Doctrine of Cosmic 2

January 15, 2011


A. Introduction.
1. The doctrine of cosmic two deals with the subject of how to quench the Holy Spirit. 1 Thes 5:19 says, “Do not quench the Spirit.”
2. Cosmic two is the function of the believer in apostasy under the principle of antagonism. The gates of cosmic two are antagonistic not only toward Bible doctrine, but also toward the protocol plan of God in general and anything related to God, including the laws of divine establishment.
B. Gate #1: Motivational Antagonism toward Bible Doctrine and the Protocol Plan of God: the Old Sin Nature.
1. Gate #1 is actually the old sin nature gate. We have a built-in system of antagonism toward God. The old sin nature is the primary source of temptation in life. But more than that, it represents the corruption of the cell structure of the body through our relationship with Adam.
2. There are two general categories of temptation in life:
a. Inner temptation from the old sin nature.
b. Overt temptation from Satan, demons, people, and situations or circumstances of life.
3. However, there is only one source of sin: human volition. To be tempted is not sinful or evil. But to succumb to the temptation by utilizing your own volition in doing whatever the temptation suggests becomes the basis for sin.
4. Therefore, the guardian of the human soul is human volition.
5. The old sin nature occupies every cell of the human body, except the twenty-three chromosomes of the female ovum. The old sin nature residing in the body is the major source of temptation directed toward the volition of the soul.
6. When we succumb to temptation due to negative volition, the old sin nature controls our soul and the believer is carnal (soulish). But when the old sin nature is not controlling the soul, the Holy Spirit who indwells the body controls the soul. This is possible by the use of the rebound technique and positive volition. So we make constant daily decisions for either the old sin nature or the Holy Spirit to control our soul.
7. Even if you think, say, or do something you do not know to be a sin, you have still sinned from your own free will and thus are held responsible. You wanted to do it whether you knew it was a sin or not. Your volition gave the go-ahead to that temptation, and the old sin nature gained control of your soul. Ignorance is no excuse (nor is insanity) as far as God is concerned. Again, although there are two general sources of temptation, there is only one source of human sin.
8. This is why all personal sins were reserved for imputation to Christ on the cross. For at birth you were condemned by the imputation of Adam’s original sin to the genetically-formed old sin nature, resulting in your real spiritual death. Our personal sins are never imputed to us. We are spiritually dead not because we sin personally, but because Adam sinned. This knocks out all arrogance over one’s old sin nature.
9. There are two categories of sin from human volition:
a. The sins of cognizance in which volition is aware that a sin is committed.
b. The sins of ignorance in which volition made the decision to sin but was unaware that it was a sin. The sin was committed in ignorance.
10. Both categories of sin make us equally guilty before the Lord and, as believers, antagonistic toward God’s plan. Since volition wanted to and did commit the sin, whether in ignorance or cognizance, the individual is responsible for all of his sins.
11. There are two categories of homo sapien whose temptation was overt due to the absence of an old sin nature.
a. The original temptation of Adam in the garden.
b. Temptations to the humanity of Christ. Because of impeccability, He did not have an old sin nature and never sinned personally.
12. Since the original sin of Adam in the garden and the old sin nature both reside in the cell structure of the body, this means that every cell is contaminated or occupied by the old sin nature, with the one exception of the female ovum. Through meiosis and polar bodies, there are twenty-three chromosomes in the ovum which are free from the corruption of the old sin nature. This was the means by which our Lord came into the world without an old sin nature and without the imputation of Adam’s original sin. The Holy Spirit fertilized the ovum of Mary resulting in the virgin pregnancy, followed by the virgin birth.
13. There are three characteristics which form the essence of the old sin nature.
a. An area of weakness which tempts regarding our brand of sin and evil.
b. An area of strength which tempts in the areas of human good and moral degeneration. From this comes a strong tendency toward self-righteousness, and a holier-than-thou attitude. This is being neither devout nor pious, but simply functioning in another area of the old sin nature.
c. An area of lust which tempts us in certain fields, such as lust for money, sex, power, approbation, or killer lust.
14. There is such variation in temptations and sins from these three different areas of the old sin nature among people that we cannot measure our spiritual advance by comparing ourselves with others. The only common standard is Bible doctrine.
15. God has provided human volition as a defense against temptation related to sin, human good, and evil. Human volition guards the gate of the soul against temptation pressure. Through temptation, the old sin nature is constantly seeking to gain control of our soul. Therefore, the soul of every believer is a battleground as long as he lives. The old sin nature has no power beyond temptation, so we are responsible for all our sins.
16. The absolute status quo of every believer falls into two categories. The believer is either living in the divine dynasphere where he is said to be filled with the Spirit, or he is living in the cosmic system where, in cosmic one he is grieving the Holy Spirit, and in cosmic two he is quenching the Holy Spirit. Spirituality versus carnality is an absolute issue. No matter what your stage of spiritual growth, you are either spiritual or carnal.
17. Another related absolute concept is the issue of who controls your soul. If you are living in the divine dynasphere, the Holy Spirit controls your soul. If you are living in the cosmic system, then the old sin nature controls your soul. The two cannot mutually control your soul; it’s either/or. Either you are controlled by the Spirit or by the old sin nature. Spirituality & carnality are mutually exclusive.
18. The relative status quo of every believer is his spiritual growth or retrogression. As a new believer he begins as a baby, moves into adolescence, and eventually advances to spiritual adulthood in three categories; or he can retrogress through the eight stages of reversionism. You are either a winner or loser at any given point in your spiritual life.
19. God has provided the divine institutions in order that the entire human race can be brought to a place where they can practice freedom and privacy in relationship to others; i.e., so that we can be civilized toward one another. The laws of divine establishment help to restrain the old sin nature. Beyond these elements of establishment is the divine dynasphere for Christians only.
20. This old sin nature gate shows the importance of the #1 problem solving device in the spiritual life; i.e., the rebound technique, by which you simply name your sins. According to 1 Jn 1:9, “If we acknowledge our sins God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
21. As the believer faces temptation, his volition either accepts it or rejects it. If he accepts it, his only alternative then is to use the rebound technique. Acceptance of temptation means two things.
a. The believer’s soul is under the control of the old sin nature.
b. The believer’s status is in the cosmic system.
22. The believer is responsible in life for all his decisions; ignorance is no excuse. If a believer desires to sin and does sin, not knowing the sin or lust is a sin, he automatically resides in the cosmic system. After all, the believer wanted to do it and he did it. Ignorance is no excuse.
23. There are two ways to escape the cosmic system.
a. For the unbeliever, personal faith in Jesus Christ, the way of salvation.
b. For the believer, the function of the rebound technique.
24. Rebound is a grace decision which removes you from the entire realm of merit, and brings your nose to the reality of how you got into the cosmic system: through sin. We get into the cosmic system through sin; we get out of the cosmic system through naming that sin as a priestly function. Believers who never learn to rebound spend their whole life in benign and active evil. There is no way you can execute God’s game plan on your ability; it can be executed only through grace. In grace, God does the work and man is the beneficiary apart from any of his merit. Other people’s sins are none of your business.
25. Human good and evil were not judged on the cross because they must remain an issue in the extension of the angelic conflict throughout human history, at the end of which, all human good will be judged at the Great White Throne. This is the judgment that throws all unbelievers into the lake of fire. Fallen angels are thrown into the lake of fire on the basis of the judgment of their evil. Sin is not an issue at the Last Judgment; only rejection of Christ is the issue. The condemnation is confirmed by proving that human good never qualifies one for salvation.
26. Inside the divine dynasphere the believer does not sin. The reason is that the divine dynasphere is the power system run by the Holy Spirit. When we decide to use our volition to sin, that decision is made outside the divine dynasphere and puts us into one or both of the cosmic dynaspheres. Then you are vulnerable to demonization.
27. The old sin nature gate is the system by which we, as believers, give our own personal consent to demonization. It is also the gate in which the unbeliever begins to give consent in two categories: demon influence and demon possession. However, believers are only vulnerable to demon influence.
28. So the old sin nature is the snare that gets us into the cosmic system through temptation, but we still have free will to escape. The sins of gate #1 cosmic two relate to the whole realm of hamartiology. Escape from cosmic involvement results from an instant decision from a position of strength. Both salvation and rebound put the believer into the divine dynasphere, 1 Jn 1:4-10; Rom 5:21.
C. Gate #2: Negative Volition.
1. Cosmic one and cosmic two both have a negative volition gate. The negative volition gate of each cosmic dynasphere emphasizes the basic difference between the two systems.
a. Negative volition in cosmic one always results from arrogance and preoccupation with self, but does not necessarily indicate antagonism toward Bible doctrine.
b. Negative volition in cosmic two is the direct result of hostility toward the Word of God or toward the one who communicates it.
c. Gate #2 of cosmic one can be described as indifference to doctrine or wrong priorities; either comes from arrogance.
d. Gate #2 of cosmic two can be described as open antagonism toward the teaching of doctrine and the one who communicates it.
2. There are three areas of antagonism toward Bible doctrine at gate #2 of cosmic two.
a. Negative volition at God-consciousness, a characteristic of the unbeliever only, Rom 1:18-25;
b. Negative volition at Gospel hearing, a characteristic of the unbeliever only, 2 Cor 4:3-4;
c. Negative volition toward Bible teaching after salvation, a characteristic of the believer only.
3. There are three spheres in which the believer can be negative toward Bible doctrine, called the three R’s.
a. Negative volition at the point of reception rejects the message when it is presented by the pastor either in a local church or its equivalent.
b. Negative volition at the point of retention is resistance of doctrine after understanding it. Therefore, you fail to metabolize it.
c. Negative volition at the point of recall means you make no application of metabolized doctrine, make no use of the problem solving devices, have no momentum, and therefore have no fulfillment of the protocol plan of God.
4. All negative volition in the human race can be classified as rejection or antagonism toward truth in one or more of the three categories or truth. The three categories of truth are:
a. The laws of divine establishment for believer and unbelievers.
b. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for unbelievers
c. Bible doctrine for believers in Jesus Christ.
5. The issue boils down to epistemological rehabilitation; i.e., after salvation — what? One of the most important functions of the believer’s life is to be academically committed to epistemological rehabilitation. Your academic abilities and background in other fields is not an issue, for God has provided everything in grace whereby we can all learn His Word.
6. Epistemological rehabilitation and cognition of Bible doctrine can only exist when the believer resides in the divine dynasphere under the filling of the Holy Spirit, who is the teacher of all doctrine, Jn 14:26, 16:12-14; 1 Cor 2:9-16; 1 Jn 2:27.
7. The desire for truth and the motivation to learn Bible doctrine can only exist when the believer is living in the divine dynasphere. Every believer is entered into the divine dynasphere at the point of salvation, being filled with the Spirit. The place of execution of God’s plan is in the sphere of God’s power, as the name divine dynasphere connotes. Only in the divine dynasphere is it possible to use the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit. Gate #1 is the filling of the Spirit.
8. Residence in the cosmic system has two categories of results.
a. In cosmic one gate #2 there is indifference toward doctrine because of arrogance and wrong priorities in life.
b. In cosmic two gate #2 there is antagonism toward doctrine because of carnality, scar tissue of the soul, black-out of the soul (1 Jn 2), and the eight stages of reversionism (Heb 12).
9. The negative volition of the unbeliever can be classified under two categories. (See the doctrine of God-Consciousness.)
a. Negative volition at God-consciousness, Rom 1:18-20.
b. Negative volition at Gospel hearing, 2 Cor 4:3-4.
10. This helps us to understand something of the believer’s negative volition toward Bible doctrine. As soon as we reject Bible teaching, we enter the same cosmic system as the unbeliever does (2 Pet 2:20-22). The believer who rejects doctrine has black-out of the soul. Then the rest of the stages of reversionism follow.
11. So in gate #2 of cosmic one, negative volition toward doctrine is a matter of wrong priorities because of arrogance or preoccupation with self becoming a distraction to consistent perception of doctrine. But in gate #2 of cosmic two, negative volition is antagonistic toward doctrine because of involvement in the eight stages of reversionism.
a. Stage 1 of reversionism is distraction, discouragement, disillusion, and disenchantment, becoming victimized by cosmic one. This occurs in a local church or wherever believers gather to hear doctrine. When a believer begins to reject doctrine, the system of distraction is the key to the mechanics and process of negative volition. Negative volition can be reaction to historical trends because of ignorance in that area.
b. Stage 2 of reversionism, the frantic search for happiness, follows the trends of the old sin nature either toward asceticism or toward lasciviousness. Having neglected or turned your back on doctrine, you now want happiness. The frantic search for happiness is totally apart from the execution of the protocol plan of God. This is how you pick your religion when you go negative toward doctrine. Asceticism leads to legalism, while lasciviousness leads to anti-nomianism. Both of them distort the Christian way of life in the cosmic system. Asceticism often results in emotionalism.Lasciviousness is more obvious, manifested by drug addition, fornication, debauchery, drunkenness. The frantic search for happiness does not work and leads to moral or immoral degeneracy. Pseudo happiness is only stimulation for a short time, but no true happiness.
c. Stage 3 is the malfunction of epistemological rehabilitation and the failure of cognition of Bible doctrine inside the divine dynasphere (negative volition at gate #4 of the divine dynasphere). This inevitabl results in the fourth stage, which is operation boomerang, the intensification of the original negative volition which starts in gate 2 cosmic one in some form of distraction and preoccupation with self. But eventually it interlocks with gate 2 of cosmic two where there is antagonism.
d. So in the first stages of reversionism there is distraction because of preoccupation with self, but in the latter stages there is antagonism toward the truth, blaming God for everything. Heb 6:4-6 teaches negative volition in cosmic one. So this third stage finds the believer frustrated by the malfunction of the three R’s of GAP; i.e., no reception, retention, or recall. Therefore, the believer begins to express this in the fourth stage of reversionism.
e. Stage 4 is emotional revolt of the soul, Rom 16:17-18; 2 Cor 6:11-12; Phil 3:16-19. This is the irrationality factor of cosmic one, the irrationality of emotion controlling the soul. The soul has no ability to think or apply. This is where believers get into some form of emotional cultism.
f. Stage five, negative volition, is now fully expressed, first in apathy regarding doctrine (cosmic one), then indifference regarding doctrine, then reaction to doctrine, and finally antagonism (cosmic two) toward doctrine, its communicator, and any friends who continue functioning with any form of doctrine. Failure to use rebound develops the roadblocks of the soul. The cosmic system depends on human viewpoint which rejects residence and function inside the divine dynasphere, 1 Cor 2:5.
f. Stage six, blackout of the soul, is included in roadblocks to the soul. The believer understands the Gospel, but he has no clue as to what constitutes the Christian way of life. This is where demon influence is described as nothingness or a vacuum in Eph 4:17. So the believer in the cosmic system, negative toward doctrine, creates a vacuum in his soul into which goes the doctrine of demons. The demonization of the believer results in a change in both his soul and personality. The only answer to demonization is rebound plus persistence in the perception of doctrine and life in the divine dynasphere.
g. Stage seven, scar tissue of the soul, 1 Tim 4:1, is where you make strong decisions against Bible teaching.
h. Stage eight, reverse process reversionism, is where the believer has a wrong scale of values, wrong and evil motivation, wrong decisions from a position of weakness, no capacity for love, life, or happiness, and no overt manifestation of being born-again. This is the stage in which Solomon wrote his autobiography in Ecclesiastes, describing his eight experiments for happiness. The search for happiness in human experimentation is a dead end. It results in Christians becoming involved in all the demon activities of the rest of the gates of cosmic two.
12. All of this results in the shrinking of the pivot, and resultant loss of blessing to the client nation. The first sign of this is social degeneration, which is gate #3 of cosmic two.
D. Gate 3: Anti-establishment.
1. The laws of divine establishment are for both believer and unbeliever. They are basic laws of freedom which permit evangelism, Bible teaching, and missionary activity.
2. The laws of divine establishment balance freedom and authority. Freedom without authority is anarchy; authority without freedom is tyranny.
3. The unbeliever involved in anti-establishment is described in Rom 1:28-32. “And just as they did not see fit to have God in their knowledge any longer [negative volition at God-consciousness], God delivered them over to a depraved mind to do the things that are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, greed, malice, full of jealousy, murder, dissension, deceit, evil motivation; they became gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, lacking honor and integrity, unloving [no capacity for love], implacable. And although they know the righteous decree of God, that those who practice such things deserve death [capital punishment], they not only continue to do these very things, but also they approve others who practice them.”
4. The believer involved in anti-establishment is described in 2 Tim 3:2-7. “For persons [Church Age believers] will be lovers of self [cosmic one], lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, haters of good [of intrinsic value], treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having an overt appearance of godliness [hypocrisy of legalism], but they have denied its power [omnipotence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit]. Therefore, avoid these believers [who are anti-establishment and anti-protocol plan of God], for among these are those who worm their way into homes and captivate silly [weak] women who are loaded down with sins and swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to the epignosis knowledge of the truth.”
E. Gate 4: Cosmic Panaceas.
1. Rejection of the laws of divine establishment and the delegated authority assigned to them results in the substitution of false solutions to the problems of life. The problem solving devices of the protocol plan of God are rejected or ignored or both. This gate is that function of seeking solutions to the problems of life apart from truth in its three categories:
a. The laws of divine establishment.
b. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
c. Bible doctrine.
2. Human viewpoint solutions to the problems of life are no substitute for divine solutions which are resident in the protocol plan of God.
3. Cosmic panaceas demand a full mobilization of arrogance, pride, and jealousy, so that self-righteousness, legalism, personality arrogance, authority arrogance, and Christian service arrogance can be expressed through crusader arrogance.
4. By definition, a panacea is a cure-all; a simple, stupid, disastrous solution from the tunnel vision of legalism.
5. Both authority and freedom are sacrificed on the altar of equality. Therefore, Christians seek solutions which include such things as taxing the rich to feed the poor, i.e., the redistribution of wealth, the break-up of successful business enterprises, the confiscation of property, the nationalization of industry, and the passing of laws to suit or conform with false doctrine.
6. Under this evil, the believer must be characterized by the one word: sameness. Everything must be standardized in lifestyle to suite the mold of pseudo-spirituality. Everyone must be of the same class, race, dress, way of life, and philosophy.
7. Cosmic panaceas eliminate mutual respect in life, which holds any society or organization together. Only where mutual respect exists can there actually be leadership and teachability. Where there is a malfunction of the mutual respect principle in any organization, there is complete breakdown and failure.
8. Cosmic panaceas inevitably result in big government and little people. Cosmic panaceas advocate the criteria that make people slaves to the state instead of the government being the servant of the people. In a democracy, the citizens become the slaves of the state while demanding their rights.
9. Cosmic panaceas are based on self-righteous arrogance. Hence, they promise all sorts of things that cannot be fulfilled. They are divorced from reality. They always promote violence. Some of the so-called greatest Christian leaders of our day advocate violence to get their way. They support violence in destruction of property and even in destruction of life; e.g., attacks on women seeking abortions. Cosmic panaceas promote tremendous prejudice. Having an old sin nature means we all have some prejudices. But cosmic panaceas promote prejudices, warfare, violence, and terrorism.
10.Cosmic panaceas seek to make all laws of a nation Christianized, which immediately makes every unbeliever a criminal. This is not the purpose of government. Government is designed to function under establishment laws which are designed for believer & unbeliever alike.
11. Too many believers are influenced by Marxism, Bolshevism, Menshevism, some form of socialism, and other anti-Biblical idealisms which blind them to the evil they both advocate and practice.
12. This gate might also be classified as utopianism or total divorcement from reality. Or it could be called neolistic arrogance, which is the refashioning of all forms of human existence to conform to false and distorted views of Christianity.
13. This is sometimes called social engineering for its tinkering with freedom and authority of establishment which was designed by God to protect all persons in a national entity, to give them equal rights before the law, to protect their privacy, to recognize the sacredness of their property and life.
14. No government or personal interest group can create equality in the human race. Only God can create equality, which He has done with the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation. Two of the results of the baptism of the Holy Spirit are the creation of the royal family of God and the creation of a new spiritual species. These two new creations are the foundation for the Christian way of life and/or the protocol plan of God.
15. So a myth is destroyed. Equal opportunity is not equality. In fact, equal opportunity guarantees inequality, as demonstrated in both the temporal and spiritual realm. By creating equal opportunity in the protocol plan of God, God has guaranteed that in heaven there will be great inequality. There are always some people who use their equal opportunity, and some who do not.
16. In the name of the greater good, the government commits crimes, sets itself above the law, and therefore destroys the laws which protect our freedom, privacy, property and lives.
17. Marxism, socialism, and communism are anti-freedom and anti-God, though many Christian organizations advocate their false doctrines and try to absorb them into Christianity.
18. Without freedom, the individual cannot have a destiny. Without authority or establishment, one cannot have freedom. Cosmic panaceas are designed to promote the rulership of Satan on earth. He is the ruler of this world in name, but he becomes the ruler in effect through the arrogance of believers who cooperate to help his regime through crusader arrogance and cosmic panaceas. History has demonstrated the failure of cosmic panaceas in the devil’s world. Eternity will be a demonstration of the total competence of God to deal with every problem and adversity of life.
19. There is no solution to life based on a false premise or a false conclusion. Crusader arrogance and its resultant cosmic panaceas add up to a false premise.
F. Gate 5: Cosmic Degeneration.
1. Degeneration is defined here as deterioration or retrogression of born-again believers who constantly live in Satan’s cosmic system. They deteriorate spiritually and retrogress, so that they go from one category of reversionism to another.
2. Basically, degeneration means to become worse. Under cosmic degeneration, the standards & modus operandi of the believer who lives in the cosmic system decline. Hence, degeneration in the cosmic system is a process of deterioration, passing from higher to lower status quo.
3. Cosmic degeneration rejects the doctrine and the power of the protocol plan of God for the Church Age believer. Cosmic degeneration means that the believer either does not understand or rejects rebound; the unique life from the indwelling of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the power package which makes available 100% of divine omnipotence; the significance of the new spiritual species; and the unique ministry of God the Holy Spirit in the Church Age.
4. Cosmic degeneration rejects Bible doctrine. Yet only through epistemological rehabilitation or daily perception of doctrine is it possible for the individual believer to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
5. There are two categories of cosmic degeneration among believers: immoral degeneration which is obvious, and moral degeneration which is more subtle.
6. The old sin nature has both an area of weakness and an area of strength. This results in a diversity of sins, failures, and flaws. Therefore, we cannot compare our area of strength with someone else’s area of weakness and conclude that we are spiritual.
7. When the believer prolongs his residence in the cosmic system, he begins to deteriorate spiritually so that he moves toward his area of weakness which can be immoral or moral. Therefore, a prolonged stay in the cosmic system can result in either immoral degeneration or moral degeneration.
8. Immoral degeneration includes such things as crime, violence, sexual perversion, and drug addiction. (All of this goes back to a basic rejection of authority.) Generally, the believer so involved shocks himself and often concludes he is not saved, or he is convinced of this by his friends. Nevertheless, these things occur among believers every day. The born-again believer in the cosmic system is far worse than the degenerate unbeliever, because the believer must go through far more systems of resistance to do what he does.Consequently, the worst people on the face of the earth are degenerate believers.
9. Rom 1:24-27 describes immoral degeneracy. “Therefore, God delivered them over to the lusts of their right lobes to an immoral status, that their bodies might be degraded among themselves; they who exchanged the doctrine from God for a lie [negative volition of cosmic two]. They both worship and serve the creature [Satan] rather than the Creator [Jesus Christ] who is blessed forever. Because of this, God has delivered them over to the passions of dishonor [or shameful passions, i.e., sinful desires of the right lobe, immoral degeneracy]. For not only their women exchanged the normal function of sex for that which is contrary to nature [lesbianism], but also in the same manner, the men abandoned their natural relationship with women [homosexuality] and became inflamed with their lust for one another, males with males, accomplishing the perverted act of homosexuality, and received in themselves the judgment of their perversion which was inevitable.” Homosexuality is used here to demonstrate immoral degeneracy.
10. God’s view and inevitable judgment of homosexuality is memorialized in the Dead Sea. AIDs and other plague judgments for homosexuality is God’s way of protecting the human race. Inevitably, God must judge all forms of immoral degeneracy and eliminate such people from the human race for the preservation of the human race. For the greatest danger to the destruction of the human race is immoral degeneracy, not nuclear weapons. The human race has the potential for self-destruction, but God keeps immoral degeneracy in check through judgment.
11. The punishment for immoral degeneracy is related to two categories of suffering.
a. The law of volitional responsibility, Gal 6:7.
b. Divine judgment administered from the justice of God.
12. Much more subtle is moral degeneracy, which often passes for spirituality among believers ignorance of Bible doctrine. Moral degeneracy can be classified as uncontrolled and unrestrained legalism.
13. Prolonged residence in the cosmic system results in some believers exercising the functions of self-righteous arrogance to the point of violence, destruction of property, and murder(eg Inquisition).
a. The apostle Paul as the unbeliever Saul of Tarsus was guilty of moral degeneracy, persecution, and the murder of Christians, Act 8:3. “But Saul began ravaging the church, entering house after house. He would drag off both men and women and put them in prison.”
b. This is why our Lord asked Saul the question in Act 9:4, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?” Saul asked when he had persecuted the Lord. The Lord said that because Saul had persecuted believers, he was persecuting Him, for every believer is in union with Christ.
c. This is why Paul says in 1 Tim 1:13, “Even though I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor.”
d. Because of the function of moral degeneracy in his pre-salvation days, the apostle Paul, the greatest Christian of all, says in 1 Tim 1:15 by way of retrospective exposition, “It is a trustworthy statement [true deposition] deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am the worst.”
e. So Paul ranked himself as the worst sinner who ever lived. It wasn’t because of immorality but because of moral degeneracy. His legalism resulted in violence and murder. So one of the worst sinners who ever lived, Saul of Tarsus, was a very moral, self-righteous person, a strong adherent to the legalistic distortion of the Mosaic Law. Saul was the worst of sinners because of moral degeneracy and its evil deeds done in the name of self-righteousness and crusader arrogance.
14. Born-again believers through prolonged residence in the cosmic system can also become involved in moral degeneracy.
a. For example, Peter’s moral degeneracy is found in Gal 2:11-13. “But when Cephas [Peter] came to Antioch, I [Paul] opposed him face to face because he stood condemned [of moral degeneracy]. Before certain men [legalistic believers] came from James [famous for legalism], he used to eat with the Gentiles. But when these legalists came, he began to withdraw and to separate himself from the Gentiles because he was afraid of the circumcision party. Consequently, the rest of the Jews joined Peter in his hypocrisy with the result that even Barnabas was carried away by this hypocrisy.”
b. The Galatian believers were guilty of moral degeneracy which came from their keeping the Mosaic Law for spirituality. This is described as their problem in Gal 3:1-3.
c. Moral degeneracy often leads to false doctrines, such as sinless perfection. 1 Jn 1:8, “If we allege that we have no sin [post-salvation], we are deceiving ourselves and the truth [Bible doctrine] is not in us.” Moral degeneracy is characterized by self-deceit combined with ignorance and/or rejection of doctrine.
d. Moral degeneracy had become an evil influence in the Colossian church, as stated in Col 2:16-18. “Therefore, let no one act as your judge in regard to the food that you eat or what you drink or with regard to any religious day or the observance of the new moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are shadows that were to come. The reality, however, is found in Christ. Do not let anyone who delights in false humility, even the worship of angels, defraud you or disqualify you from your prize [escrow blessings]. Such a person [believer in moral degeneracy] takes his stand on alleged visions and his non-spiritual mind inflates with idle notions.” This is an excellent description of self-righteousness arrogance (gate #3, cosmic one) which includes the arrogance of legalism, personality arrogance, authority arrogance, crusader arrogance, and the arrogance of Christian service (works).
e. All of Rom 14 deals with moral degeneracy. Its conclusion is stated in Rom 14:22, “The doctrine which you have according to yourself before God. Happy is the believer who does not condemn himself in what he approves.”
G. Gate 6: Demonism.
1. There are two categories of status quo of fallen angels.
a. There are fallen angels now incarcerated in Hades.
b. Technically, demons are those fallen angels who are now operational. They function under the rulership of Satan during human history.
2. There are two categories of demon activity in human history.
a. Demon influence is the attack of demon doctrine on the function of the soul causing the demonization of the soul.
b. Demon possession is a demon indwelling the body of an unbeliever only. The believer is indwelt by God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; therefore no demon can indwell the body of a believer.
3. While both believers and unbelievers are vulnerable to demon influence, which is the attack upon the prefrontal lobes of the soul in the cosmic system, the born-again believer cannot be demon possessed.
4. For either demon influence or possession, the person must be in the cosmic system. There cannot be demon influence or possession apart from human consent, which requires decisions made from a position of weakness.
5. Of the five demon attacks on the human race, the most devastating & the most successful is Satan’s invention of demonic telepathy whereby the doctrine of demons is transferred to the human soul.
6. Demons are capable of two categories of violence.
a. In indirect violence, a disembodied demon cannot attack a human being. Therefore, the attack must come from another human being who is demon possessed or influenced. This is seen in all crime, all revolutionary violence, all terrorism, the function of religious cults, and idolatry. Much more common today is demon influence from the cosmic system, which is the source of most of the violence we face. This includes hatred, anger, and other forms of arrogance which motivate violence. Criminal activity, terrorism, etc, are an illustration of demon possession resulting in indirect violence. The support of world terrorism by the World and National Councils of Churches is an illustration of demon influence.
b. Direct violence is a phenomenon reserved for the last half of the Tribulation. The demon attacking force includes the three assault armies.
7. The reason why believers get into the demonism gate is because they make decisions from a position of weakness. All decisions made in the cosmic system and those made to enter the cosmic system are decisions made from a position of weakness. Only two decisions can be made from a position of strength in the cosmic system (and both are related to God’s grace):
a. The unbeliever can make a decision that frees him from demon possession and demon influence by faith in Christ;
b. The believer can decide to use the rebound technique to get back inside the divine dynasphere.
8. The tragedies in the Christian life are innumerable, but they all result from wrong decisions from a position of weakness. Man is responsible for his own decisions. Believers and unbelievers in the cosmic system during the Tribulation are victims of violence from demon assault armies. Satan’s rationale in destroying his human servants is that once he is cast to earth he can’t afford any losers around, so they must be destroyed. This is a case of finesse judgment, where God uses evil to judge evil.
9. Every day, thousands of believers living in the cosmic system make hundreds of thousands of decisions from a position of weakness. These decisions reflect the cosmic philosophy of Satan. The demonism gate is wide open, waiting for decisions from a position of weakness.
10. Once decisions are made from the free will to live in the cosmic system, the person loses his ability to makee decisions from a position o strength. P: Free will loses its power in the cosmic system. All decisions made under the influence of arrogance and in the cosmic system are decisions from a position of weakness. All decisions made from the divine dynasphere or application of Bible doctrine are decisions from a position of strength.
11. You make decisions all the time and they have a trend. They are either from a position of weakness and self-destruction or from a position of strength. Demonized people get their discipline from their own bad decisions from a position of weakness.
12. The believer living in the divine dynasphere is designed to make decisions from a position of strength, whereas the believer living in the cosmic system is designed to make decisions from a position of weakness.
13. Satan destroys his own losers in the cosmic system because arrogance has no loyalty to arrogance. Therefore, arrogance seeks to destroy the arrogant. Loyalty in any system demands integrity. Those in the cosmic system are devoid of integrity. The arrogance of the cosmic system cancels integrity, honor, and virtue. Humans living in the cosmic system follow the same pattern.
14. This gate also relates to the principle of true and false worship. Under the principle of true worship, you can only give to God what you actually possess. Rev 4,5 teaches that we cannot give glory to God, since we possess no glory of our own. But we can give honor, respect, time, and concentration to Bible doctrine.
15. Religion has a false system of worship; it demands that you give what you do not have. Religion and demonism together demand that human sacrifice be given; that you give money you do not have as in tithing, and that you do penance to assuage a guilt complex through self-sacrifice. In certain religions like idolatry, you give to demons what you do not have: human sacrifice, a women’s virginity, money; these violate freedom, privacy and property. 1 Cor 10:14-21; 1 Tim 4:1; Deut 32:16-17. Idolatry is always demonism, Ps 106:34-39; Eph 6:10-17.
16. Under the principle of true worship, no matter what you give in worship, you still have the Source; this is not so in the religion of demonism. Demonism demands the wrong sacrifice.
H. Gate 7: Religion.
1. Christianity and religion are antithetical. In Christianity, God saves mankind through personal faith in Jesus Christ. In religion, man seeks to impress God with his works.
2. Religion can be classified as the devil’s ace trump. For religion has been invented by Satan to counterfeit God’s plan, purpose, and will for your life, and to divert you from the execution of the protocol plan of God for the Church Age. Religion is a part of the devil’s strategy in being “like the Most High God,” as in Isa 14:14.
3. Christianity is not a religion but an eternal relationship with God through personal faith in Christ. In religion, homo sapien seeks the approbation of God through good deeds, human merit, and various categories of works.
4. Religion reflects the evil genius of Satan. Christianity represents the perfect integrity of God combined with His grace policy.
5. For deceit and error to be carried out effectively, Satan has devised a system of counterfeits of Christianity which are the counterfeits of religion. Satan has a counterfeit system for the following.
a. Gospel, 2 Cor 4:3-4; Gal 6:1-8.
b. Ministers, 2 Cor 11:13-15.
c. Communion table, 1 Cor 10:19-21.
d. Doctrine, 2 Tim 4:1.
e. Spirituality, Gal 3:1-3.
f. System of righteousness, Mt 19:16-28.
g. Gods, 2 Thes 2:3-4.
h. Power (dynamics), 2 Thes 2:8-10.
i. Way of life, Mt 23:13-36.
6. Religion is Satan’s strategy for distracting homo sapien from the three categories of truth.
a. The laws of divine establishment, a part of the Mosaic Law. Religion seeks to become the state and destroy human freedom. The union of religion and state is a major attack on human freedom.
b. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Religion distorts salvation by grace through faith into many diverse systems of salvation by works.
c. Bible doctrine for the believer. Religion substitutes false doctrine (or the “doctrine of demons,” 2 Tim 4:1] for truth. Religion sets up a system of works and ritual to replace the protocol plan of God.
7. Religion motivates and produces every category of evil, violence, terrorism, and murder in order to enforce its way or to provide leverage to lure people into the sphere of the Satanic counterfeit system.
8. Religion is not only characterized by the doctrine of demons (2 Tim 4:1), but it has both false teachers and false prophets to communicate this information. There are at least six characteristics of false teachers in the Church Age.
a. False teachers are masters of hypocrisy. They use a phony facade, first exposed by our Lord in Mt 7:15, and further developed by Paul in Rom 16:18.
b. Behind a public relations facade, false teachers use legalism to convert their victims to religion,Gal 4:17-18; 2 Tim 3:5-7. They flatter their victim, making them feel wanted and appealing to their pride.
c. False teachers of religion appeal to human arrogance, 2 Cor 10:12.
d. False teachers promote idolatry as a part of the devil’s communion table, Hab 2:18-19; 1 Cor 10:19-2
e. False teachers promote self-righteousness, to include legalism, personality arrogance, authority arrogance, crusader arrogance, and works arrogance, 1 Tim 1:6-7.
f. False teachers are clever and can only be detected through the consistent perception and metabolization of doctrine in your own soul. Without metabolized doctrine, you do not have the ability to identify false teaching. Metabolized doctrine is the basis for both momentum in the spiritual life and for discernment between the false and the true.
g. False teachers continue to operate throughout the Church Age, as this is the intensified period of the angelic conflict, 1 Jn 4:1-6. h. Such believers are described as anti-Christs and enemies of the cross, Phil 3:18.
9. Religion includes worship of Satan because, as the ruler of this world, he possesses great power and delegates his power to whomever he pleases, now and in the Tribulation. Rev 13:4, “And they worshipped the dragon because he gave power to the beast [dictator of revived Roman Empire].”
10. Paul describes religious leaders in 2 Cor 11:13-15; Peter does so in 2 Pet 2:1-3.
11. In the greatest attack of Satan’s second demon assault army against the human race, the attack is made against Satan’s human servants in the cosmic system who are no longer useful in his plan. When Satan is cast out of heaven, he has no use for these losers so he turns his demon army on them. But he saves the religious group in the cosmic system for his last attack on the human race: the attack of ecumenical religion at the end of the Tribulation, Rev 17, 18.
I. Gate 8: Evil as Satan’s Policy. (See the doctrine of Evil)
1. Evil is the policy of Satan as the ruler of this world. The power of Satan is administered to the human race in the cosmic system.
2. Evil is the ultimate expression of man’s relationship with Satan. Evil in the cosmic system is both the motivation and momentum of the cosmic system. In 2 Tim 3:13, the advance to “more and more evil” is momentum in the cosmic system.
3. Evil comes from two categories.
a. Motivational evil, which originates from false doctrine in the cosmic system.
b. Functional evil, which is the modus operandi and lifestyle within the cosmic system.
4. While the divine dynasphere is the place for the function of absolute good, Satan’s cosmic system is the place for the function of absolute evil.
5. In the protocol plan of God, good and evil are mutually exclusive. This means that no evil exists in the divine dynasphere, and no good exists in the cosmic system. Inside the divine dynasphere there can only be AGATHOS, which is good of intrinsic value.
6. The mandate regarding evil is given to us in Rom 12:21. “Stop being conquered by evil [consistent living in cosmic system], but conquer evil by means of good [life in the divine dynasphere, production from use of divine power].”
7. Life inside the divine dynasphere is classified as the purchase of time which is necessary because of evil in Eph 5:16, “redeeming [purchasing] the time because the days are evil.”
8. As long as Satan rules the world, evil will continue to be a part of human history. 2 Tim 3:13, “But evil men, even deceivers, will advance more and more evil, deceiving and being deceived.”
9. Bible doctrine protects the believer from Satan’s policy of evil. 2 Thes 3:3, “But the Lord is faithful; He will both empower you and protect you from evil.”
10. The Lord’s prayer for the Church addressed this subject in Jn 17:15, when He asked the Father to “guard them from evil.” That was the request for the Church to receive the divine dynasphere.
11. We must avoid the dangers of evil, 2 Tim 2:25-26; Heb 5:13-14.
12. While arrogance and its affiliates are involved in motivational evil, the function of both cosmic one and cosmic two are characterized as both motivational and functional evil, Isa 13:11, 47:10-11; Jer 9:3.
10. Gate 9: Anthropocentric Academic Speculation.
1. 2 Jn 9, “Everyone who advances in knowledge and does not remain in the field of play [divine dynasphere] by means of the doctrine of Christ does not have God [fellowship]; for he who persists with doctrine, this same one has both the Father and the Son [fellowship with them].”
2. In other words, the pseudo-intellectual has cosmic arrogance.
3. Pseudo-intellectual arrogance is the basis for many believers trying to reconcile philosophical and scientific speculation with Bible doctrine. But Bible doctrine and human speculation in many of the academic fields are irreconcilable.
4. Hence, the believer involved in this arrogance must choose between the truth of doctrine and the false concepts in the areas of academic speculation.
5. For example, arrogance chooses evolution over creationism as found in Genesis. Psychology and psychiatry blame man’s problems on his environment instead of on man’s good and bad decisions. Many theories in many academic subjects contradict Bible doctrine in such subjects as history, philosophy, geology, economics, political science, etc.
6. John faced the problem of gnosticism. You cannot reconcile gnosticism of the second century or existentialism of the twentieth century with Bible doctrine. They oppose each other.
K. Why dynaspheres?
1. Even with volition in the human soul being positive or negative, there must be a system for man to choose for the function of good or evil.
2. Therefore, the subject of power systems, by which man is controlled by a power system greater than himself, is pertinent. Man is too weak to exploit his own evil or ability by himself. No individual can really be very good or very bad unless he is in a system which is far greater than its components. A system is always designed by a genius; the cosmic system is designed by the genius Satan.
3. There are three dynaspheres operational on earth during the Church Age. One system was invented by God, the divine dynasphere or the love complex, and two systems were invented by Satan: cosmic dynasphere #1 is the arrogance complex, and cosmic dynasphere #2 is the hatred complex.
4. In the divine dynasphere, God controls man. In the cosmic system, Satan controls man. “Man” refers to either believer or unbeliever. The greatest enemies of God are often believers, all because they have chosen the wrong system.
5. Cosmic one, the arrogance complex, has twelve gates. The person who chooses it spends his life fighting himself. You become your own worst enemy. In cosmic one, the believer grieves the Holy Spirit.
6. Cosmic two, the hatred complex, has nine gates. The person who chooses it spends his life fighting God and fighting the plan of God. In cosmic two, the believer quenches the Holy Spirit.
7. The basic documentation and function of this Satanic system can be seen in Jn 15:18-25. There are three other passages which are unexplainable apart from first understanding cosmic two: 1 Jn 2:9-11, 3:12-15, 4:20. These passages refer to a believer in Cosmic two.