, mental stability, orientation to reality, and grace orientation to life, which includes grace thinking from the absolute truth of Bible doctrine and subsequent grace motivation, grace decisions, and grace actions.
k.  Therefore, you have maximum control of your life through the function of the problem-solving devices of spiritual adulthood.  This eliminates the three C’s of the disorganized life:
(1)  Competitiveness from arrogance, a destroyer of life.
(2)  Comparativeness from subjectivity.
(3)  Conspiracy from inordinate ambition.

C.  Categories of Temporal Blessings or Prosperity.
1.  Although the emphasis is on spiritual blessings, God does provide the mature believer with temporal blessings.
2.  If God doesn’t promote you, you’re not promoted.  God doesn’t promote any mature believer above his limitations, or into a sphere of activity where he would be distracted or his spiritual life neutralized.
3.  The Church Age believer can only be promoted through the execution of the protocol plan of God, which is the result of perception, metabolization, and momentum from metabolized doctrine.  Therefore, whatever blessings you do receive, they are related to your post-salvation epistemological rehabilitation.  This is because the key to the Christian way of life is your mental attitude at any moment, which determines your motivation, decisions, and actions.
4.  The Church Age believer must think of promotion in the sense of becoming an invisible hero.
5.  All mature believers have spiritual prosperity, which is maximum occupation with the person of Christ.  Spiritual prosperity means equating living with dying and adversity with prosperity.
6.  Temporal blessings vary with the individual mature believer and with his environment.  But some of the categories can be noted.
a.  Establishment prosperity include the blessings of privacy and freedom; the enjoyment of both life and property; protection from crime, reprisal, violence, and vindictiveness from others; contentment under national disaster; and acceptance by one’s own peers, whether they like you or not.
b.  War and national emergency prosperity include the blessings of efficiency, success, promotion, and for some leadership, whether soldier or civilian.
c.  Professional prosperity is maximum success or efficiency in a profession, whether law, medicine, engineering, science, military, teaching, law enforcement, athletics, art, music, literature, etc.
d.  Business prosperity, where pertinent, means success in business as an owner or an executive of a large corporation; or where pertinent, success as a salesman, administrator, laborer, etc.
e.  Social prosperity is the possession of loving, faithful, reliable, and stable friends, and maximum enjoyment of your relationships with them.  It is the ability to handle all sorts of social situations.  Your great happiness and enthusiasm for life is expressed both vocally and in silence with friends.
f.  Romantic prosperity can mean a wonderful relationship with a member of the opposite sex where happiness replaces sinfulness.  Sinfulness refers to the whole realm of mental attitude and verbal sins.  Those are the areas that destroy romance much more than the obvious overt sins of unfaithfulness and adultery.  Romantic prosperity is perpetuated under all circumstances of adversity and prosperity.  This includes sexual prosperity in marriage.  Or it could just mean peace from a nagging wife; nevertheless, a successful marriage is reality.
g.  Mental prosperity is the ability to concentrate; to organize both your thinking and your life; to synthesize, to analyze; greater cogitation and perspicacity; courage, which is the ability to think under pressure; the function of wisdom in the exercise of the intellect; the development of common sense and an excellent sense of humor.  Mental prosperity includes freedom from the mental sins of fear, worry, and anxiety.  The development of normality in life comes from thinking objectively.  You will become more observant and aware of others, and therefore not do the things that hurt them.  You will have a relaxed mental attitude and a true sense of humor.  Perhaps this category also includes freedom from the mental diseases of old age.
h.  Cultural prosperity is maximum capacity for good entertainment; the enjoyment of the best in music, art, literature, drama, history, and whatever your hobbies may be, from horticulture to equitation.
i.  Health prosperity is given to some mature believers.  But if you have violated too many principles of health already you may not have good health, but you will have the ability to cope with your lack of good health.  This prosperity means nervous energy and nervous stability, though not necessarily freedom from pain.  You can be in good health and have pain.  An abundance of nervous energy and stability is a characteristic of all great men of history.
j.  Leadership dynamics, though not for everyone, is a blessing for some by virtue of either their genetics or spiritual gift, or it can be acquired.  This is the ability to take any assigned responsibility and do it efficiently, cheerfully, and effectively.  Therefore, it is the ability to assume authority and responsibility without loss of virtue and integrity, and without tyranny.  This is true leadership, not micro-management or petty bureaucratic behavior.
7.  Several passages refer to some of these prosperities.
a.  Prov 8:18, “Riches and honor are with Me [doctrine], enduring wealth and virtue [righteousness].”
b.  Ps 23:56, “You have prepared for me a table in the presence of my enemies.  You have anointed my head with oil.  My cup [of blessing] is overflowing.  Only prosperity and grace pursue me all the days of my life [escrow blessings for time], and I will remain in the house of the Lord forever [escrow blessings for eternity].”

D.  Suffering for Blessing.
1.  There are three categories of suffering for blessing, and they are related to the three stages of spiritual adulthood.  This concept does not include cursing turned to blessing with the use of rebound.  The three categories of suffering for blessing are:
a.  Providential preventative suffering.
b.  Momentum testing.
c.  Evidence Testing.
2.  Each category of suffering for blessing is designed to advance the believer to another stage of spiritual adulthood, glorifying God in the process.
a.  Spiritual self-esteem plus providential preventative suffering equals spiritual autonomy.
b.  Spiritual autonomy plus momentum testing equals spiritual maturity.
c.  Spiritual maturity plus evidence testing equals the glorification of God to the maximum in the great power experiment of the Church Age.
3.  Suffering for blessing demands maximum use of the problem solving devices of spiritual adulthood, the stability of the spiritual life.
4.  Suffering for blessing equates living with dying and adversity with prosperity.  This means a magnificent combination of blessings, for spiritual blessings plus temporal blessings result in one of the greatest triumphs in life, which is experiencing suffering for blessing and maintaining the same happiness then as you have in prosperity.

E.  Personal Impact of the Invisible Hero.
1.  This is a category of blessing by association with the winner or invisible hero.  (See the doctrine of the Invisible Hero.)
2.  The believer who has fulfilled the protocol plan of God by advancing to spiritual maturity is in the state of being a winner.  As such, everyone who has contact with him has contact with an invisible hero.
3.  All relationships and contacts with an invisible hero result in blessing.
4.  There are two categories of blessing by association and/or personal impact.
a.  Direct blessing from God to those persons associated with the winner or invisible hero.  This means fantastic blessing is given to those who are undeserving but who have a relationship with a mature believer.  This includes family, friends, loved ones, business associates, and pets.
b.  Indirect blessing from God comes by means of the mature believer.  Because he possesses all the virtues of spiritual maturity, the mature believer is thoughtful, considerate, kind, tolerant, and often very generous, though in a quiet way.  Because of his attainment of spiritual maturity, he shares his wisdom in conversation, and shares whatever else he has.  Therefore, to be in his presence is a pleasure.  You can count on him not to verbally sin against you or stab you in the back.  The mature believer shares both his virtuous personality and his material blessings with those associated with him.  He is a source of stability in the life of those around him.
5.  There are six areas of blessing by association.
a.  The spiritual periphery refers to those associated with the mature believer in the local church, prayer meeting, prep school, mission board, or in some Christian service organization.
b.  The family periphery refers to those associated with the mature believer as husband, wife, father, mother, children, relatives, and even pets.
c.  The social periphery refers to friends associated with him.
d.  The geographical periphery refers to those associated with the mature believer in his neighborhood, city, county, state, or nation.
e.  The professional or business periphery refers to those associated with the mature believer in business, in schools, on athletic teams, medical clinics, law firms, law enforcement organizations, engineering firms, banks, corporations, symphony orchestras, and military organizations.
6.  There is blessing by association after death.  Those loved ones who are left behind receive the greatest insurance policy provided by association with the mature believer.  This could be classified as heritage blessing for the next generation of those who have been associated with the mature believer.  Blessing by association continues after the death of the mature believer; it extends to the next generation, and sometimes to the third generation.  This explains how bereaved ones associated with the dead mature believer, regardless of their spiritual status (even unbelievers) receive blessing and prosperity by association.  Again, this is part of the explanation as to why some wicked prosper.

F.  National Impact of the Invisible Hero.
1.  The mature believer or winner in the protocol plan of God becomes a part of the pivot in the client nation to God.
2.  The size of the pivot in the client nation becomes the basis for blessing or cursing to that nation.  A large pivot of mature believers means national blessing, national prosperity, and historical preservation.  A small pivot of mature believers means the administration of national discipline from God.
3.  The principle is that as goes the believer in the client nation to God, so goes that client nation.
4.  As the pivot shrinks, the client nation to God declines and is eventually destroyed by the administration of the fifth cycle of discipline.
5.  Reversionism and apostasy among believers result in national disaster, while having anywhere from 5% to 10% mature believers means national prosperity.
6.  This can be called the salt principle, as per Mt 5:13 or Mk 9:50, where we are said to be “the salt of the earth [land].”  This is the pivot principle.
7.  The client nation to God (as the United States is today and as S.P.Q.R. was) provides wonderful principles such as:  freedom for evangelism, for Bible teaching and the function of the local church, for missionary activity, and for Christian service; free enterprise; and fulfillment of manifest destiny.  So a client nation to God has tremendous responsibility.

G.  International Impact of the Invisible Hero.
1.  While winners or mature believers live in client nations, client nations in time of spiritual prosperity send out missionaries.  This is one of the important functions of a client nation; i.e., to send out spiritually mature missionaries.
2.  The mature missionary must have wisdom and avoid legalism, making an issue only out of the Gospel and doctrine.  He must understand salvation and then what follows salvation:  the communication of the mystery doctrine in the New Testament epistles, the teaching of the protocol plan of God, the clear exposition in the native language of the wonderful things God has for us in the protocol plan of God.
3.  When winners or mature believers go to non-client nations as missionaries, they are the real source and usually the only source of blessing to that non-client nation.
4.  So through indigenous modus operandi to non-client nations, there is blessing for nations that have no other source of blessing.  A non-client nation can be blessed by association even with just one missionary who is a winner and an invisible hero.

H.  Angelic Impact of the Invisible Hero.
1.  By means of passing evidence testing, the winner or invisible hero becomes a witness for the Prosecution in the rebuttal phase of Satan’s appeal trial which is coterminous with human history.
2.  Angels observe human history.
a.  Elect angels rejoice over the fact that one sinner believes in Christ, Lk 15:710.
b.  The great power experiment of the Hypostatic Union was observed by angels, 1 Tim 3:16.
c.  The great power experiment of the Church Age is observed by angels, 1 Cor 4:9; Eph 3:10; 1 Tim 5:21; 1 Pet 1:12.
3.  Evidence testing is designed for the maximum glorification of God in the historical extension of the angelic conflict.
4.  Evidence testing often temporarily removes certain escrow blessings distributed at the point of spiritual maturity, as in the cases of Abraham, Job, and David.
5.  Usually evidence testing comes to the mature believer without warning, since it is generally administered by Satan.
6.  To resolve Satan’s appeal trial in favor of the Prosecution and to see if the Source of blessing is greater than the blessing itself, the mature believer enters into this stage of suffering for blessing.
7.  Evidence testing as undeserved suffering for blessing demands the highest function of personal love for God as your motivation.
8.  All three categories of suffering for blessing (providential preventative suffering, momentum testing, and evidence testing) can be classified as undeserved, and all undeserved suffering tests the motivation of the believer in relationship to his personal love for God.  This means that undeserved suffering demands the highest motivation, the highest personal love for God as the ultimate experience of spiritual life.  This is what causes the angels to cheer.
9.  Temporary loss of escrow blessings in time is the ultimate honor that God can bestow on an individual.  The temporary loss of escrow blessings in time provides the ultimate in spiritual experience.  To be deprived of everything and to be totally occupied with the Lord is the highest function in the spiritual life.
10.  While the blessing may be removed, the Source cannot be and will not be removed.  If you still have the Source, even though the blessing is gone temporarily, you still have that Source and even greater blessings.  The real blessing comes from knowing the Source is permanent.
11.  As long as you have the Source, you have everything even when you have nothing.  David had a temporary loss of his escrow blessings during the Absalom revolution.  Abraham’s offering of Isaac is the same principle.  The blessings may come and go, but the Source is always the same.  Job said in Job 1:21, “The Lord gives, the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”  Job temporarily lost his spiritual maturity and occupation with the Lord, but he recovered and received double blessings by the end of the book.
12.  When God takes something away from you, it is always for some greater blessing.  The blessings may come and the blessings may go, but the Source is always there.

I.  Heritage Impact of the Invisible Hero.
1.  This might be classified as heritage blessing by association for the next generation.
2.  Blessing by association continues after the death of the winner or invisible hero.  It extends to the next generation, especially to those individuals or client nations or nonclient nations associated with the mature believer while he lived.
3.  This explains the old proverb:  “Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves every third generation.”
4.  Furthermore, bereaved ones and friends of the mature believer, regardless of their spiritual status, are blessed in the next generation by their association with the winner or the invisible hero.
5.  This explains “why the wicked prosper.”  Both believers and unbelievers prosper through blessing by association.  The other explanation as to why losers prosper is logistical grace blessing.

J.  Dying Blessings of the Invisible Hero.
1.  This represents the doctrine of dying grace which is the dying status of the winner or mature believer.
2.  Whether he has a quick and painless death or a prolonged and painful death, the mature believer will have the greatest blessing of his life as he crosses the high golden bridge between time and eternity.
3.  The believer has no control over the manner or time of his dying.  This is the decision of the sovereignty of God.  For the mature believer, this is God’s victory as a special gift given to him.
4.  Whether the mature believer dies quickly or slowly, God gives him the greatest blessings of his life during his dying.  God gives him through the objective reality of the absolute truth of Bible doctrine the greatest tranquility that his soul has ever experienced.
5.  The sovereignty of God determines the time, place, and manner of dying for every believer.  Once God determines the time of departure from this life, all believers, winners and losers, depart to heaven under two principles.
a.  “Absent from the body and face to face with the Lord,” 2 Cor 5:8.
b.  “No more sorrow, no more tears, no more pain, no more death; the old things have passed away,” Rev 21:4.
6.  So dying grace belongs to the winner or mature believer only as an extension of his escrow blessings for time.
7.  By way of contrast, the manner of dying for the loser is classified as the sin unto death in 1 Jn 5:16.  Although the loser Christian does not lose his salvation, he does lose his escrow blessings for time and for the eternal state.  Because the escrow blessings for the loser are irrevocable, they remain on deposit forever as a memorial to lost opportunity to execute the protocol plan of God.  Every believer has equal privilege and equal opportunity under election and predestination to execute the protocol plan of God and to fulfill God’s plan, purpose, and will for his life while living on this earth.
8.  Both death and resurrection of the believer must be classified as strictly the Lord’s victory.  We as believers have control over our life after salvation to succeed or fail, to be positive or negative in the protocol plan of God.  But we have no control over the manner or time of our death or the manner or time of our resurrection.  Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.  He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”  Resurrection is the Lord’s victory, not ours.
9.  1 Cor 15:5557, “O death, where is your victory?  O death, where is your sting?  The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the Law.  But thanks to God who gives to us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!”
10.  The believer in spiritual maturity has learned how to die, since he has also learned how to live.  In spiritual maturity he dies magnificently as unto the Lord.
a.  Phil 1:21, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is profit.”
b.  Ps 23:6, “Only prosperity and grace shall pursue me [prosperity looks for the mature believer] all the days of my life.”  This blessing is greater than any blessing in life on earth.

K.  A Parenthetical Warning.
1.  One of the most solemn warnings in the mystery doctrine of the New Testament is found in Heb 10:3536.  “Therefore, do not throw away as worthless your confidence [spiritual self-esteem] which keeps on having rich distribution of blessing [escrow blessings for time], for you keep on having need of perseverance, so that when you have done the will of God [spiritual growth], you may receive the deposit which was promised.”
2.  You have done the will of God when you have reached gate eight of the divine dynasphere.
3.  To be a loser is the greatest tragedy in the world, especially if you have learned some Bible doctrine but then are distracted from it.

L.  Escrow Blessings for the Eternal State.
1.  Those who are evaluated as mature believers at the Judgment Seat of Christ will receive the distribution of their escrow blessings for the eternal state.  These are rewards and blessings which go on forever.
2.  Because we have equal privilege and equal opportunity in time, with the tremendous grace freedom to live long enough to attain spiritual maturity, there is great inequality in heaven.  Winners will be distinguished by the following categories.  Losers will have resurrection bodies only.  Although they will be happy forever, they will not have the privileges that winners have.
3.  See the doctrine of the Judgment Seat of Christ.

M.  The attainment of escrow blessings comes in three ways.
1.  Escrow blessings are attained through our portfolio of invisible assets.  (See the doctrine of Portfolio of Invisible Assets).  1 Cor 2:9, “As it stands written [Isa 64:4, 65:17], ‘Things [invisible assets] which no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.’”
a.  These “things” are beyond human imagination or conception.
b.  This verse refers only to those in spiritual adulthood.  “Those who love Him” refers to believers who have attained spiritual self-esteem, spiritual autonomy, or spiritual maturity.
c.  So through the utilization of the three categories of assets in our portfolio of invisible assets, the believer fulfills the protocol plan of God by which he receives his escrow blessings.
(1)  Primary assets.
(a)  Escrow blessings.
(b)  Computer assets:  Election and Predestination.
(2)  Secondary assets.
(a)  Volitional assets.  Your constant use of volition, making positive decisions from a position of strength, is the basis for increasing the benefits of your portfolio.
(b)  Production assets:  Christian service.
(c)  Undeserved suffering assets:  providential preventative suffering, momentum testing, evidence testing.
(d)  Impact assets:  personal, historical, international, angelic, and heritage.
(3)  Personal assets:  spiritual gifts.
d.  The result of the utilization of these assets is the attainment of spiritual maturity and the conveyance of escrow blessings which glorify God in time and eternity.
2  Escrow blessings are attained through perseverance in the perception of Bible doctrine.  Prov 8:18, “With Me [personification of doctrine] are riches and honor [escrow blessings for time], enduring wealth and prosperity [escrow blessings for the eternal state].”
3.  Escrow blessings are attained through residence, function, and momentum inside the divine dynasphere.  Eph 3:20, “Now to Him [God the Father] who is able to do infinitely more than all we could ask or imagine on the basis of the power which is at work for us.”
a.  This “power” is first of all seen in the portfolio and then in the protocol plan of God.  This is a general reference to the computer assets of our portfolio designed by God the Father in eternity past, and a specific reference to the power at work in us, i.e., the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.  This enabling power only works when we are inside our palace, the divine dynasphere.  This is tantamount to the filling of the Spirit.  Hence, this is a reference to our equal opportunity under the computer asset of predestination.
b.  This requires consistent residence in the divine dynasphere, under the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, and momentum from metabolized doctrine.  That results in the attainment of spiritual maturity and the consequent distribution of our escrow blessings.