Doctrine of Unites States in Prophecy

April 12, 2012


I.    The principles of the interpretation of prophecy must be followed.
A.    Interpret literally based on the I.C.E. hermeneutics:  Isagogics – interpret the Bible in historical context; Categorically and Exegetically – analyze Scripture in the original languages.
B.    Interpret with a view to determine historical setting (Isagogics).
C.    Interpret categorically comparing Scripture with Scripture.
D.    Interpret exegetically to determine exact meaning in original language.
E.    Determine if prophecy is fulfilled, unfulfilled, or conditional.
F.    Recognize prophetic harmony.
G.    Interpret dispensationally.
H.    Interpretation differs from application and illustration.
I.    Recognize the existence of figurative language, like idioms, similes, etc.
J.    Interpret according to the law of double reference: Two events widely separated as to time of fulfillment are brought together in one prophecy.
1.    Near – the frame of reference for distant/far is the near.  David is for Christ in many Messianic psalms, e.g. Psa.27:12; 35:11; 41:9; 69:4,7,20,21.
2.    Two are compared and contrasted.
3.    Appreciate the minuteness of detail.
4.    Recognize the novelty of combination, e.g. arrows and nuclear missiles, Christ as a human child and a divine child.
5.    Note the mysteries of contradiction.  Political Babylon (BP) and religious Babylon (BR) prophecies did not get fulfilled in historical Babylon (BH).
6.    Appreciate the nearness of fulfillment.

II.    Major passages dealing with the U.S. include Isa.13; 21:1-10; 47; Jer.50,51; Dan.7:1-8; Rev.18.

III.    Identification of symbols and types, e.g. such as in Revelation: Churches (Rev.2-3), Tyre of Revelation 18, and Jezebel (Rev.2:20).  The final revolt of perfect environment after the Millennium.  Gog & Magog (Rev.20:8).
A.    Babylon means “confusion”; it is identified as the U.S. under evil.
B.    Chaldeans = Anglo-Saxons.
C.    Medes (as enemies) were enemies of BH and were famous archers, symbolizing Russian nuclear might.

IV.    Uses of the word “Babylon” in Scripture.
A.    Gen.11, the Tower of Babylon (principles apply to us).
B.    The Babylonian Empire, 605-535BC  (head of gold in Daniel).
C.    Religious Babylon (Catholicism, Rev.17, “mother of harlots”).
D.    The U.S., BP; political and economic entity  (Babylon the Great of Rev.18).
E.    Rome (1Pet.5:13).

V.    BP must be distinguished from BR.  See Doctrine of Religious Babylon
A.    They are different as to designation (Rev.17:5; cp. 18:2).
B.    They are different as to destroyers: BR by the Revived Roman Empire; BP by Russia.
C.    They are different as to direct statement (Rev.18:1 “after these things”).

VI.    BP must be distinguished from BH.
A.    BH was not devastated by the fifth cycle, but was left intact.
B.    BP is to be left completely devastated, left without inhabitant.  Jer.51:29
C.    BH did not permit Jewish exiles to leave before the fifth cycle.  Ezr.1
D.    BP will allow American Jews to leave prior to the fifth cycle.  Jer.50:8,9,28; Jer.51:6,9,45; Rev.18:4
E.    BH enemies came from the east.  Isa.46:11
F.    BP enemies come from the north.  Jer.50:9
G.    BH was a river in a desert (the area called Mesopotamia).
H.    BP will become a desert by the seas (total contrast).  Jer.51:13 cp.43
I.    BH has been inhabited since her fall.
J.    BP will not even be visited following her fall, much less lived in.  Jer.50:3,39,40; 51:43

VII.    BP and Tyre.  Isa.23; Ezek.26-28; cp. Rev.18
A.    As there are no clear far fulfillments concerning Tyre, it is a type of BP.
B.    Both are portrayed as economic powers of their day (history repeats itself).   Eze.27:3; cp. Rev.18:9ff
C.    Both exhibit great arrogance as a result of God-given prosperity.  Eze.28:1-6; cp. Isa.47:8).
D.    Both practice economic internationalism.  Isa.23:15-18; Ezek.27:33; cp. Rev.18:3,9
E.    Both became involved in anti-Semitism because of greed.  Eze.26:2,3; cp. Jer.51:34
F.    Both were ruled by monopolistic capitalists.  Isa.23:8; Rev.18:23
G.    Both experienced sudden cessation of economic affluence due to the fifth cycle. Eze.26:7-12; Rev.18:17,22
H.    Both fell, never to be revived.  Eze.26:14; Rev18:21
I.    Both were entertainment capitals of the world.  Eze.26:13; cp. Rev.18:22

VIII.    Reasons for identifying BP with the U.S.
A.    BP is described as the last of nations, a later nation in human history.  Jer.50:12
B.    BP is said to have a mother nation.
C.    BP is made up of peoples from every nation on earth.  Jer.51:9,44; E Pluribus Unum
D.    BP is the dominant economic power going into the Tribulation.  Rev.18:18,19
E.    BP is located in the midst of the sea.  Isa.21:1; Jer.51:13
F.    BP has a northern enemy.  Jer.50:9,41
G.    BP exists contemporaneously with other nations such as Russia, Orientals, Pan-Arabic bloc, Revived Roman Empire, Roman Catholic Church, and Israel.

IX.    Various false interpretations of political Babylon.
A.    It is the entire world.
B.    It is the same as religious Babylon.
C.    It is the same as the kingdom of Antichrist
D.    The ancient city of Babylon will be rebuilt.

X.    Identification of America’s enemy.  Eze.38 and 39
A.    It is a powerful northern nation – Russia.  Jer.50:3,9,26 cp. Eze.38:15
B.    It is described as rapacious and cruel.  Isa.13:18; Jer.50:42
C.    It is armed with nuclear missiles.  Jer.50:9,14,25; Jer.51:11
D.    It fulfills the plan of God by completely destroying America.  Isa.13:3
E.    It has allies (satellites) who will participate with her.  Jer.51:27
F.    Russia will execute a complete surprise attack on the U.S.  Jer.51:12,27,32
G.    By close attention to detail, the enemy is identified.  Isa.21:6-10

XI.    Language of accommodation and nuclear warfare in the overthrow of the U.S.
A.    There are unusual and recurring references to arrows in the overthrow of BP.  Isa.13:18; Jer.50:9,14,29,42; Jer.51:3,11
B.    There are constant references to fire.  Isa.13:8; 47:14; Jer.50:32; 51:25,30,32,58; Rev.18:8,9,18
C.    The land becomes a desert without inhabitants.  Jer.51:43
D.    The land cannot even be approached by man.  Rev.18:10
E.    The fall will occur in one literal hour of one day.  Rev.18:8,17,19
F.    Conclusion:  The U.S. suddenly becomes a radioactive desert as a result of nuclear warfare.
G.    Language as to this type of destruction is further prophesied concerning the last days.  Jam.5:1-6

XII.    Comparison of America’s destruction with that of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Isa.13:19 –   Chaldeans = Anglo-Saxons; Jer.50:40
A.    It is unexpected and sudden.  Isa.13:19; 47:11
B.    Believers were and will be delivered, even the raunchiest.
C.    Destruction is by fire (and fall-out, like Lot’s wife).
D.    There is a cessation of human, animal, and plant life, producing a desert.
E.    There is a cessation of reversionism.
F.    The Lord causes it.

XIII.    Various reactions to the fact of America’s overthrow.
A.    Her citizens’ hands hang limp, terrified.  Isa.13:7
B.    The vision of Isa.21:3,4 produced for him mental and physical anguish.
C.    The president will not respond aggressively, but will be timid.  Jer.50:43
D.    World leaders financially dependent on the U.S. will “mourn”.  Rev.18:9
E.    Foreign business leaders will be hysterical over her fall.  Rev.18:15
F.    Communists will be jubilant.  Isa.13:3
G.    Believers are commanded to rejoice and celebrate.  Rev.18:20; Jer.51:48

XIV.    The U.S. will fall despite:
A.    Her claim to the contrary.  Isa.47:8,9; Rev.18:7
B.    Her experience in diplomatic affairs.  Isa.47:9-15
C.    Her advanced technology.  Jer.51:53
D.    Her past military successes.  Jer.50:22,23

XV.    Specific categories said to be destroyed.
A.    Young men.  Isa.13:18; Jer.50;27,30
B.    Babies and children.  Isa.13:18
C.    The diplomatic corps.  Isa.47:13,14
D.    Agriculture.  Jer.50:16; 51:23.
E.    Bureaucrats and the academic world.  Jer.50:35
F.    The clergy.  Jer.50:36
G.    Men of the military.  Jer.50:30,36
H.    Foreign visitors.  Jer.50:37
I.    U.S. wealth.  Jer.50:37
J.    Transportation.  Jer.50:37
K.    Old men, youth, women.  Jer.51:22
L.    Politicians.  Jer.51:23
M.    The President.  Jer.50:43
N.    Businessmen.  Rev 18:22
O.    Commerce.  Jer.51:36; cp. Rev.18:22
P.    Social life.  Isa.21:5
Q.    The entertainment world.  Rev.18:22
R.    The environment.  Isa.14:23
S.    All military armaments.  Jer.51:56

XVI.    Further details in regard to the fifth cycle to the U.S.
A.    It will occur after the Rapture, in the third year 1st month of the Tribulation. Jer.51:45,46
B.    It will be announced by at least three special angels as well as through the teaching of the 144,000.  Jer.50:2; Rev.14:8; 8:1-3, 21-24
C.    Americans will be given a gospel hearing.  Rev.14:6
D.    Americans will be given an opportunity to exodus.  Jer.50:16; 51:9; Rev.18:4
E.    At the time, Americans will be arrogant, prosperous, complacent and self-indulgent. Isa.47:8; Rev.18:7
F.    Her leaders will be decadent.
G.    She will be completely surrounded by enemies’ arrows.  Jer.50:14,15,29
H.    Her judgment will come suddenly, in one day, in one hour.  Rev.18:8,10,19
I.    By her own greed, she has constructed her own historical trap; namely, trade with her enemies.  Jer.50:24
J.    Her military establishment will be impotent and annihilated.  Jer.50:30; 51:3,30,56
K.    Her defensive system will be destroyed.  Jer.51:58
L.    Her discipline will be doubled because of her special blessing.  Jer.50:29; cp. Lk.12:48; Rev.18:5-6
M.    Her suffering is contrasted to her affluence.  Rev.18:7
N.    Every nation has suffered because of her policies.  Jer.51:49; Rev.18:24
O.    Her land, once the praise of mankind, will become an object of horror and fear. Jer.50:23; 51:41
P.    Her cities and surroundings will be burned by thermonuclear war.  Jer.50:32; 51:25; Rev.18:8
Q.    Her land will be rubble: a hot, radioactive desert without an inhabitant, with contaminated swamps, along with desert creatures living in the ruins, a land unapproachable by man.  Isa.14:23; Jer.50:39-40
R.    Inhabitants of Babylon will all be destroyed.  Isa.14:22
S.    The U.S. will never be revived.  Isa.13:22; Isa.47:5; Jer.51:26; Rev.18:21

XVII.    Documentation of America’s descent into evil.
A.    It is a nation established by God (as all are).  Jer.18:9; Act.17:26
B.    The U.S. has experienced unprecedented prosperity.  Jer.51:7
C.    As America became the economic leader of the world, she began a gradual descent into evil (1Tim.6:10 – the love of money is the root of all evil).
D.    What is her evil?  Economic internationalism, whereby she has led other nations into evil.  Jer.51:7
E.    She came under the control of monopolistic socialists.  Rev.18:3,9,23
F.    Her citizens came under the idolatry of covetousness and were unwilling to break the control.  Jer.50:38; Rev.18:3,7
G.    Her “unseen” rulers, (wealthy elite/Prince of Tyre) have clandestinely supported communism  (Isa.21:2).  The result is world unrest, revolution and suffering.
H.    World unrest is due to universal covetousness.  Rev.18:3
I.    America is leading the nations in an unprecedented revolt against the Lord, which will usher in the Tribulation.  Ps.2:1-3
J.    However, Christ is going to break America’s control over the nations, ushering in unprecedented universal freedom, called the Millennium.  Jer.50:34

XVIII.    Reasons for the overthrow of the U.S.
A.    Economic internationalism.  Rev.18:3
B.    Blind arrogance.  Isa.47:7-8; Rev.18:7
C.    Anti-Semitism.  Jer.50:11; Jer.51:34-40,49
D.    Idolatry and demonism.  Isa.21:9; Rev.18:2

XIX.    Relationship of the 1st 4 seal judgments to the U.S.  Rev.6:1-8
A.    The riders of the 4 horses are personified as Antichrist.  Vs.8 cp. the victory song of Moses and the Lamb (Rev.15:3-4) in far prophetic reference to Exo.15 esp.vs.1
B.    The 4 horses of the Apocalypse represent Antichrist’s general policy and agenda during Daniels 70th week.
C.    The U.S. sets the stage politically and economically that Antichrist will support upon his appearance in history and after her demise pick up reigns in world leadership.
D.    The white horse looks to a peace propaganda campaign through disarmament as headed by the U.S.
E.    The red horse is the use of NATO forces in policing world conflict (which the Revived Roman Empire/EU will retain after the fall of Babylon).
F.    The black horse of economic socialism and inequality as instituted by the great merchants of BP will fall under the control of Antichrist.  Rev.13:16-17
G.    The pale horse illustrates Antichrist assuming the role of the dominant military and political power stripped from the U.S.
H.    Antichrist will personally destroy BR to absorb the religious arm of the Babylonian system.  Rev.17:16-17

XX.    Relationship of the seventh bowl judgment to the U.S.  Rev.16:17-21
A.    The seventh bowl judgment occurs at the end of the seven years of the Tribulation.
B.    The greatest earthquake in history, eliminating all islands, mountains, and all national capitols characterizes it.
C.    Jerusalem is not destroyed, only divided into 3 parts.
D.    Also, there will be intense meteor showers.
E.    In God’s frame of reference is the U.S., which He has recently destroyed.  Vs.19
F.    For complicity with the U.S., nations will lose their capitols.

XXI.    Relationship of this doctrine to the Rapture and Tribulation.
A.    The rapture awaits the existence and evil of the U.S.
B.    The U.S. fulfills the requirements of BP.
C.    Scripture also prophesies an apostasy which concludes the Church Age.  2Tim.3:1-7; 1Thess.5:1-10
D.    In the U.S. there will be a positive remnant of people, the Royal Family.
E.    The evil of the U.S. will set up the apostasy of the Great Tribulation.

XXII.    Applications to the Royal Family in the U.S.
A.    The U.S. will not be destroyed before the Rapture.
B.    Look for constant increase in world and national evil.
C.    The U.S. will still be a dominant economic power until the Rapture.
D.    We are not going to be at war with communists (or terrorists) to win.
E.    The Royal Family will be delivered 3 years before the fifth cycle.
F.    Avoid, via grace provision, the idolatry in the land/monetary reversionism.
G.    Persist in GAP (the grace apparatus for perception)  Heb.10:25