essay: Christian Taboos, Myths, and False Doctrines.

December 1, 2013

Doctrines of demons.


Many christian churches are filled with taboos, false doctrines and myths based on religious practices believed to be Biblical. The following taboos are NOT found in our Bible, but they continue to deceive most christians.

1.    Praying while on your knees will enhance your prayer.
2.    A person must be baptized to be a christian.
3.    A person is saved when he invites Christ into his heart.
4.    Spiritual growth comes to those who attend church regularly.
5.    God hears/answers ALL prayers.
6.    God will bless you if you give money to a church.
7.    Christianity is a religion.
8.    You will be judged for your sins at the last judgement.
9.    A person must be baptized in water to be saved.
10.   God will forgive your sins if you ask him to.
11.   If Jesus isn’t the Lord of all, he isn’t the Lord at all.
12.   When a Christian sins, he looses his salvation.
13.   All sins were forgiven when Christ died on the cross.
14.   You must give your life to Christ to receive salvation.
15.    Smokers and drinkers will go to hell.
16.    God verbally speaks to certain people.
17.    Satan and his angels were cast out of heaven many thousands of years ago.
18.    Raising your hands in church will enhance your worship.
19.    All men are children of God.
20.    The Christian can “speak” something into existence.
21.    When you become a Christian, you must obey Gods law.
22.    God will bless you for doing good works.
23.     Speaking in tongues is evidence of your salvation.
24.    God is impressed by religious words such as, amen brother, hallelujah sister, praise God, glory, ect.
25.    If God doesn’t heal you, it’s because your faith is not strong enough.
26.    To be married, you must be pronounced married by a preacher.
27.    Three thousand people spoke in tongues at Pentecost.
28.    A christian will lose his salvation if he stops going to church.
29.    God is impressed by those who attend church regularly.
30.    The Holy Spirit will “convict” (make you feel guilty) the believer of his sins.
31.    Biblical repentance means you must stop sinning.
32.    Christians can be indwelt or possessed by demons.
33.    The christian way of life is, morality.
34.    Believers can be filled with the Holy Spirit by prayer, fasting, and praising God.
35.    Christian music prepares the heart for worship of God.
36.    God is impressed by christians that raise their hands during a church service.
37.    Raising your hands in church is part of worship.
38.    Raising of the hands in church is pleasing to god.
39.    The Pastors job is to visit the sick.
40.    The bible says, the fetus in the womb is a human life.
41.    A Christian is spiritual when he raises his hands in church.
42.    God’s plan includes the ordination of women as Pastors.
43.    God answers all prayers.
44.    Extra biblical revelation is approved by God.
45.    Some preachers can heal people.
46.    God will bless you for paying ten percent of your income to a preacher.
47.    Tithing is planting a seed of faith.
48.    You must “repent of your sins” to go to heaven.
49.    Someday the lion will lie down with the lamb.
50.    Spiritual growth comes to those that attend church.
51.    The modern day “storehouse”, is the local Church.
52.    The “anointing” is the ability to perform miracles and healing.
53.    The Christian can “speak” something into existence.
54.    You must ask the Holy Spirit to come live inside you.
55.    All men are born with body, soul and human spirit.
56.    All men are born without a sin nature.
57.    The church will go through the Tribulation.
58.    Prayer and fasting are vital for reaching spiritual victory.
59.    The rapture comes after the Tribulation.
60.   Numerous prophecies will be fulfilled before the Rapture.
61.    You can make God happy by giving him praise and worship.
62.    God will bless you for your “good works”.
63.    God will bless you for tithing.
64.    Christians are commanded to tithe.
65.    Tithing is Christian giving.
66.    God opens the windows of heaven and pours out blessings upon christian “tithers”.
67.    Those who pay their tithes will be protected from disaster. The devourer.
68.    Christians who do not tithe are robbing God.
69.    You must feel sorry for your sins.
70.    Smoking and drinking are sinful, because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
71.    Repentance means giving up things.
72.    Any christian that claims to be a prophet, is a prophet.
73.    All homosexuals and lesbians are going to hell.
74.    It is impossible for homosexuals and lesbians to become Christians.
75.    Husband and wives will remain lovers in heaven.
76.    The fetus inside the womb of a woman is a human being.
77.    Those who have a abortion are guilty of murder in the sight of God.
78.    Christians should pray for the Filling of the Spirit.
79.    The Holy Spirit leaves the Christian upon commission of sin.
80.    The Holy Spirit will “convict” (make you feel guilty) the believer of his sins.
81.    Believers do not have the Holy Ghost today, if they don’t speak in tongues.
82.    The believer’s tongue has the power to bless people.
83.    Christians don’t need to confess their sins, because all their sins were forgiven at the cross.
84.    The King James Version of the Bible contains no errors.
85.    You are Pro-Abortion if you believe that life begins at the moment of physical birth.
86.    The Bible says that Life begins at conception.
87.    The bible says, the fetus in the womb is a human life.
88.    The devil and his demons are responsible for all the sins and evil in the world.
89.    Nobody is responsible for any of his devious acts because the devil made him do it.
90.    Satan through his demons are forcing men to follow his evil scheming.
91.    To receive the forgiveness of God, one has to do good works, penance, and or sacrifice.
92.     Man must work for his salvation.
93.    Praising God is verbal expression.
94.    The Christian must pray and fast.
95.    Natural disasters are God’s punishment against unbelievers.
96.    Members of certain denominations are not real Christians.
97.     Christs physical death redeemed mankind.
98.    Jesus Christ was visited by three KINGS from the east when He was born.
99.     A believer must be baptized to be a Christian.
100.   Cupids are angels. .
101.    God answers all prayer.
102.    A non-denominational church is not a legitimate church.
103.    The Lord Jesus Christ died on Friday and rose from the grave on Sunday. .
104.    Any christian that claims to be an Apostle, is an Apostle.
105.    Any christian that claims to be a prophet, is a prophet.
106.    Sleeping in church is a sin.
107.    God will not bless you if you don’t attend church.
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