Doctrine of Cosmic Dynosphere

January 15, 2011


1.    Texts:

A.    Cosmic system text:  John 15:18-25
B.    Cosmic two texts:  1 John 2:9-11; 1 John 3:12-15, 1 John 4:20

2.    There are three dynaspheres operational on earth during the Church Age.

A.    Divine dynaspheres:  the love complex
B.    Cosmic dynaspheres #1:  arrogance complex
C.    Cosmic dynaspheres #2:  hatred complex

3.    This study will focus on cosmic dynasphere #1, the arrogance complex, and cosmic dynaspheres #2, the hatred complex.

A.    Cosmic one:

Cosmic one is Satan’s exploitation of believers through their own arrogance. This is his means of influencing the human race.  Satan is the author of arrogance, for arrogance was his original sin.

B.    Cosmic two:

Cosmic two is the function of the believer in apostasy under the principle of antagonism.  The gates of cosmic two are antagonistic not only toward Bible doctrine, but also toward the protocol plan of God in general and anything related to God, including the laws of divine establishment.

4.    The problems associated with these two dynaspheres:

A.    Cosmic one problems:

1)    The person who chooses to function in cosmic one spends his life fighting himself.

2)    You become your own worst enemy.

3)    In cosmic one, the believer primarily grieves the Holy Spirit.

B.    Cosmic two problems:

1)    The person who chooses to function in cosmic two spends his life fighting God and fighting the plan of God.

2)    In cosmic two, the believer primarily quenches the Holy Spirit.

5.    Each of these two dynaspheres has gates through which a person may enter.

A.    There are twelve cosmic one gates through which a person can enter into arrogance toward the plan of God.

B.    There are nine cosmic two gates through which a person can enter into hatred toward the plan of God.

6.    The cosmic one arrogance gates listed:

#1.    Mental attitude arrogance
#2.    Negative volition arrogance
#3.    Impulsive arrogance
#4.    Institutional arrogance
#5.    Blind arrogance
#6.    Conspiracy arrogance
#7.    Criminal arrogance
#8.    Crusader arrogance
#9.    Psychotic arrogance
#10.    Sexual arrogance
#11.    Genetic arrogance
#12.    Political arrogance
#13.    Client nation arrogance
#14.    Authority arrogance
#15.    Arrogance of Ignorance
#16.    Arrogance of unhappiness
#17.    Arrogance of disillusion
#18.    Arrogance of morality
#19.    Arrogance of emotion
#20.    Arrogance of pseudo-generosity
#21.    Arrogance of Christian service
#22.    Arrogance of discouragement
#23.    Arrogance of Lust
#24.    Pseudo-intellectual arrogance
#25.    Pseudo-love arrogance
#26.    The arrogance of suicide

7.    The cosmic two arrogance gates listed:

#1  old-sin-nature gate
#2  negative volition gate
#3  anti-establishment gate
#4  cosmic panaceas gate
#5  cosmic degeneration gate
#6  demonism gate
#7  religion gate
#8  evil as Satan’s policy gate
#9  anthropocentric academic speculation gate

8.    The gates of cosmic one defined/described:

#1.    Mental attitude arrogance is anything related to preoccupation with self to the point of sin, human good or evil.  It is satisfaction with self and dissatisfaction with others.

#2.    Negative volition arrogance is related to preoccupation with self causing apathy toward doctrine.  The authority of the pastor or the message is rejected.

#3.    Impulsive arrogance is any abuse of authority.

#4.    Institutional arrogance is rejection of the authority, policy, and purpose of the organization.

#5.    Blind arrogance is the arrogance of legalism.  This is being partially divorced from reality (sociopathic rather than psychotic).  This includes self-righteous arrogance, which is failure to see in yourself what you criticize in others.

#6.    Conspiracy arrogance comes after institutional arrogance and results in a conspiracy to overthrow the purpose, policy, or authority of an organization.

#7.    Criminal arrogance seeks to solve problems through violence.  It is total divorcement from reality.  It includes terrorist and revolutionary activities.

#8.    Crusader arrogance is the self-righteous arrogance of trying to straighten out the world.  A person places his personal standards above the law or any form of establishment or authority.  When criminal arrogance interlocks with crusader arrogance, there is terrorism or revolution.

#9.    Psychotic arrogance is total divorcement from all reality.  It is a result of bad decisions, not genetics.  It is intense concentration on self.  It is the emotional control of reason.

#10.    Sexual arrogance is preoccupation with sex and self-gratification.  It is preoccupation with the body to the exclusion of the soul.

#11.    Genetic arrogance is assuming that greatness in life is inherited.  Parents who seek recognition through the achievement of their children have this type of arrogance.

#12.    Political arrogance is a result as well as an interlock with crusader arrogance.  It is any human panacea which offers the solution to life’s problems.  Liberals and conservatives both suffer from political arrogance.  It rejects the separation of church and state.

#13.    Client nation arrogance emphasizes the laws of divine establishment and the function of government leadership in terms of arrogance versus humility.  There are three basic forms of legitimate government.

(1)    Monarchy is the rule of one man in the interest of the common good, which under arrogance becomes tyranny, i.e., the rule of one man for his own advantage.

(2)    Aristocracy is the rule of a group in the interest of the common good.  This degenerates to an oligarchy, which is the rule of a group for their own benefit, as the cosmic system influences the nation.

(3)    A republic is the rule of the better part of the people in the interest of common good.  But when arrogance comes, it degenerates into a democracy, which is the rule of the worst part of the people for their own benefit.

#14.    In authority arrogance, the individual fails to make the most difficult transition of temporal life, which is going from the authority in the home to freedom in life.  The home is organized humility.  The parents’ authority is enforced humility, and the child’s response to enforced humility produces genuine humility.  Rejection of overt authority in life results in rejection of inward authority of the soul, and that destroys your own self-discipline.

#15.    Arrogance of Ignorance.  Genuine humility is necessary for the transitions from authority in the home to freedom in life and from ignorance at salvation to cognizance at spiritual maturity.  Genuine humility is the necessary teachability to make that transition.  The arrogance of ignorance is the failure to make that transition from ignorance to cognizance in the Christian way of life.

#16.    In the arrogance of unhappiness, self-centeredness eliminates any capacity or possibility for happiness.  Involvement in cosmic one guarantees unhappiness and leads to erroneous ideas about what constitutes happiness.  This means you expect others to make you happy.  Entertainment and marriage is for people who are already happy.  But with the arrogance of unhappiness, you have a martyr complex which results in trying to control people by giving them a guilt complex.  This is how the weak control the strong.

#17.    The arrogance of disillusion is called iconoclastic arrogance or the feet of clay syndrome.

(1)    This begins when you put someone on a pedestal.  Then when their feet of clay shows, you become disillusioned and react to whatever they represent.

(2)    In other words, arrogance creates an idol of enchantment and illusion, but when the idol is shattered, arrogance is shocked and distracted and disoriented to life.

(3)    As a result, the arrogant creator of the idol seeks to destroy the idol, a revenge in which the person can only gain his self-respect by destroying the thing which has allegedly destroyed his self-respect.

(4)    Illusion created by arrogance is illusion destroyed by arrogance.

#18.    The arrogance of morality is the self-righteous arrogance of superimposing false standards of morality on others.  People major in one moral thing so they can rationalize and say they are better than everyone else in that area.  This is superimposing a false standard of morality on others or taking a true standard out of its context, e.g., salvation.  Morality is designed to protect human freedom.

#19.    The arrogance of emotion is irrationality.  Arrogant people stop thinking and so their emotion becomes their substitute for thought.  This is total preoccupation with self related to emotion.  Knowledge is the environment for thinking.  Bible doctrine is the environment for decisions.  Emotional arrogance fantasizes and therefore collapses under pressure.

#20.    In the arrogance of pseudo-generosity, a person gives because of a desire for attention, approbation, or to buy friendship or happiness.  2 Corinthians 9:7,11 teaches that the function of genuine generosity is found in the mind.

#21.    Arrogance of Christian service.  Loss of momentum comes from rejection of doctrine and substituting Christian service for spirituality.  Christian service becomes a distraction to momentum.  Production is a result of growth, never the means.  Perpetuation of Christian service while in the cosmic system is the arrogance of Christian service.  Arrogance mistakes Christian service for growth and momentum.

#22.    The arrogance of discouragement is preoccupation with self under pressure and testing.  Unexplained disaster tempts the believer to feel sorry for himself.  Being maligned, treated unfairly, or facing the death of loved ones are the kinds of disaster or pressure that bring this on.  Matthew 26:58; 1 Kings 19:10.  This was Peter and Elijah’s problem.

#23.    Arrogance of Lust.  When legitimate desire is linked with arrogance, it becomes lust.  Inordinate desire is lust.  Desire is not wrong, but lust is.  Lust is arrogant preoccupation with one’s desires.

#24.    Pseudo-intellectual arrogance is the superimposition of human I.Q. over spiritual I.Q.  Arrogance rejects divine viewpoint.  It glorifies human speculation to the exclusion of Bible doctrine, or seeks to reconcile Bible doctrine with false philosophical, psychological, and scientific speculation; e.g., gnosticism.

#25.    Pseudo-love arrogance is the attempt of anyone to duplicate the principles or function of true love while residing in the cosmic system.

#26.    Arrogance of suicide is produced by arrogance which motivates the taking one’s own life.

9.    The gates of cosmic two defined/described:

#1    motivational antagonism toward Bible doctrine and the protocol plan of God–old-sin-nature gate:  motivational antagonism is the built-in system of antagonism toward God.

#2    negative volition gate:  negative volition in cosmic two is the direct result of hostility toward the Word of God or toward the one who communicates it.

#3    anti-establishment:  anti-establishment is the rejection of the laws of divine establishment and the delegated authority assigned to them; it is an attitude of antagonism toward the basic laws of freedom which permit evangelism, Bible teaching, and missionary activity.

#4    cosmic panaceas:  cosmic panaceas are the substitution of false solutions to the problems of life; the problem solving devices of the protocol plan of God are rejected or ignored or both; this gate seeks solutions to the problems of life apart from truth in its three categories:  the laws of divine establishment, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the mystery doctrines of the Church Age.

#5    cosmic degeneration:  cosmic degeneration is a deterioration or retrogression of born-again believers who constantly live in Satan’s cosmic system deteriorating spiritually and retrogressing, going from one category of reversionism to another.

#6    demonism:  demon influence is the attack of demon doctrine on the function of the soul causing the demonization of the soul; demon possession is a demon indwelling the body of an unbeliever only; the believer is indwelt by God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, therefore, no demon can indwell the body of a believer.

#7    religion:  religion is Satan’s strategy for distracting homosapien from the three categories of truth:  the laws of divine establishment, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the mystery doctrines of the Church Age.

#8    evil as Satan’s policy:  evil is the ultimate expression of man’s relationship with Satan; evil in the cosmic system is both the motivation and momentum of the cosmic system.  In 2 Tim 3:13, the advance to “more and more evil” is momentum in the cosmic system.

#9    anthropocentric academic speculation:  The believer involved in this arrogance must choose between the truth of doctrine and false concepts in the areas of academic speculation.  For example, arrogance chooses evolution over creationism as found in Genesis.  Psychology and psychiatry blame man’s problems on his environment instead of on man’s good and bad decisions.  Many theories in many academic subjects contradict Bible doctrine in such subjects as history, philosophy, geology, economics, political science, etc.