Doctrine of Charismatic Kook Lingo and Translation

September 9, 2012

Charismatic Lingo and translation


Every cult and sect has their own special way of communicating. The Charismatics have several terms which outsiders, i.e. non-tongue-talking low wattage Christians (like us) do not understand.  Some comments are tongue-in-cheek, but the definitions are genuine.

The Anointing: The anointing is a special endowment of power given by the Holy Spirit to His servants to do supernatural things. The anointing can be increased by prayer and fasting. It can be decreased due to sin in the person’s life. The anointing can be transmitted via the laying on of hands. The anointing is tangible, it can be felt, it can knock you down to the ground. It has been described as fire, electricity, power, heat, and warmth. Charismatics have books and tape series on the anointing. They love to speak of it, call it an unction, and are experts in discerning whether you have “the anointing” or not. The anointing is mystical and at times spooky. The only problem is 99.9% of their teaching on the anointing is without Biblical support! It is a doctrine based on extra-Biblical experiences, texts taken out of context, and Pentecostal kook traditions.

Ascension Gifts: These refer to the restored gift-ministries of Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, and Evangelist. Today Charismatics universally agree that there are Apostles & Prophets who have the same ministry and anointing (see anointing) as their Biblical counterparts. These two in particular are responsible to set government in local churches.

Armor Bearer: This is a new office in Prophetic/Apostolic ministries. It is filled by a man who carries the pastor’s Bible for him to the pulpit, guards his office door, warms up his car in winter (cools it in summer). It too is totally without New Testament support. At Jubilee the pastor’s armor-bearer was to “watch the pastors back,” i.e. report back anything negative spoken about him or the ministry. There is a book out on being an armor-bearer by Harrison House (I think).

Birth-Right:What Esau lost and a friend of mine almost lost his too! He was told by Apostle **** he would lose his birth-right if he left JCC. Don’t quite know what it all entails, but obviously it is something serious. Don’t leave home without it!

Carpet Time: A new term coming from Toronto (Holy Laughter Central) Airport Church. Refers to people who get slain in the spirit (see slain in the spirit) and spend a long time on the carpet either laughing, crying, in a trance, or just howling like a mad banshee.

Cemetery: Term coined by dad Hagin in reference to Biblical Seminaries. I was warned by Apostle Smith of Jubilee Christian Church not to attend my seminary. Charismatics are generally very anti-intellectual, I guess due to being “Spirit”-driven. People who actually know the Bible must be consigned to having a religious spirit (see religious spirit).

Father in Zion: An older man who has come out from mainline orthodox beliefs to embrace the current wave of heresy. A minister who chose to “follow the cloud.” These individuals are rare and this title is not used loosely.

Feeling Led: Has nothing to do with experiencing the heavy slick surface of a fishing weight. This refers to the extra-mental divinely-given intuition of what to do in any given situation. Such as, “I felt led to go to this church.” It is extra-mental because it is truly a no-brainer, i.e. your mind is not engaged – it is direction from The Spirit to your human spirit and should always be obeyed. Kenny Hagin has a book out entitled “How To Be Led by the Spirit” and he will teach you how to follow this inner unction (see anointing).

Gate Keeper: One who has been ordained by God (usually through the revelation of a prophet or bad pizza the night before) to control the spiritual activity in the heavens above their city.  (See Porter).

Holy Ghost Bartender: AKA Rodney-Howard Browne the man who brought America to its knees with peals of Holy Ghost Laughter (not). He described himself as God’s Holy Ghost Bartender. Phenomena started one day while he was preaching on hell, the folks just fell out on the floor with laughter and the rest is heretical history. Often imitated, but never duplicated, hold out for the real joy of the Lord.

Impartation: Can be good or bad. Gifts, callings, elevations can all be given via the laying on of anointed (see anointing) hands. Evil spirits can be imparted by watching naughty movies or listening to secular music. We were told that spirits float on the wings of music so we had better listen only to Christian music. Like about everything else there is a mystical impartation by simply sitting “under the anointing“, either anointed music or teaching.

Korah Company: Anyone who does not fall lock-step into the vision of the local house (see local house). Person or people who question a pastor’s decision in a manner threatening to the power structure. These folks are usually openly rebuked, kicked to the curb, consigned to Satan for the destruction of their flesh, etc. (see religious spirit).

Latter Rain: Term which has been used generationally to denote the extremism taking place in the midst of neo-Montanist wacko’s.  It was used to describe the “outpouring” at Azusa Street and a year or two earlier during the Welsh Revival.  Then it cropped up again about 40 years later (around 1946-47) to describe what became codified as a movement called “The New Order of the Latter Rain.”  Then the Roman Catholic’s glommed onto it to describe their own neo-Montantist experience in 1967 at Notre Dame.

The Manifest Presence: Refers to a feeling (usually announced by the song leader or pastor) of awe and this feeling comes after the congregation has praised and worshipped God intensely for an hour or so, hopefully, much of the time in other tongues. Some declare to having seen “the glory” as smoke rolling in over the congregation, or as a light cloud above the podium. This too can get pretty spooky. At our old church (Jubilee Christian Church) we used to turn the lights off and worship the Lord (hopefully in tongues for awhile) and then bask in His manifest presence.

Manifest Sons of God: An aberrant doctrine of Latter Rain proponents which taught the overcomers (see overcomers) would literally become immortal before the return of Christ. That they would put death under their feet as the last enemy. These individuals would then set up God’s kingdom on earth and hand it over to Jesus when He returns. Nowadays it can refer to any believer who is walking in the anointing (see anointing) and revelation knowledge (see revelation knowledge) of their position as kings and priests in the earth. These folks are the kings Jesus is King over and the lords He is Lord over. In Hinduism we called them “Jivan Mutka’s” realized beings.

Overcomers: These are the super spiritual Charismatics, (I don’t think a Baptist can be an overcomer due to not being endowed with power from on high). Marilyn Hickey teaches that only the overcomers will be raptured when Jesus returns, the rest of us slugs have to suffer through half the tribulation then we get “airlifted.” Jesse Duplantis teaches that when he was in heaven folks have to eat fruit and sniff leaves to get strength to enter into God’s presence (see his book “Heaven Close Encounters of the God Kind”). Keep in mind the Charismatic caste system: (1) Fathers of/in Zion – Pentecostal old-timers who embraced Present Day Truth (see PDT), (2) Overcoming Charismatics in the flow of PDT, (3) Charismatic Christians in mainline Church (usually pretty carnal), (4) Believers not-yet-filled but seeking, (5) Methodists (6) Baptists, Presbyterians, and other low-wattage folks who might love Jesus a little bit.

Present Day Truth: Whatever is currently on the “spiritual burner” so to speak. It refers to whatever is currently being taught as divine revelation from the current crop of prophets, apostles, and bishops. It does not have to resemble any former “truths” given to the Church. Charismatic people view truth as being changeable and elastic in nature. What was true years ago may no longer be true, i.e. the interpretation of Scripture changes, Scripture does not have just one meaning, that meaning evolves.

Prophalie: Pronounced “prof-a-lie,” the vocal activity of a self-proclaimed prophet as h/she proclaims the “word of the Lord” over an individual or a congregation (usually for a hefty fee or gift).  Hebrews chapter One makes it very clear that in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son.  We’ve got a Bible filled with “words” from our God, we don’t need any more new ones, thanks all the same.

Prophetic Interpretation: Whatever “pops” into the mind of the so-called prophet when he or she is teaching.  It does not have to correspond to the last 2,000 years of orthodox Christian teaching on the subject (see Present Day Truth).

Psalmist: A restored office from the Old Testament. Men and women especially anointed (see anointing) to hear directly from God and write praise and worship which has the divine power (see unction) to propel the hearers into the manifest presence (see manifest presence) of God.

Religious Spirit: Anyone who dares to call into question anything at any time that is being taught or experienced by Charismatics. If you question holy laughter, apostolic authority, etc. . . then you have a religious spirit. Anyone who is not a Charismatic.

Revelation Knowledge: Direct non-mental reception of Scriptural truths. Given by the Holy Spirit to the human spirit. Revelation does not come by study, it is spontaneous, (like a light bulb coming on over a cartoon characters head). These revelations do not have to conform to any previous sound doctrines held by the Church. They are seldom questioned depending on who received them. If Kenny Copeland says he got it by revelation of the Spirit, then by-Jimmy, that settles that!

Slain In The Spirit: This is when hands are laid on you for either healing, impartation of gifts, or deliverance from demons and you fall backwards onto the ground. When it is for real (I have known some folks to fake it) power flows from the minister into the bodies of the recipient. The explanation is that human flesh cannot stand up before the power of God. I have been slain many times, and I had legitimate power flow into me and knock me down, sometimes I feel back onto concrete floors with no pain. The problem here is that this too is totally without Biblical support. I felt power flow into me and I have had many folks fall when I laid hands on them – powering flowing out of me to them. Was the power of God? Today I must admit I think not. For many years “falling down” was a sign of being deeply spiritual.

Catchers: A ministry comprised for burly men who stand behind folks being prayed for because they have this tendency to fall down. I started off as “Catcher.” It is an art to catch a sister in an appropriate manner. I often prayed “Lord don’t give me a fat one.” We catchers could spot the fakers, because they would always look behind them before getting zapped to make sure somebody would catch them. Another role of the catcher was to place small towels over the legs of the women in skirts for modesty.

Soaking Prayer: Another Toronto term describing when a bunch of folks gather around an individual and lay their hands on them and pray over them in tongues for a long long time. Usually this victim has already been slain in the spirit (see slain in the spirit) and is unable to get up and run away.

Sonship: An individual who is walking in the revelation knowledge (see revelation knowledge) of who they are in Christ and what their rights are as “sons of God.”

Tabernacle of David: The Latter Rain concept of the restoration of places where continual 24 hour praise and worship goes up before the Father. Very big with the prophetic movement, Rick Joyner is involved with actually trying to get this established as is Mike Bickle. The musicians are especially anointed (see anointing) to literally prophesy on their instruments.

Word of Knowledge: One of the revelation gifts of the Holy Spirit. A word of knowledge is when someone knows something currently going on in another’s life. It may be a secret sin, a prayer need, a hearts desire, or a sickness. Usually it manifests like this: “The Lord has shown me someone here has a back pain,” usually one or two people will get up (your odds increase with larger crowds, television ministry is a 100% safe bet). I have not seen anyone call out specific people apart from seeing William Branham do it, and he admitted his angel showed him and not the Holy Spirit. The problem here is this gift, whatever it may be, is not defined for us in the Bible.

Word of Wisdom: Although wisdom in general is lacking in our Charismatic ranks, we do not fall behind in any gift, including this one. We define this as being the supernatural ability to know the future for someone or past activities, like “5 years ago you cheated on your spouse with a red head.” Same problem as above, no Biblical definition given. “Prophet” Hagin has experienced this gift in vision form (you can get a word of knowledge in a vision too). In a vision the Lord allowed Hagin to peep in on a women minister committing adultery with another man (beats cable T.V.)!

Unction: Term for the anointing (see anointing) favored by older Pentecostals.

Zion: A metaphor for the overcoming remnant (see overcomers) (see remnant) of the Church. Jerusalem surrounds Zion, but Zion is where God’s presence manifests (see manifest presence).