Doctrine of Applying Doctrine

May 23, 2012

Doctrine of the Importance of Application of Bible Doctrine


A. Introduction.

1. There are three ways in which believers reject Bible doctrine.

a. Refusing to hear the teaching of the Word of God on a consistent basis from their right Pastor Teacher.

b. Hearing the teaching of Bible doctrine but refusing to metabolize it; hence, the failure to convert GNOSIS into EPIGNOSIS.

c. Metabolizing doctrine so that it exists in the heart of your soul’s stream of consciousness, yet the doctrine becomes unusable, blocked out or over run with Cosmic viewpoint, or there is a lack of faith rest on the application side.

2. When the believer, under one or more of these three conditions, has rejected Bible doctrine, two things happen.

a. There is the accumulation of scar tissue formed in the six compartments of heart. This means that soon the things you have learned are forgotten or set aside, so that when stress and adversity occurs you fall flat on your face.

b. Dissociation occurs resulting in the accumulation of garbage in the subconscious resulting in Cosmic viewpoint. This means you remove yourself from the application of Bible doctrine and the spiritual life.

3. When a believer has too much garbage in the subconscious and maximum scar tissue of the soul, that believer is extremely vulnerable to the functions of his sin nature, and he enters into a state of confusion. This state of confusion overflows from Cosmos Diabolicus, so that the thinking of the believer involved can not be distinguished from the thinking of the human viewpoint of the unbeliever. Such believers add the emotional complex of sins plus the arrogance complex of sins to their state of confusion.

4. Confusion demands concentration. If you have not been concentrating under the filling of the Spirit in Bible class, do not expect to be able to concentrate when faced with the confusion created by Satan’s Cosmic Systems. A thought can make or break you. What you really are is what you think, Prov 23:7.


B. Application of B.D. is Necessary to Overcome the Confusion of Satan’s Cosmic System. Confusion is a feeling that you do not understand something or cannot decide what to do. It is a situation in which things are messy, badly organized, or not clear. It is mistaking one thing for another.

1. The environment of confusion causes stress. If there is confusion in some area of life (the home, romance, friendship), then there is stress in that area. A thought can make or break you; Gal 6:3.

2. Confusion demands concentration; bringing reality from Bible doctrine into the stream of consciousness.

3. Your soul is a spiritual battlefield. What you think determines whether you are winning or losing; Eph 4:23.

4. You must learn Bible doctrine before you can think Bible doctrine. You can not think what you do not know.

Phil 2:5, “Keep on having this mental attitude in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

5. Thinking of yourself in terms of arrogance is confusion of mind, which matches the confusion of life without Bible doctrine.

1 Cor 10:12, “Therefore, let him who thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall.”

6. Therefore, we have the Divine mandate of Rom 12:2-3.

Rom 12:2-3, “Stop being conformed to this world but be transformed by the renovation of your thinking, that you may prove what the will of god is, namely the divine good production, the well pleasing to God, the mature status quo. For I say through the grace which has been given to me to every one who is among you, stop thinking of yourself in terms of arrogance beyond what you ought to think, but think in terms of sanity for the purpose of being rational without illusion as God has assigned to each one of us a standard of thinking from doctrine.”

a. Stop being conformed to this world means to stop being in a state of confusion. The world thinks human viewpoint which causes confusion.

Phil 3:15-16, “Therefore, as many as are mature believers, continue objective thinking. Furthermore, if you have a different mental attitude in something God will reveal that to you. 16However, let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained.”

7. Concentration on Bible doctrine in time of stress and confusion is mandated.

Col 3:2, “Keep thinking objectively about things above (Divine viewpoint) and not about things on the earth (human viewpoint).”


C. Application of B.D. is Necessary to Overcome when dealing with Cosmic Believers.


1. When believers have too much garbage in the subconscious and when believers have maximum scar tissue of the soul, there is nothing you can do to satisfy them.

2. From the emotional complex of sins, such a believer may become irrational and confused.

3. From the arrogance complex of sins, such a believer becomes bitter and implacable, jealous and vindictive, and self-righteous. There is nothing you can do to please them.

4. Implacable believers must be treated in grace. You can not argue with an irrational person.

5. Beware that you do not lose your own integrity or spiritual strength in interacting with such persons. Do not let people with mental attitude and verbal sins drag you down with them.

6. This is where three factors in your life must synchronize.

a. You must have the foundation of humility. When you are criticized, there is always something you can learn from it, but you must have humility.

b. You must have the professionalism of understanding the mechanics of God’s will, plan, and purpose for your life, as well as the 10 Problem Solving Devices.

c. You must have the spiritual strength to use the shield of faith, Eph 6, (the faith-rest drill) in the environment of confusion and disaster. This is your integrity and it comes from inculcation of Bible doctrine.

7. Implacable believers can only be treated by you in grace; for only God can deal with implacable believers. Therefore, the importance of leaving them in the Lord’s hands. Compare 2 Cor 1:12; Heb 13:18; 1 Thes 2:10-12; 2 Tim 3:1-16 with Rom 12:9-21.

D. Application of B.D. means Awareness


1. Awareness denotes the status of being mentally alert from heightened perception of doctrine, resulting in the motivation to learn and to use the ten problem solving devices of the protocol plan of God for the Church. In eternity past, God has provided the perfect solution to every problem in life. We have a choice between God’s solutions or man’s solutions. Man’s solutions end up in disaster.

2. Awareness is both motivation to learn followed by persistent perception of doctrine. This includes motivation to learn the Problem Solving Devices (PSD), including the perceptive power to utilize these PSDs as circumstances dictate.

3. Awareness connotes a wide knowledge, accurate interpretive ability, and vigilant application. This interpretive ability belongs to you as a believer as you accumulate metabolized doctrine in your own heart (stream of consciousness).

4. Awareness is part of the thinking skills of the spiritual life. Thinking skills include:

a. Comprehension: the capacity of the human mind to function under spiritual I.Q. to enter perception, cognition, and metabolization of Bible doctrine in your stream of consciousness. Human I.Q. is not a factor in the cognition of doctrine. The filling of the Holy Spirit makes us all equal in the ability to comprehend doctrine.

b. Memory: the mental capacity to retain in the stream of consciousness and recall metabolized doctrine for a specific circumstance of life. As the number of doctrinal memories increase, the number of divine viewpoint thoughts also increase, resulting in the formation of doctrinal rationales to be applied to experience through the function of the faith-rest drill. The rate of learning must exceed the rate of forgetting.

c. Problem solving: the utilization of the ten problem solving devices in the soul. All problem solving devices are manufactured out of EPIGNOSIS doctrine in the stream of consciousness. The problem solving devices are the only accurate and legitimate system of application of metabolized doctrine to post salvation experience, including establishment values. The problem solving devices are a grace gift from God which replace human viewpoint solutions, psychology, and defence mechanisms.

d. Decision making: the power and ability to understand the issues of life, to classify the solution or course of action, and to make the right decision to do the will of God as revealed in the Word of God. Continuous negative decisions can go beyond the point of no return. We must understand the facts related to Bible doctrine before we can exercise our volition to make good decisions from a position of strength.

e. Creativity: the function of divine viewpoint from independent thinking and accurate originality of thought related to spiritual values. Creative thinking always includes spiritual values found in the Word of God. Creative thinking is recovery of truth and brings full awareness. Creative thinkers arouse the jealousy of pseudo-thinkers. Creativity is the means of Pastors rediscovering Biblical truths such as dispensations, spiritual skills, precedence for the spiritual life from the humanity of Christ during His first advent, the origin of human life at birth, etc. We have equality in the recovery of these doctrines and the powerful presentation of such truth in spite of all opposition.

f. Awareness: extensive knowledge of doctrine and interpretive ability from the Launch Pad of the heart of your soul (wisdom in the stream of consciousness), resulting in accurate application to every circumstance in life. Sensitivity involves arrogance, while awareness is the application of metabolized doctrine through the Problem Solving Devices deployed on the FLOT line of the soul. Awareness is having knowledge in the stream of consciousness, being informed, alert, and knowledgeable about others, situations, and circumstances. Out of true awareness comes wisdom. There is no wisdom in life without the thinking skill of awareness developed through the Problem Solving Devices. Awareness wades through all the pressures and opposition to Bible doctrine with a concentration, a self-motivation, and accurate spiritual values to continue advancing toward the objective of spiritual maturity and the glorification of God. Awareness avoids all of the arrogance traps, such as pseudo-compassion.

5. Awareness is the motivator for the fulfillment of the four dimensions found in Eph 3:18

Eph 3:18, “That you may utilize the power to grasp the idea with all the saints what is the width and length and height and depth.”

Next we see in John 16:4b, “These things I did not say to you at the beginning, because I was with you.”


1. Jesus did not teach them these doctrines at the beginning or early on because they were not yet spiritually equipped to handle them. They did not have the capacity at that time.

2. Not only did they not yet have the Holy Spirit, but they did not have the foundational doctrines in their souls.

3. As spiritual babies we can not understand the more advance doctrines of the spiritual life because we do not yet have the capacity for them.

4. The more advanced doctrines can only be sustained by having the foundational doctrines in the heart of your soul, 1 Cor 3:10 with Heb 6:1-2

Heb 6:1, “Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, 2of instruction about washings and laying on of hands, and the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment.”

5. Once you have the foundational doctrines in your soul you now have capacity to build upon them with more advanced doctrines. That is, once you build the basis for your Edification Complex of the Soul, you can then lay upon it the more advanced doctrines of the spiritual life, including the doctrine of Suffering for Blessing, (persecutions), whereby you construct a full Edification Complex of your Soul.

6. We first have capacity to learn the foundational doctrines because of our regenerated human spirit and the indwelling of God the Holy Spirit, which are two of the 40 things we received at the moment of Salvation.

7. Having learned the foundational doctrines within our soul, we then have capacity to learn advanced doctrines.

8. With advanced doctrines in your soul you have constructed the ECS, and now you have capacity to fully execute the unique spiritual life of the Church Age, which means glorification of Jesus Christ.


Salvation builds capacity for learning foundational doctrines. Foundational doctrines build capacity for learning advanced doctrines. Advanced doctrines build capacity for executing the Unique Spiritual life of the Church Age. Executing the Unique Spiritual Life of the Church Age builds capacity for glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. Glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ is the goal for every believer.

Rom 15:4, “For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. 5Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus, 6so that with one accord you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


Our corrected translation of John 16:4b is, “and these things (categorical doctrines related to Suffering for Blessing), I did not say (teach) to you all at the beginning, because I was with you all.”