Doctrine of Importance of Bible Study

January 15, 2011

Doctrine of the Importance of Bible Study

1.  The New testament concept of edification is derived from four related Greek
a.  oikodomeo – to build a structure of some sort: house, building, tomb, tower,
etc: I Pt.2:5
b.  oikodome – the structure itself: Eph.4:12,16
c.  oikodomia – the process or result of building: I Tim.1:4 (tr: “provision”)
d.  oikodomos – the builder, contractor: Mt.21:42, Acts 4:11.

2.  Edification means to “build up.”

3.  As it relates to the Christian Way of Life, edification refers to five different
a.  Edification complex of the soul – Eph.3:17-19, 4:12-15 cp. Mt.7:24-27
b.  Adding new believers to the Church body – Eph.2:21, 4:12
c.  Training up believers to maturity – Eph.4:12,16
d.  Spiritual gifts – I Cor.14:26, II Cor.10:8, 13:10
E.  Resurrection body – II Cor.5:1-4.

4.  Some of the means by which believers are edified include:
a.  Correct use of spiritual gifts – Eph.4:11,12, I Cor.12:4-6 (“common good”),
Eph.4:11 (evangelism edifies the unbeliever; cf. I Cor.14:22)
b.  Filling of the Spirit – Gal.5:22 w/ICor.8:1 cp. Eph.5:18
c.  Bible doctrine – Mt.16:18, II Cor.12:19, 13:10
d.  Divine good – Eph.2:10, Col.1:10
e.  Salt talk – Eph.4:15,29, Col.4:6, II Cor.12:19
f.  Correct use of authority – II Cor.10:8, 13:10
g.  Grace mindset – I Cor.8:1 (love), 12:31 13:13, Eph.4:2 cf. Rom.12:9-21, etc.

5.  Some things specifically stated not to edify:
a.  Temporary spiritual gifts being used today – I Cor.14:4,17 cp. 13:8-10
b.  Bible doctrine without a Grace mindset (love) – I Cor.8:1, 13:1-3
c.  False doctrine – I Tim.1:3,4, I Jn.4:1-6
d.  Human good – Isa.64:6 (“stinks”)
e.  The seven worst sins – Prov.6:16-19 (“abomination”).

6.  Believers are instructed to edify their neighbor, believer and unbeliever, alike:
Rom.15:2 (Gk: plesios = anyone close by).

7.  Believers are specifically instructed to edify other believers: Rom.14:19 (Gk:
allelos = one another of the same kind).

8.  Tactical objective: “Let us pursue the things that make for peace and the
building up of one another:” Rom.14:19, II Cor.12:19 cf. Acts 9:31.

9.  Strategic objective: “Let all things be done for edification:” I Cor.14:26b, II

10. Ultimate objective: “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God:” I Cor.10:31.